Well, on my walk yesterday morning past MP's house, I could see that the ceiling fans were on, which probably means that the rooms are being aired out for Michael's arrival. An article in the Baltimore SUN today recounted "24 hours in the life of Michael Phelps." It's title, IN THE FAST LANE.  A ...
The house on the corner is getting special police coverage. Twice, while out walking, I've seen a police car drive in from the street to check on things.  The Michael Phelps house was the 3rd one to be sold so now there are seven waiting out of the original ten new homes that were offered for sal...
Last week my neighborhood was called Fell's Point, and's famous for a new and well-known resident. It was the foot of Broadway when I was growing up, and even as late as the 1980's, Polish people and merchant seamen walked the cobblestone streets near piers where the tug boats docked...
I'm so out-going that I'll talk to a Pole. If your eyes are blinking, I'll start a conversation. It's easy to suggest that buyers canvas a neighborhood on their own to check it out, go in the evening, go on the weekend, and wander around, so there are no surprises, good or bad, after they move in...
  Years ago I did a bakery tour of Baltimore for a reporter, no one else, just her and me. She was a food writer looking for a fresh story and I had been studying ethnic neighborhoods.  Among the many delights I discovered were yummy one-of-a-kind bakeries, each one filled with tastes and aromas ...
I'm a volunteer at the Visitor Center in Baltimore's inner harbor, where I greet and welcome visitors.  I ask a few questions to ferret out their interests and then suggest ideas and itineraries tailor-made to suit their interests.   We are strongly encouraged to steer visitors to members of the ...
I'm a great believer in free publicity and finding some way to stand out from the crowd.  In a Baltimore magazine called Urbanite, the August 2006 issue published a letter I wrote, and under my signature was a note saying I'm a real estate agent.  That letter got the magazine interested in writin...
I led a tour of Baltimore city for 3 ladies including Helen, who lives in a retirementhigh-rise, with a lovely view, near Baltimore.  After the tour, she insists on treating us all to lunch. On our way to the restaurant, she won't let me take her hand or assist her while walking across the street...
I love the challenge of getting people to spill the beans. It's one of the things I love about volunteering at the Visitors Center in Baltimore's inner harbor.  I want to find out, in a brief chat, what their hot buttons are, what they are passionate about, what especially pleases them.  I want t...
Lily, my nursing colleague, came to stay with me for a few days after my recent surgery.  She's the best nurse I know and on each day, as I felt better, I took her out to see Baltimore.  I like zippy style touring, to places the tourists don't go.  First, to a doll house museum, since Lily's fian...

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