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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Mike Ferry, #1 Real Estate Coach Since 1975
(The Mike Ferry Organization)
10 Words And Phrases for Real Estate Agents  Hello there. Welcome back to another edition of Mike Ferry TV. My name is Tony Smith. This is the week of September 4th. As always, thrilled to spend a little time with you on Mike Ferry TV. Hopefully, you guys got a chance to be at our Superstar Retreat in July. Hopefully, you had a chance to look back through IR30 through all of the incredible replay of that event. But here we are in September. We got September, October, November, and December. There’s still a lot of time left this year to achieve a lot of business goals. So I hope you’re in the middle of that process. I hope you’re sharing it with everybody. But I was going through the notes from Mike Ferry at the Retreat, and there was one segment of the notes that many of you will rememb...
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By Audrina Stickney
(Agent Professor)
I am going to be writing about dishonesty in real estate and why it's important to be an honest agent. There are a lot of ways to be a dishonest realtor. Dishonesty to me isn't just telling lies. Dishonesty, to me, is lying, white lying, misleading, false advertising, withholding information or being sneaky in any way. Living life honest just in general is a good way to live. Dishonesty can lead to a lost license and the lie wouldn't of been worth it in the end. Even if you get away with something once you won't get away with it forever. How does dishonesty affect others? Let's say a buyer or seller has a dishonest agent. It's a couples first house and they are so excited, it's a really big once in a life time experience. Then their realtor is misleading and false advertising, the realt...
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By Bonnie Schiffner, Real Estate agent Tims Ford Lake &surrounding area
(John Smith Jr. Realty & Auction, LLC)
New Listing in great subdivision close to Tims Ford Lake. Access to private gated boar ramp. Give me a call for more details931-308-3498
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By Annette McDougal, Observer. Training to be a real estate agent.
(None right now)
Hi!  This is not only my first blog on this forum, but my first blog ever!  My name is Annette McDougal.  I am a mom of 4 mostly grown children and decided that I need something now to fill my days. So I am working on becoming a real estate agent. We have been assigned to write about one of the 21 ways to lose our license.  I chose dual agency or dual representation without consent.  At first I didn't really understand why this may be a problem.  In studying a little more, I can now understand why each party may want their own agent.The main reason I have found is for fair and impartial representation.  When one agent represents both buyer and seller of a property, it actually creates a conflict of interest to both parties.  The seller agent tries to get the higher price for their clien...
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By Jackie Van Wienen, Serving the entire Vegas valley.
(REAl Broker/Joe Taylor group)
Townhomes, condos reach all-time high price in Southern Nevada     September 6, 2023 "While single-family home prices in Southern Nevada maintain stability, the market for townhomes and condos is soaring to unprecedented heights. A recent report from Las Vegas Realtors reveals that single-family homes in the Las Vegas Valley are currently priced just below $450,000, still below the all-time high of $482,000 set in May 2022. In contrast, the prices of condos and townhomes have skyrocketed, hitting a historic peak of $287,000 last month. The surge in prices can be attributed to the robust demand for these more affordable housing options, coupled with a constrained supply. LVR President Lee Barrett noted, 'Home prices haven't seen significant changes recently. However, the record-breaking ...
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By Jeremy Williams, Local Roofer - Houston and Austin TX
(Reign Roofing)
Perhaps the biggest threat that faces roofs in the Houston area is hailstorms. Although hail is often small and harmless, the larger stones pose a major threat to your roof—and in a variety of different ways. We often handle roofing repair in Houston, TX to fix hail damage, and in this post we want to share with you the ways that hail can inflict damage on your roof, as well as how to recognize it after the storm is over. It’s important to move fast to have hail damage professionally repaired, otherwise it will lead to greater damage down the road, including the need to replace the entire roof years early.How Hail Damages Your RoofHailstones come in a range of sizes, from tiny pellets to golf ball-sized stones that can shatter weaker shingles with a single blow. Here are some of the way...
