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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By marilyn koehler, Lake and Country Properties
(Lake & Country Properties)
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It has been a while since I have seen anything about BPO agents.   I have been a broker for over 40 years and I do mostly BPO's to stay in touch.  I am no longer an active agent soliciting new business so for me it keeps me in the loop.  However I have noticed a significant drop in  this.   I fin...

By Michael Crosa CPA, Solving IRS Problems For Real Estate Pros
(Michael L Crosa CPA)
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 Realtors have been known to take a client to lunch or to a baseball or football game and then deduct the expense as a meal and entertainment expense. This has changed. The IRS has finally issued guidance on the business expense deduction for meals and entertainment following law changes in the T...
There are twenty-one ways you can lose your real estate license. Criminal offenses are one of them. It is very important that real estate agents are honest, ethical individuals. Generally speaking, honest people don't commit crimes. If someone is willing to break the law and commit crimes, who's ...

By James Wade, Tax attorney serving clients in Portland, ME
(Law Office of James D. Wade)
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How IRS Collections Works: What You Need to Know? My firm focuses on helping taxpayers in Portland, Maine with IRS tax problems. One of the keys to resolving their tax issues is understanding the process. From filing a tax return to the final notice of intent to levy, there is a logical sequence ...

By Cristian Millan
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 MisrepresentationWhile researching about real estate misrepresentation I was able to see the many of examples of the consequences that follow after an act of real estate misrepresentation. In addition, I was able to find the following description of misrepresentation:"The representation of a mis...

By Arianna Kokol, Soon to be agent in Salt Lake City
(Agent Professor)
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Utah happens to be the second most arid state in America. We receive most of our water supply from only 13 inches of average annual precipitation. According to the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, about 5.2 million acre-feet of water is annually diverted for use in Utah. Of thi...

By Tim Parker, Just someone that has a curiosity about real estat
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Reasons Renting Is Better Than Buying BY AMANDA C. HAURY   Updated Oct 12, 2018 A lifelong goal many citizens strive to achieve is homeownership. While many people in North America own their own homes today, this wasn't always the case. Historically, families either needed to build their own home...

By Najeeb Alim, I'm a real estate consultant and investor
(Finance Needs Group,LLC)
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 Hi,Introducing The Worlds First 125%, Real Estate Funding Rewards Program I'm extending a invitation to receive 125% real estate funding & credit sterilization that's now available. Go to to get access!

By Glenn Green The Woodlands, tags: glenn green, the woodlands, tx, spring, hous
(Glenn Green The Woodlands, TX)
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Glenn Green, The Woodlands TX profile is secured by VirtualU's Personal Data "Privacy-Shield" Monitoring, Software and Service. The privacy settings on this profile have been set to the strictest settings to abide by this website's Privacy Policy. Get the VirtualU Privacy-Shield Monitoring, DIY S...

By William Lusk, Marketer and Writer
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A lawn is the centre of attraction in every garden because nobody will like to sit on dry or overgrown grass. There must be a uniform cutting level of entire grass in the garden where you can comfortably walk or sit. Not only with grass, but there are several other methods to compliment your gard...

By Michael O'Leary, Enrolled Agent, CPA Quality without CPA Prices!
(By The Book Taxes)
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What do you do after you receive your first collection notice from the IRS?Sit down, take a deep breath and call a tax professional. My practice handles collections cases all the time and I can help you.It helps to know how the IRS Collection Process works. Here’s a brief overview:          Once ...

By Scott Smith, Home inspector in beautiful Chicago
(Domicile Consulting, LLC)
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I recently performed an inspection for a client purchasing a 15-year-old two-story single family home, with basement. The outdoor ambient temperature was about 40 degrees F that day, and the forced air heating had been running prior to my arrival. The first thing I noticed upon entering the finis...

By John Sclafani, IL Licensed Home Inspector - Lic# 450.011834
(John Sclafani - Home Inspection Services)
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Check out my article here:
316 E Royal Forest Blvd Columbus, Ohio 43214   3 bedroom, 1 bath rental home in Beechwold. Close to shopping, schools and bus line. Updated kitchen with appliances and freshly painted. Nice hardwood floors. Full basement with washer and dryer hookups. Fenced yard and a one car detached garage Jo...

By Hansel Duran, Specialize in Residential & Commercial Real Estate
(Duran Real Estate Group)
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The developers/investors who are originally from Fort Lauderdale are bringing it home this time around. A few days ago they closed on the location for $23.5 million near the downtown area, which has been a target for many new developments lately. The iPic company is based out of Boca Raton and ha...

By OKUPIED Inc., Manage Properties
(Okupied Inc.)
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We recently launched an iPhone app and are looking for active users to provide us with feedback on the features/functionalities it has as well as the overall user experience. The app’s name is OKUPIED ( ) and as of now is available on the Apple store ( ). ...

By Jerry Hoffman, Sales/New developments, multi-family in LA.
(RLG Properties, Inc.)
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Coworking has become wildly popular and with WeWork becoming one of the largest lessors of office space in the world, coworking has created a new frontier for the brokerage world. So what makes this different than other types of office leasing? Culture. When the boom hit, tech companies t...

By Gareth Davies, Real Estate Fraud 101, Welcome To School
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In approximately June 2005 my wife (now ex) had taken the bus ride to San Felipe. They got her to give up a deposit on a lot. R-Mac Properties, Inc. Apparently, purchasing a lot is a requirement before you can join their sales force. I went down to San Felipe about a month later and met Michael C...

By Virginia Credit Repair LLC - Marcus Rice, CEO, Call Virginia Credit Repair, Trusted Leaders in Cr
(Virginia Credit Repair LLC)
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Virginia Credit Repair LLC Opens Two New OfficesVirginia Credit Repair LLC opens two locations in the Richmond Virginia area. 4860 Cox Rd and 6500 Harbour View Court. Virginia Credit Repair has a passion to help remove negative entries and improve comsumers credit report scores with Experian, Tra...

By DeeDee Weber
(chasing a better life)
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December is just crazy when it comes to shopping.  Parking lots are packed.  Your porch is littered with deliveries.  You have relatives and friends on lists you check way more often than Santa does, just to make sure you aren't forgetting anybody.  It's a big time for shopping and you have a lot...