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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Ayana Williams, Your Families NEXT REALTOR
Run your own Race: 5 areas of focus for a new real estate agent "Run your own Race" were the words of a veteran agent to me as I embarked upon the excitement of becoming a new rock start agent.  Her words have been engrafted in my head as I attend trainings and hear the successes of newer agents obtaining listings and closing real estate transactions within a couple months of their real estate journey.With a flood of new information, required training, and daily commitments outside of real estate, it's easy to become overwhelmed with all the newness of the role. I have identified 5 transition behaviors  to assist us as we navigate our new business venture.1. Be true to you-Easy right? if you are anything like me, I strolled Pinterest, Facebook, and googled, "real estate poses" before sc...
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By Linda Peltz, It's The Sold That Counts
(eXp Realty)
There are a lot of choices you've got to choose from a new home. From location, cost or several factors that may affect the unit value. You’ll be forced to understand many things that you haven't heard before. One among the foremost ones: what type of home do you wish for? Which one will I prefer in Townhouse vs Condo ? If you’re not into a single-family home, you may consider the option of Townhouse vs Condo. Both options have similar square measure and quite a few variations. Deciding which suits your real estate needs may need a further analysis and understanding the pros and cons of each of the unit. Here’s to kickstart our knowledge about Townhouse vs Condo, especially Townhouse Fresno for your ideal home;Basic of CondoA condominium is designed pretty similarly to a flat or an apar...
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By Shawn Hunter
This is my first blog post so bear with me. I am going thru the steps to become a real estate professional and wanted to share some experiences I have had with other real estate professionals who have shown my houses in the past few years. First, you should know that most people have cameras in their house and people are watching and listening when you are showing their home. A few comments were made that were way off topic to persuade the buyers into a different direction, maybe to persuade them towards a more expensive home? Not sure what the agenda was but at times it felt like a huge waste of time given that one of the homes we lived in was our primary home. We have children so please imagine the torture it was to put the kids in the car to ensure the messes didn't continue to grow ...
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By George Landi, Real Estate Agent And Investor
First, we’re so sorry for your loss. This can be a very challenging time for many reasons, and dealing with property ownership is tough at the best of times.You’re thinking, “I inherited a house, what to do with this house?” Should I rent it? Should I sell it?  How should I sell it?Tons of options open for you, but…… we can help.We’re seasoned investors in New Jersey real estate, and we’re looking to buy several houses each month in the New Jersey NJ area. Every month we get calls from those who have inherited a house and are looking to sell the house… so the info below are some tips to help you navigate the process.I Inherited A House, What To Do Next?Here’s a few important considerations to help you make the right decision:1) Make sure the mortgage is paid.This may sound obvious, but ...
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By Jay Cannone
(William Raveis Real Estate)
Welcome to Jay’s blog about the Trumbull real estate market and area lifestyle. Check back often for informative blog posts on the area, its unique lifestyle and complex real estate market. All from a real estate professional who is passionate about the area.
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By Jazmin Chang
As I am setting here studying and reading the many was to lose your license and also read many disciplinary cases. Even though they are all very important and we should all work hard to have an awesome long career. One of the ones that really stick out to me is Misrepresentation. I believe its very important that from day one your clients are receiving 100% of the correct information. The first impression you make is the important one. If they know they can trust you then, than they can trust that you will take care of them every step of the way. 
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By Mercedes Hodge
Dishonesty is a pretty quick way to lose your license because of the resulting consequences. Many of the other ways to lose your license fall under dishonesty. For example, false affiliation is a result of dishonesty. You must always be associated with a broker. If you lie and tell a client that you are associated with a broker when you aren't, you can get in trouble.Dishonesty also can ruin your reputation. There is a lot of networking that goes into the real estate business. If you are dishonest and practicing poorly, that reputation will follow you. Clients will not recommend you to their friends once it's time for them to find a house because you weren't honest with them. It truly has the potential to ruin your business.
