So you've convinced that FSBO to finally list with you. Just by you having access to the MLS and brokerage resources, you have the ability to market that listing much better than any non-licensed person could.Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Generate More Views for Your Listings1. Professional Photography...
Downloads These 4 Tools to Help Generate Real Estate Leads 1. Instagram Poll PostsThe best place to convert leads on Instagram are through Instagram Stories. Your main feed of photos will only get you so far. Instagram Stories will help funnel your followers into your Direct Message inbox, where ...
There is a lot of emphasis on utilizing social media for your real estate business. Everywhere you go, people will tell you that you NEED to be on social media. WHAT IF - you only had to be there to an extent? Is it okay to NOT be on Instagram?The entire push to be an active social media particip...
Pictured: an elephant trunk because there were no good royalty free photos of car trunks We all know the essential items that should be kept in a real estate agent's trunk...but what about those outlandish items that sound weird, but actually might come in handy? 1. Happy Meal ToysYou never know ...
Video making is simple on paper. However, some newbies will go into it incorrectly. For example, with only knowing the hollywood filmmaking process, they might add 60 seconds of logo and animated intro sequences - which would be a bad idea. Online video should be straight to the point, and be abl...
Social media is something we should all be familiar with by now, right? Yet some real estate agents still struggle with converting Facebook leads into real estate clients. Perhaps, they are making one of these 5 mistakes..Here are 4 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid on Facebook:1. Not Unde...
Social media is not one of the easiest landscapes to manage. Things are always changing, and what worked before might not work again. Here at Z57 we are always staying up-to-date on the latest trends. We have professional marketers write social media posts (vs a bot just posting articles). Our po...
If you don't have any marketing going out yet -OR- you want to diversify your message amongst your social platforms, why not try one posting one of these customizable cards?Click here to download
Summertime is perfect weather for going door knocking! If the home owner doesn’t answer, it is another great oooirtunity to leave a pop-by gift to make an impression. Here we have created a small list of inexpensive items you can leave at their doorstep. Most of these can be purchased at dollar s...
With so many changes to the industry, theories of the zillowpacalypse are more plentiful. With so many websites now bypassing the agent, real estate agents have reason to be paranoid of what direction the industry will take 10 years from now.Here are 5 Reasons Why Agents Will Be Needed in the Fut...

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