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By Steve Perry, Books Taxes & More - Small business finances
(Books Taxes & More)
You probably think the IRS has received your tax return… but are you SURE? I can’t overstate the importance of ensuring IRS correspondence acceptance.Here’s why:Imagine this. You’ve finally finished your tax return preparation for the year!You’ve gathered all of your documents and receipts into a tidy folder on your desktop. You went through all the steps and checked off all the boxes to get your return to the IRS on time.  You’re ready to pat yourself on the back, pour a drink, and put your feet up.But then your phone rings. Your accountant informs you that you owe back taxes from several years back.You’re stunned! You’ve always prepared your own tax returns and sent them to the IRS before the deadline. So this must be a mistake… Right?Unfortunately, there are times when taxpayers thin...
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By Cynthia Gentry Black, Home Stager, Downsize Planner, Declutter Coach
(Home Staging by Cynthia LLC)
Please visit my website's blog to read the many unique posts: Be sure to take advantage of my FREE downloads!  
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By Suzanne Downs, Mortgage broker that works with 100+ investors.
(Palm Beach Mortgage Group )
Filing for bankruptcy is a decision no one takes lightly. Often we have borrowers coming to us concerned about the implications of filing bankruptcy on their future ability to obtain a mortgage loan. The good news is that programs such as FHA can allow a new loan after as little as two years from the discharge date. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a little longer.  There are also some niche programs that will allow financing immediately after the discharge date. Your mortgage consultant will best guide you as to the best type of loan for your situation. Lenders are often looking for re-established credit post-bankruptcy and that the borrowers have been able to pay their rent on time. Working toward re-establishing good credit and adding to your rainy-day savings account will make a new m...
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By Traci Wells, REALTOR
(BHHS Bay Street Realty Group)
IMPROVED PRICE ! Elegant low-country home situated on an expansive 32 acres 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.  YrBlt. 1996  SqFt. 3822$1,500,000.00Spacious kitchen, a grand great room, and a luxurious primary suite with a spa-like bath. Covered patio with a fireplace and bar, overlooking the manicured grounds with a pool and pond. The property also features a fully equipped guest suite, two workshops, and electric gates for added security and convenience.Click HERE for more Details 
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By Bill Kaminer, very experienced land, farm and retreat specialist
Have you ever been looking at a plat from an old survey or reading and older deed and come across terms like rods or poles or chains?  It can be disconcerting and disorienting just when you thought you were getting somewhere.When you see the above terms on a plat from an old survey or in a deed description of a property, the following information should help you make a lot more sense out of it.  When you see "chain" in a deed or on a plat, it is a surveyor's chain, unless otherwise specified. The main information you need is as followsA pole or rod (or perch)      =     16 1/2 feet        =    5 1/2 yardsa surveyor's chain                =     66 feet             =     4 poles           =     22 yardsHopefully, the above can aid you in understanding the length, breadth and shape of your...
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By Nathan Wasmundt, Real estate agent serving E. Mesa/Apache Junction.
(Homesmart, LLC)
Introduction Gilbert, Arizona, often referred to as the "Hay Capital of the World," has evolved from its agricultural roots into a thriving suburban community. Located in Maricopa County, Gilbert is one of the fastest-growing towns in the United States, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, top-rated schools, and a strong sense of community. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the real estate landscape in Gilbert, covering everything from its history and demographics to the current market trends, popular neighborhoods, and investment opportunities.A Brief History of Gilbert, ArizonaGilbert's history is closely tied to its agricultural roots. Founded in 1902 by William "Bobby" Gilbert, the town began as a small farming community in the Arizona Territory. Cotton, hay, and oth...
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When your home appliances start acting up, it's tempting to roll up your sleeves and attempt a do-it-yourself repair. However, there are many reasons why hiring a professional appliance repair company can be a smarter choice. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of relying on experts for appliance repairs instead of embarking on a DIY adventure.The Complexities of Appliance RepairUnderstanding the IntricaciesHome appliances are intricate machines with numerous components that must work together seamlessly. While some issues might appear simple on the surface, they can be indicative of more complex underlying problems. Professional repair technicians have the training and experience to diagnose these issues accurately and provide effective solutions.Avoiding Further DamageAttem...
