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Del Ray is a quirky part of the city of Alexandria VA. Old Town is stately and historic. But, don't'; be fooled there's a pub where your dog can join you for a drink.Del Ray has houses painted delphinium blue and kiwi. Wine tastings and dog treats at the local dog shop.
Yesterday the 25th. of October Del Ray had it's Halloween Parade. Mount Vernon Avenue was filled with little lions, bumble bees, pink poodles, cowboys, lobsters and squirrels. That was just the dogs! The kids adults and strollers were just as festive. Sweet William was to be a jester and had a ne...
the tree walls of my cubicle are next to the door that is the class room.I have not been able to attend the class myself but I love what I am hearing. I joined Keller Williams for the education and philosophy. Sitting at my desk by the door I am able to hear my Market Leader Shane McCullar teachi...
                                                       Art on the Avenue! The neighborhood is gearing up for Art on the Avenue. Come Oct. 3th. vans, cars, SUV and minivans will desend on the avenue. They'll look for their space numbers and Begin to unload for the fair. The traffic is light, and t...
I live with a small dog. I also live with my husband, 15 year old woman/child, my Mother-in-Law three cats one hamster, Tony and a bata fish called Fish Pie. The naming of the fish Fish Pie is another blog. This is about Sweet William Roscoe Farnsworth Shelley. William for short. Short he is. He ...
Do you want to know what stated all this bad bad behavior on the road? I'll tell you! RIGHT TURN ON RED  once you had to sit and wait for the light to change. Now the whole world is sliding to a none stop, if they are slowing down at all before  turning right. Most of them are not even slowing do...
I think most of us have had our portfolios take a few hits. My husband and myself have taken the sit still and wait for the market come back to its seances approach. I don't know if that makes us Bulls or bears. Except our last name is Bull so that makes us Bulls all of the time. Here in Alexandr...
 How much house is to much house? It's a new year. and about time too. we all need a clean slate. And while we are at it lets clean out those closest. If you are lucky enough to have any. That basement could use a look at also. Now that all is tidy Who's ready to buy and sell some houses. If your...
January 2009  Damn it's cold here in Del Ray. Forget walking anywhere! I'm taking the Benz!!!! Sweet William was not happy to go for walkies this A.M. It is a good thing he is a Chihuahua. A small dog is A. easy to drag out of the house to walk and B. easy to put out a puppy pad for, when you giv...
Ahhhh the joys that are December! Leaves have all been swept and (choose one) bagged, sucked up, turned to compost,tossed over the fence. Thanksgiving is just a warm memory of leftovers and your extended family has blissfully gone home. It is now time for part "2" of the Holiday extravaganza. You...
On the 12:00 news to day, Black Friday took on new meaning. One day after we as a nation had given thanks for all we have, greed raised it's ugly head. The crowd at a New York Wal-Mart not content with the early open hours burst open the doors and trampled an employee. The man was taken to the ho...

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