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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Audrey James, Real Estate Agent serving Coastal Alabama
(RE/MAX By The Bay)
Comments 6
This morning at the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce's monthly Eggs N' Issues meeting we had the opportunity to hear from Matt Ericksen, the Project Director for Alabama Department of Transportation's (ALDOT) Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project. There have been many questions and myths surrou...

By Chris Cliff, I take the pain out of social media marketing
Comments 6
It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.To start on the road to internal linking SEO Kung-Fu mastery, we must first know what we don't know. In this case, it is "what is internal linking" and "why do I need to do it?" You may not have heard the term before, but internal linking is ...

By Albert Wilson, Backrack is a back pain treatment device designed
Comments 4
A trapped or compressed nerve can arise from sudden movement or any minor injury, and while the condition is troublesome causing pain, numbness or tingling in the arm, hand or finger etc, the condition is easily treated by mobilisation: gentle oscillatory movement applied at the correct spinal le...

By Dream America, Turning Renters into Owners
(Dream America)
Comments 10
Perform you dream of owning a house? Sometimes life will put big obstacles in your way. Do you want to buy your own home without the large initial cost? Do you have low credit, or no credit? If you answered yes then rent to own homes might just be the perfect fit for you.Not sure how to get start...

By ravina patel, I Am A Blogger & Technical Person.
Comments 6
“Home is not just a property - it's an emotion”, the second you step into one, it becomes a part of you, it determines your mood, your lifestyle, the time you take to get to work or school etc... So, for most people buying or renting a home is not an easy task - it needs thorough planning, it mus...

By Shannon Salzman
Comments 8
Ok, so I just started real estate school, and its going smoothly. :)I am starting to get a little nervous though because I am learning about 21 ways to lose a real estate license. I know that I am ethical and I will keep good records and I'll always be honest. That is not what troubles me. The th...
There are very few things more refreshing or as popular as a dip in the old watering hole or simply spending the morning and afternoon at the pool. Usually it simply a great time - to be enjoyed with friends and family. However, sometimes the results of taking that refreshing dip can be much less...

By greensael jen, A real estate agent really doesn't have a "typical
(Estate Zone)
Comments 4
 After Initial Coin Offering banning in China, many other countries also trying to follow China's footsteps. There are a number of cases, where individuals invest and then waiting for their turn. Because of such cases, risk-takers lose trust in this digital currency and evade ICO investing. This ...

By Jessica Ellen, Jessica Ellen is the writer and blogger.
(Stan Ventures)
Comments 6
Starting from this principle, virtual staging refers to a technique for optimizing real estate sales. And for that, it makes use of various suggestive methods aimed at reinforcing or enhancing the intrinsic and market value of a house or apartment.In the end, this is a practice that promotes the ...

By palash mohane
Comments 5
Author’s Bio – Palash P. Mohane is a CEO of Psminfoline which is the best Software company in Nagpur. is a digital marketing expert, Professional cricket and a chess Player.How to promote your blog in 2019? This might be the first question that might pop in your head when you decided to start a b...

By Morgan Hatch
Comments 9
I am currently enrolled in the course to become a real estate agent. My current lesson is about ethics and the importance in the real estate industry.When I started the course I read the Utah Code then continued down to the full lessons on ethics then proceeded with the lesson activities on hones...

By Keshanta Cleveland, Assistant Property Manager, Marketing Director
(Standard Property Management )
Comments 6
Are you finding it hard to advertise your apartment in a way to grab a potential renter’sattention?Don’t fret! Creating a listing that will garner interest isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3 as many may think.  There are a few things you should take into consideration when posting your apartment listi...

By Andrea Meiners, Real Estate Broker
(Andrea Meiners)
Comments 31
For Sale By Owner vs Using A RealtorThis time of year, many sellers will begin getting amped up about selling their home come Spring, when buyers are out and about in groves. They sometimes think that selling should be so easy this time of year, so why not sell their home themselves? Who needs a ...

By Mirka Pipova, Real Living with Mirka
(S. J. Fowler Real Estate)
Comments 7
REALTOR Mirka Pipova, Real Estate Agent serving the Gold Canyon community is happy to showcase this 4 bedroom home for sale in Gold Canyon With Superstition Mountain View.  For your private showing, please contact Mirka Pipova at 480-518-5704.View Our Virtual Property Tour Here. 4809 S LAS MANANI...

By Marlene Greene, Home For Sale in Corona
Comments 6
Are you looking for condos for sale in Riverside CA? Have you considered the key factors that might lead you to buying a perfect house than landing up selecting a damaged house? There is absolutely no doubt that one would like to reside in California. With its beautiful beaches, mountains, amazin...

By Steve Bousquet, General Contractor at Experts in Construction & Ho
Comments 10
Tips on how to move overseasLike you I think moving is really nerve-racking, and gratifying process at the same time, so don't forget that when moving overseas, there's a lot more to think through than when just moving to a down the road. Money exchange, papers, a whole bunch of rules and to lear...

By Ilija Sekulov
Comments 12
Why Virtual Staging is not a Deception, but a technique that benefits both the realtor and the buyer In the digital world we live today, almost all activity is connected to the Internet. We pay our bills on the Internet, we sell and buy products on the Internet and when we want to find out any in...

By Keith Weigand, Contact us for Property Management Software.
Comments 7
The 3rd largest group of renters now fall in the 60+ age group. This has increased by over 42% over the last 10 years. The aging tenant trend will probably increase over time. 60+ renters are the fastest growing group of tenants. What’s Driving This One obvious answer is the decline in home owne...

By Cristobal (Cris) Cottes, Your home SOLD GUARANTEED, or I will pay you $2500
(EXIT Kingdom Realty)
Comments 0
Priced For A Quick Sale. All Utilities in this Apartment are Included. No More Worries Of Cold Winters Or Hot Summers - You Control Your Heat & Air Conditioning! So Say Goodbye To Light, Gas, Heat, Water & Tax Bills coming to you mailbox. A New E/F Train Stop has just been built at Your Doorstep,...

By Helen Fields, The Home is Where the Heart is
Comments 11
Do you want to rank locally for local neighborhoods and communities? If so read on. In this post you will learn why now is your window of opportunity to rank using Google My Business before google clamps down on their algorithm like they have done in the past. Get ahead of your competition the r...