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By Rex Thomas, Rex Thomas: Redefining Real Estate
(Samson Properties)
Step into the world of luxurious and spacious living with 7407 Federline Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21043! This remarkable single-family home is a true embodiment of comfort and style, offering 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and an expansive 3,000 square feet of living space.A Haven of Tranquility and EleganceNestled in the charming community of Ellicott City, this residence harmonizes comfort, style, and convenience. The 4 thoughtfully designed bedrooms strike a perfect balance between personal space and connected living. The primary bedroom suite, complete with its private bathroom featuring a soothing soaking tub and a walk-in closet, promises a retreat-like experience. Each additional bedroom is generously sized and comes with its own closet, ensuring everyone's privacy is respected.​Expansive L...
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By Xzia Johnson, Remote Notary and Admin Assistant in Virginia
(Xzia J Administrative Services LLC )
Real estate professionals benefit greatly from having an efficient notary on their team, especially one who can provide remote and mobile notary services. Here's why:1. **Convenience and Efficiency**: Real estate transactions often involve numerous documents that require notarization. Having a notary who can offer remote and mobile services means that documents can be notarized quickly and conveniently, without the need for all parties to be physically present in one location. This is particularly important when dealing with time-sensitive transactions.2. **Flexibility**: Real estate deals can span various locations, and having a notary who can travel to meet clients at their preferred locations, whether it's their home, office, or another agreed-upon venue, adds a level of flexibility ...
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By Molly Nelson
Unauthorized Consideration is an interesting principle that can cause you to get your license revoked if utilized with a malice intent. One could consider Unauthorized Consideration to be gifting another with a monetary sum or a item of higher value than $250 as a kickback for getting that individual a sale, client or assistance in making money. 
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By Akevia Darden - HTX Real Estate Agent, Houston Real Estate Agent
(eXp Realty)
Hello there, savvy homebuyers and curious onlookers! It's Kee, your go-to Houston Realtor, bringing you some hot tips to make your open house experience productive, informative, and dare I say it—fun! Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran looking for your next investment, here's what you should expect when stepping foot into an open house.  The Welcome Mat is OutFirst impressions matter, and an open house is like a first date between you and what could potentially be your new home. When you arrive, you'll typically find the front door open or a sign directing you where to go. Don't be shy—come on in! Sign-In, Please!Most open houses will have a sign-in sheet or digital app at the entrance. This is standard practice; it helps the homeowner and realtor (hi, that's me...
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By Michael Dale, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
(C2 Financial)
Types of Retirement Loan SolutionsThere are different types of reverse mortgage loan solutions. The two most popular are the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), insured by the FHA) and jumbo or proprietary reverse mortgage loans¹ for high value homes.I am a reverse mortgage loan specialist and are here to assist you as you explore your options and whether a reverse mortgage loan solution is right for you. My goal is that as you learn more about the reverse mortgage loan you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. I aim to provide world class service from start to finish. Qualifications for Retirement LoansTo qualify for a reverse mortgage loan there are some basic requirements, such as: At least one borrower (that will be on title) must b...
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By Morris Mathieu, How Fast Can You Move?
(Angus Realty LLC )
5.77 acre parcel in the Sugarloaf Mountain Subdivision but without the HOA! That's right...NO HOA! Sugarloaf Mountain is truly unique as the highest elevation in Florida and part of the Lake Wales Ridge. Nestled in a highly coveted locale, this remarkable opportunity presents itself amidst rolling landscapes, while granting seamless access to the myriad wonders of central Florida. With no other comparable property available, this one-of-a-kind lot sold in less than 14 days at 98.6% of list price.Looking for your perfect property or selling your long held family property in Central Florida? Call, text or email at 352-989-3410, and www.angusrealty.comThanks,Morris Mathieu
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By ALEXANDER NARTEH, Real Estate agent serving the Utah/Salt Lake area
(Ohara Villas)
What is Integrity?Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. It’s the idea that you’ll still behave honestly and befittingly even if no one is watching you.Integrity can also be simply explained as treating others how you would like them to treat you. What is Integrity in the Workplace?Integrity is based on values rather than personal gain and reward. High integrity applies itself in the workplace through the business relationships with clients, your principal broker, team members and contractors you work with. It means you embody ethical principles and a positive work environment among your fellow sales agents and in front of clients. How to Demonstrate Integrity in the WorkplaceSome common key important ways to demonstrate honesty and integrity in the workplace are de...
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