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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.
It used to be a pleasure to work with a title company. The people were smart and pleasant. They worked as partners--to help you get the deal done. In a crunch, title clerks often saved my bacon. I was truly grateful. But that was then. These days title is just another swamp an agent has to get th...
But sometimes that is the only choice.I had sold Janice (not her real name) her house 5 years ago, so I knew she was a bit neurotic. I did much more hand-holding in the process than usual but I got a lot of satisfaction too. I got Janice out of a basement apartment, into a pleasant row house with...
I'm officially afraid of FHA financing. The market is so strong that I have the option to fend off FHA offers for my sellers. There are plenty of mediocre credit score, low down payment, conventional loans around--if you look for them. Why put a seller at risk for FHA repairs if you don't have to...
It is a tough world out there and I feel like a self-rightous jerk saying this but "Why are there so many buyers out and about who don't have a realistic amount of cash?" I'm finding two kinds of buyers: Buyers with savings who are prepared to make downpayments and Buyers who are valiantly making...
04/03/2019 above article on Inman suggests pale blue and grey for interior colors. Will your house sell for $5000 mor...
I have only one deal "in the drawer" and I just got a call that the seller is changing her mind! The house has been on the market for over 100 days. The seller has bad knees. It is hard for her to get up and down the stairs. Her plan is to move to new construction in a nearby state. The builder j...
4156 Tower St in Manayunk PA 19127  $220000TAKE A LOOK at my new Drone Video of my charming new listing in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. Perfect for dog lovers, this 3 bedroom, stone row house has a fenced yard and is an easy walk to popular Pretzel Park--where dog lovers meet. Bike ...
We have all seen the cheap, white coatings that are sprayed on old tile. Before long, the "coating" seems to peel off. Does anyone know of a system that looks good and lasts? Calling all decorators out there! Is the best way to deal with those dated colors like baby blue and carnation pink just t...
It comes up in so many home inspections--even when there is a "complete" renovation. The downstairs outlets are grounded but for some reason the upstairs outlets never seem to be. What should the buyers' realtor do? The sellers won't rip out the upstairs drywall (or plaster!) and redo the wiring....
After 16 years as a realtor, I finally got to go to Mediation last month. The dispute was over the $5000 first deposit in a deal that fell through. The pig-headed listing agent refused to give it back to my buyer. Six months had passed.**We were sent a list of 40 names and asked if we had any obj...

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