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I always knew banner ads didn’t work very well, and have always opted for Google AdWords Text Ads instead, but when I came across this article from HubSpot I was shocked. The average banner ad has a 0.1% clickthrough rate (CTR), and the standard 468×60 banner has a 0.04% CTR. Those numbers are pr...
What are Exact Match Domains? Exact match domains (EMDs) are keywords or phrases in the form of a domain name. Let’s say you own a flower shop in Boston. You may register flowershopinboston.com and redirect that to your main site in hopes that someone searches for “flower shop in boston”. In the...
With Google Analytics there are hundreds of metrics you can look at, and although all are important, there are seven that you should focus on: 1) Visitors Location: Audience > Overview Knowing how many visitors your site has is important. It tells you if your marketing is working, what days of th...
I’ve lost count the number of times someone has said to me “my web guy disappeared” and fortunately less often, yet just as inconvenient, “my web guy has passed away”. When this happens you generally go through a few stages. First is denial (if they didn’t pass away). You hope that maybe they’re ...
I'm back! So much has happened since I last posted, and I've missed the ActiveRain community so much while I was gone. I'm so glad to be back and am very excited to share my stories from the last three years. I'll try to keep them short, but trust me, they're very interesting. As you may know bac...
I signed onto ActiveRain the other day and noticed that I no longer had a RainMaker account, so I emailed asking them to upgrade me since I've been on here for years, and they did! So I had to write a post within 24 hours to keep it, so that's what I'm doing. I'll be back on here full time soon, ...
The other day I finally got my personal website, JamesShiner.com, up and running. I posted an interesting blost post video there today that I wanted to share with you. Here's an excerpt: "Statistics like the ones in the video below always amaze me. I've been a proponent for social media since it ...
The iPad 3G came out last week and a few people I know were waiting to buy until the 3G version came out. I assume this was the case for many buyers. Of course the 3G model has a $14.99 per month service fee for 250MB of data transfer or $29.99 for unlimited transfer. Whats nice though is there ...
A few months ago I announced my resignation from the position of Lead Developer at Zipvo. It was a bitter sweet moment for me and I knew I would miss real estate and all of the great people I had met. That was then, this is now.Today I am happy to announce that I'm back! I am no longer with Zaang...
About six months ago I got involved with an awesome startup, Zaang. Zaang is the one place where you can easily connect with other people who are interested in the same thing you are... anything you can imagine. Last Monday, February 1, we launched to the world. The growth since launch has been g...

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