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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Sharif Hatab, Your Neighborhood Realtor!
(BHHS Fox & Roach)
Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings that promotes wealth, prosperity, and happiness. There are three main principles that are fundamental: Bhogadyam (functionality), Sukha Darsham (visually pleasing aesthetics), and Ramya (the user delight).  According to Vastu, east, north, and northeast-facing homes are auspicious, or conducive to success. This stems from the fact that the north direction is dedicated to Kuber, the God of wealth.    BEST VASTU ORIENTATIONS For the house to bring the most success and prosperity, the entire house should be Vastu-compliant. This is where the rooms in the home should be located for that to happen. Master bedroom: Southwest  Kitchen: Southeast or Northwest Guest Room: Northwest Pooja Room: Northeast https://www.sharifs...
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By Richard Styner, Real Estate Marketing Expert
(Golden Eagle Properties)
In the modern world of real estate, it is vital that agents pursue all available sources of leads. One that is often overlooked is online marketing on social media or agent profile sites like Yet 12% of buyers find their agent through online searches. While this is a relatively small percentage compared to referrals or past usage, it should not be ignored, especially by new agents. There are social media marketing firms out there that will charge hundreds of dolars a month for these services, but they can easily be accomplished for free with a little effort.I've put together a silde presentation of the basic steps. You can view it here: here: 
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By Gabriel Katzner
(Katzner Law Group, P.C.)
Estate planning is essential, not just for you and what happens to your property after you die, but also for your loved ones.If you do not have an estate plan, things that you would certainly want to decide for yourself will be decided by the State of California. Asset protection planning and business succession planning can assist you if you have specific concerns relating to your assets during your life and how they should be treated upon your death so that matters are structured in the most tax-efficient and asset-protective structure possible.Learn more at:
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By Ariana Mortenson, Professional writer and blogger in Australia
For the majority of households, an inch of rainfall isn’t a big deal. However, when it tumbles down on your median-looking roof, it will flood, drenching off the roof’s overhang. That will be the frightful phenomenon, which can vandalize everything around (even your peace!) if your gutters aren’t performing the task of controlling it. If you find clogged leaves and debris there, that’s the time to think about it.Maybe it simply needs cleaning. By the way, regular gutter cleaning is important as that can prevent clogged gutters. But perhaps it needs a replacement.If your case matches with the latter one, then this blog is for you. Here you’ll find the most crucial information – the best styles and materials for rain gutters. Also, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)...
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By Donald R. Bonnell, Real Estate done right for over 46 years - Broker
(Realty Executives Arizona Territory )
What will your agent do to get it soldHere are some helpful ideas to ponder MARKET ANALYSIS Thoroughly inspect the property and outline all the important features and upgrades for future use in the listing information presented. Order the preliminary Listing Report and review the condition of title for any issues. Help determine the Fair Market Value of the property by doing a detailed written Comparable Market Analysis with three different information gathering sourses. Local MLS, Online Companies and Realtors Property Resource. Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to show you the net proceeds.  Execute a listing agreement authorizing them to market the property and have all of the marketing plans in place should you choose them and their company. Gather any information that is ...
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By Kris Anderson
In today's review of the "21 ways to lose your real estate license" the Agent Professor course had me visit the Licensing and Disciplinary Action section on the Utah Division of Real Estate's website and research some of the cases.  A few of the instances I reviewed seemed (to me at least), to be minor indiscretions such as failing to update a record.  However, the majority of those I came across were blatant dishonesty such as, acting as sales agent without affiliation to a principal broker, managing properties without a license, and forging a party's signature.  I imagine the pressures to "close the deal" are really intense as sales agents acting as independent contractors with "bills to pay."  I can only hope I'll have the courage to be honest in all stages of real estate and all of ...
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By Corinne Segura, Green Building Materials Specifier
(My Chemical-Free House)
I work with folks disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities who face a lot of obstacles when accessing rental and sale home viewings. With 1/4 of the US population reporting some level of chemical sensitivities I think it's important to take some steps to make home viewings more accessible. 1. Paint The first thing we can do to help is if we are repainting to use a zero-VOC paint. There are so many now, they range in price from very inexpensive lines like Valspar Pristine to high-end brands like many Benjamin Moore lines. This is something that can now be easily found in hardware and paint stores locally. On the trim we can avoid oil-based paints to minimize offgassing. 2. Use of air fresheners The second part is to avoid the use of air fresheners that contain compounds that bother th...
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By Radwan Sleiman, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker
(Landmark Group)
There’s always opportunity in real estate. It’s just a matter of finding that opportunity in the current market. Let Us Help you Find It. #realestate #homeforsale #beirut #ashrafieh #buyingahome #landmark #realestateagent #realestateforsale
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By kevin rego, IRS Collections Representation
(Law Office of Kevin Rego)
Once you are in the IRS's collection system, it is very important to know the system roadmap. Collections run in pretty much a linear manner--step by step until the collection action is resolved, the statute of limitations runs, or any number of other possible outcomes.One of the "stops" on the collection roadmap is an IRS levy. If you do not pay your taxes or make arrangements to settle your tax debt, the IRS may determine that a levy is the next appropriate action. An IRS levy permits the legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. It can be in the form of a wage garnishment, social security income offset, taking money out of your bank or financial account, seizing and selling your vehicles, real estate, and other personal property.Generally, the levy is put in place after s...
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By Gabriel Katzner
(Katzner Law Group, P.C.)