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By Ms. Bynum, The Funding Diva
(Pretty Gurls Investments)
Attention all real estate investors!West Capital Consultants arranges short term and long term financing for both residential and commercial property owners nationwide.We offer NO DOCUMENTATION MORTGAGE LOANS!! and can easily close our loans in 10 business days.We have among the best competitive rates in the industry, starting as low as 3.25% We do all of the followingloans:1) Purchase/fix and flip mortgages to 90% Acquisition and 100% rehab cost2) Construction loans up to 90% LTC!.3) Cash out refinance on 1-4 family homes and commercial properties to 80 LTV!4) Rental purchases up to 85% LTV.5) Pure asset based mortgages, NO DOCUMENTATION NEEDED! TO 65% LTV6) NO APPRAISAL REQUIRED! ( In some states and programs)7) Low fico scores to no scores at all required!Our programs are very flexib...
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By Aura Alex, When The Deal Must Close!
(Close My Deal, LLC)
Before writing was invented, humans shared stories orally.  Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and others told their stories and created myths and legends through drawing, painting, and poetry spanning thousands of years and several cultural milestones of human history.In modern days, we listened to our ancestors telling their stories and learned about history through many forms of communication.  A love of stories is encoded into our DNA.  Stories matter to us on a deep, emotional level. As a business owner, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, your story matters. Tell that story to your employees, investors, customers, and potential clients.  Keep them listening.  Consider why to tell your story.Create and Strengthen RelationshipsInternet-savvy consumers don't just want to "buy stuff" f...
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By María Esther García Márquez, 🗝 Realtor for Athens Realty Professional
(Athens Realty Professional)
No hay excusas  Ser dueño de una propiedad es uno de los grandes pasos de la vida, un compromiso financiero y logístico importante, que trae consigo seguridad adicional y la capacidad de poner su propio sello en un lugar.   Una gran ventaja de convertirse en propietario es que su propiedad se convierte en un poco más suya con cada pago de hipoteca. Por lo tanto, aunque es probable que tenga un compromiso financiero mensual importante durante un período de muchos años, el dinero que paga todavía se destina a una inversión a largo plazo.  María Esther García Márquez. Realtor Realtor for ATHENS Realty Professional. M. 407.218.9887 E.
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The topic I have chosen for this activity is Dishonesty, for one simple reason. It completely encompasses all 21 of the ways you can lose your realtor license. It is the single most important part of being a good salesman or saleswoman. Without honesty you lose a very vital part of being successful. And that part is the ability to be proud of what you have achieved.I have worked in sales in the past, and currently work in more of a service role as a fireman. But in both I have seen good examples and bad examples around me of what happens when people are honest or dishonest. Being dishonest always has a way of coming back to haunt you, and it is not always in the way of coming to light where people can see it. The most damning way is the fact that you know you achieved something through ...
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By Thompson Inspections, The Most Comprehensive Inspections In Minneapolis
(Thompson Inspections)
Home Improvement Projects To Best Kick-Off When Summer EndsSummer is the busiest season for many. Friends have beer and barbecues when most families are on a beach vacation, and others get married. Now that the heatwave is soon over, it’s never a done deal for home improvements. While there may not be many swimming and grilling days left by the time August rolls around, it’s not too soon to get some work done to get your home ready before cool weather hits in.Homeownership comes with an unending list of remodeling and maintenance projects. Being able to do them timely can be tricky, especially when you’re enjoying the outdoors. The best time for your home improvement projects is when the kids are back at school; pretty much when your hassle and stress will be at a minimum. Check Out The...
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By Good Neighbor Home Inspection, The Most Comprehensive Home Inspection in Buffalo
(Good Neighbor Home Inspections)
September Home Improvement Checklist | Buffalo home inspectionsSeptember will probably still feel like summer until that first chill in the air. August may still be too hot for most of the month in many parts of the United States. But, before giving your backyard barbecue party or swimming pool float one last hoorah, there are home items to list and make sure these safety and maintenance tasks don’t fall through the cracks in September.As the sunshine and warm weather mellow into lower temperatures of the fall season, don’t forget your home improvement checklist. While the kids are in school and you notice that first chill in the air, it’s time to begin the tasks to get your home ready for the cooler evenings. Here are 5-home improvement tasks that can be checked off your list in an hou...
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There are many ways an agent could lose his/her real estate license. I believe being dishonest is the root of most of them. It is very easy for a real estate agent to be dishonest in order to sell more properties. There are many ways to be dishonest such as mortgage fraud, failing to disclose information, stealing client's money,  and many more.Mortgage fraud is one such way real estates use to cheat in the real estate industry. real estate agents will lie and disclose false information to the client as if they were approved for a mortgage as the most common fraud is when a client doesn't get approved for a mortgage. This kind of lie will hurt many people. You should never lie to your client and commit mortgage fraud. If the client didn't get approved for a mortgage, instead of lying, o...
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By Clayton Miller
Hello out there. I am really looking forward to learning from you all. Glad to be a part of this group. Bear with us while we get our feet wet and get our profile fully up to date.  
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By Jeffrey Rivers, Funding with your own Time frame
1. Do you have a deal or Are you a borrower and have gotten pre-approved and denied for a loan/credit at the last minute to fund or close a deal?2. Is your loan officer not returning your calls and giving you different excuses?3. There is no reason why a  loan cannot close on the closing date. I will not tell you what you want to hear but will only tell you the facts , send me an email for fast enquiryRESIDENTIAL• COMMERCIAL•HARD MONEY• PRIVATE MONEY • INVESTOR• PURCHASES • BRIDGE LOAN • REHAB FIX & FLIP •CONSTRUCTION • MEZZANINE • LAND PURCHASE & DEVELOPMENT •REHAB PROJECTS • CASH OUT REFINANCES • MULTI FAMILY• JV PARTNER. If that is what you need, you are in the right place!Jeffrey RiversPhone:+1(917) 7281227Email: jeffrey@rightwayloans.bizWebsite: www.rightwayloans.bizFacebook: https...
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By Logan Cicotte
Real estate agents can lose their license or suffer other consequences for unethical behavior. For example, agents cannot engage in false advertising. Such conduct would warrant some kind of legal consequence from the agent's state's governing body.False advertising consists of misrepresenting goods or services. Often, it entails misrepresenting qualities of a property. For example, an agent might include a 3ft-tall dirt-floor cellar in the square footage of a home, even though it does not provide living space. As a consequence, that agent could be subject to fines, revocation or suspension of her license, or some other consequence as outlined in the state's code.
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  Communication is everything. When it comes to business, communication can make or break you. Whether it be between clients, other parties, your brokerage, or the general public, your ability to effectively communicate will affect you. So, what are you missing?  It is important to note that communication is two-way. If you think you your communication tools may need some sharpening, then I suggest you turn outward, not inward. Your ability to communicate relies less on what you are saying and more on what your are hearing. What your client has to say about their interests, their dreams, their concerns, and their thoughts will influence you and your ability to help them far more than your own ability to convey what is on your mind. How could anyone help someone they know nothing about? ...
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By Elisa Thomas
HDFC Bank Home Loan Are you looking to buy, renovate, construct your home, HDFC Home Loan give you excellent features & benefits. HDFC Home Loan offers you attractive rate of interest with flexible tenure facility. HDFC Home Loan services available all over India.Home Loan Features & BenefitsFeatures Home Loan available for purchase of flat & raw house Home Loan for construction on a leasehold/ freehold plot Home Loan available for purchase of properties from DDA & MHADA Integrated network of service all over India Expert will aid you while buying house decision BenefitsProcessing FeesStarts at 0.50% of the loan amountor Rs.3,000 (whichever is higher)Interest Rate6.75% p.a. onwardsMaximum Tenure30 yearsHDFC Bank Various Home Loans HDFC Home Loan offers competitive interest rates Contact...
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By Judd Gillespie, Relationships Built
(Brooke Butler Homes at Mobile Bay Realty)
Phone rings. Zillow Lead. Can I take it? Should I take it? Busy day with the fam - Sunday no less. Do I let my teammate answer? Nah… I am too new and too hungry to let it go. I can apologize later… Meet the client - who will remain unnamed as she is a very private person. We connect. Not surprisingly I have this uncanny way of finding Seven Degrees of Judd Gillespie. She is from a town very close to a town we lived in as a child in Northern Idaho. My sisters were born there. She knows the lake. She knows the streets we used to play on. She rides bikes in the parks I would watch the Broom Hockey League my dad used to coach in. She flew in one day to check out a property and did not love it. Called me and wanted to check out another property. We looked at a home that just hit her deep in ...
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