Estate planning is essential, not just for you and what happens to your property after you die, but also for your loved ones.Not having an Estate Plan for your Real Estate AssetsIf you do not have an estate plan, things that you would certainly want to decide for yourself will be decided by the State of California. Asset protection planning and business succession planning can assist you if you have specific concerns relating to your assets during your life and how they should be treated upon your death so that matters are structured in the most tax-efficient and asset-protective structure possible.New York Estate PlanningIt has taken you a lifetime of hard work to accumulate those assets you currently have. Unfortunately, America is a litigious society and 90% of all lawsuits in the wo...
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Sometimes questions arise when you face a particular time in life, like getting a mortgage to buy a house. That’s when an attorney can help you answer your questions. Here are just a few.1. What is a mechanic’s lien, and how does it affect a closing? A mechanic’s lien is placed against a property by a general contractor or other service provider files before starting work on it. The lien is intended to ensure payment and to be released when payment is made. The problem at closing comes up when the contractor has forgotten to file a satisfaction on the lien, leaving it on the property’s title. They’re not that hard to resolve – though the process can be time-consuming, and they can blow up a closing. 2. What is an illegal deed? How does it affect the title? A deed will always show the ch...
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By Ali Gaus
(Buy Missouri Homes)
Original published on is a powerful word… it brings feelings of comfort, happiness, security, and love. Finding the right place to call home is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make. Where you live becomes the center of your universe:  the beginning to your beautiful life’s story. The center of our universe is Missouri. At Buy Missouri Homes we focus on showcasing the best Missouri has to offer you. Whether it’s the roar of the Mizzou Tigers that draws you to the exciting college town of Columbia, the enticing vibrancy of the culturally diverse hubs of Kansas City and St. Louis, or the beautiful serene and adventurous lifestyle that whispers your name through the shortleaf pines of the Ozark Mountains, we are here to assist you i...
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By Momentum Property Solutions, House Buyer in Huntsville & surrounding areas
(Momentum Property Solutions)
We're Jordan & Melissa, and we got started investing in real estate about four years ago. We're both mechanical engineers, so buying houses (or being business owners, for that matter) was not always at the front of our minds. It wasn't until Melissa's friend at work started his own paper company and left his job that the wheels began to turn. I still remember his words when he turned in his two weeks notice: "I can't work here any more; I'm losing too much money." At that point, Melissa was hooked. She started picking his brain every day about how he did it and how she could do the same thing. So of course, he gave her Rich Dad Poor Dad, the entrepreneur right of passage. Around that time, I was on a work trip with a colleague who owned a handful of rental properties. He told me about t...
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By Lequita Gray, I help people with tax debt.
(Alexandria Louis Tax Solutions LLC)
One of the most common questions asked this year from my self-employed clients was “Lequita, how can I reduce my tax bill?”  The answer was the same for most of the clients.  “There are some deductions we are not taking that we should consider for next filing season.  What most of the clients were missing were deductions that directly reduce the amount of taxable income.Health Savings Account: Depending on the amount you spend annually on out-of-pocket medical expenses, it may be beneficial to explore opening a health savings account.  A health savings account is type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses. By using untaxed dollars in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and som...
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By First Choice Home Buyers, Positively Impacting Others Through R.E. Investing
(First Choice Home Buyers)
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1. Prioritize Important Tasks Over Less Important Ones Always remember to get the most important tasks out of the way before any other thing. These tasks have more rewards but are often more tasking. So, most people put them off while they focus on the simpler and less important tasks. This is a great mistake that can drastically cut down on your productivity. Not only will the important tasks remain at the back of your mind while you work, but you also risk doing a haphazard job when you finally get to them because you are too tired from doing the less important tasks. 2. Hard Tasks Should Always Come First If you dread performing a task and know you cannot ditch, delegate or defer it to another time, you must tackle it head-on. Suppose you keep putting off dealing with a particularly ...
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Finding Your Niche in Real Estate – A Guide for Real Estate Agents to Set Themselves Apart from the CrowdIf you’re just starting out as a Real Estate Agent or you’re tired of competing for the samebusiness that thousands of other REALTORS in your market are going after, finding a niche is an important step in creating a thriving business*NOTE: Lead and Education Resources are aggregated at the bottom of this post."Finding a niche  not only lowers your competition, but increases the efficiency of your journey toward expert status"In this post, I’ll discuss many viable niches for real estate professionals, the pros and cons of each, recommended resources for education, and lead sources where applicable.The first thing you should know is that your decision to search for a “niche” is one th...
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Decorating the windows with drapes, valances, and curtains is an excellent way of adding style, color, and personality to your beloved living room. Here are spoof the best curtains that fit your living room.Breezy Linen CurtainsYou can go for linen curtains. It offers your living room a summery vibe. Earthy shades work the best with the material. You can also create your style statement by combing the light and dark shades of the same tone.Brocade in Metallic TintsGolden hues work the best if you want to give your living room a bold and royal look. You can go for the glitter of gold or any other metallic shades, as it is best brought out by brocade.Floral Printed CurtainsIf you love adding some colors to the look and feel of your living room, floral-printed curtains are the best choice....
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By We Buy Fire Damaged Houses, Fire Damage Restoration Service, House Buyers
(We Buy Fire Damaged Houses)
How do I sell my fire damaged house? We Buy Fire Damaged Houses buys properties that have been damaged by fire all throughout the United States. We’re a national cash homebuying company that is ready to take all of the risk out of selling your home after a fire has occurred. We believe that honesty and trustworthiness is the only way to do business. Contact us today for your free cash offer! Visit our website
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By Christine Leete, Allow Me To Make Colorado Your Home!
(-Red Feather-Fort Collins-Loveland-Windsor-Coldwell Banker Plains Real Estate)
Areas in the Denver/Front Range region for Christmas Tree Cutting.  Where to get a permit?  Website is can also purchase a tree permit from a local vendor:
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