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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Kris Moffitt, Real Estate agent student
Comments 8
I am early on in my real estate online course. Just 1/4 of the way through it has focused so much on honesty and ethics. There have been different excersices including looking up disciplinary actions on the state web site along with you tube videos on unethical behavior in the "real estate world"...

By ryan lafave, Real Estate Marketer
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As a real estate professional, you qualify as a prime prospect for most companiesoffering real estate SEO (search engine optimization) services.You want more sales and more listings and they want you tobelieve that they can give that to you.If you haven't already gotten calls, emails or letters f...

By Madelyn Vidal, Tax Resolution/IRS Problem Solver - Enrolled Agent
(RDI Tax Solutios, Inc.)
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Cuando los contribuyentes llegan inicialmente a nuestra oficina en Miami, FL para recibir asistencia para resolver su problema de impuestos del IRS, el primer paso en la agenda es ponerlos al día.  La División de Recaudación del IRS se adhiere a una regla muy importante: no hay acuerdo sin cumpli...

By Jihan Ghanim, We Buy Any Philly Home is a real estate company.
(We Buy Any Philly Home)
Comments 6
Thinking about investing in turnkey properties? Make sure you read this article which reveals the 5 secret keys to building a passive cash flow with turnkey property – which works here in the zip code, and elsewhere.Most people work their whole lives and then retire at 65 with little to show for ...

By Brittany McNabb, Real Estate Website serving worldwide
Comments 9
Did you know that Sweden is the fifth largest country in size in the whole European Union? However, the population is growing but still stands at only 9.8 million. That’s nothing when you take the landmass in comparison with the population. With more and more people traveling to Sweden, more peop...

By Tina McDaniel, Your Blairsville Real Estate Guide
(Harry Norman Realtors- Blairsville)
Comments 8
Tina has been a real estate agent since 1996 and has lived in North Georgia all her life. She “Loves the Land”, having come from a family farming background.What does Tina love about the Mountains? The View from every drive since two thirds of Union County is National Forest, The Farmers Market, ...

By jeffrey mcalister, Better Experience, Better Communication, Better Re
(Long Realty)
Comments 5
I will be starting a series on some of the things that agents do that are not in their customer's best interests.  I can not believe how tired I am of hearing the term "fiduciary".  Do the right thing has its own rewards. 

By Patrick "Chemrick" Chemngorem, CPA, MT, Tax Relief Specialist in Stamford & Norwalk, CT
Comments 6
Upon receiving an IRS or State Tax Agency Tax Notice, immediately call Chemrick at 203-722-9244 for a free consultation to discuss the facts and circumstances of your tax situation and the steps required to expeditiously resolve your tax problem. Where your tax issue is complicated or you lack th...

By Lisa Lightner, Help parents navigate schools, special education
(A Day in our Shoes)
Comments 6
It’s not a very popular trend, but this does happen occasionally. Families who move from one school district to another due to their frustration with their current district and the IEP process. But before you say “hey, that’s a great idea!” and call the realtor, there are lots of things to consid...

By Giovanni Lasalandra
Comments 5
Need an Agent for a Seller Referral: Poconos Country Place, The Poconos, PA United States Estimated Price: $160,000 Follow this link for more details on the referral: Copy and Paste the link:

By First Time Home Buyer Houston
(First Time Home Buyer Houston)
Comments 3

By Moving With Martin
(Moving With Martin - Expert Realtor)
Comments 5
Buying a house is a difficult task rather than selling one. Many factors are involved while buying a property. Many if and buts are in mind which need to be get cleared before you buy anything. There are many approaches from where you could find houses or property near you. Firstly you need to se...

By Joseph Nicholls, Real State Blogger
(Rangpur Blog)
Comments 5
1. Promote! A study directed by the National Association of Realtors uncovered that 92% of purchasers utilize the web to house chase. Ensure your open house dates are accessible through Zillow. With more than 130 million visits for each month, Zillow is an incredible spot to begin.2. Welcome neig...

By Gregory Johnson, Too Blessed To Be Stressed
Comments 4
I'm choosing to write a little about dual representation without consent. I think it is a gross case of conflict of interest to represent both the buyer and seller without notifying the other party. It's not as if the buyer and seller are "at war" but they are looking at their own best interest. ...

By Jim Waddell, We’re busy inspecting attics to basements, and etc
(A B Home Inspections, Inc.)
Comments 10
Home buying is a tedious process. And by process, it means that certain steps must be carefully followed. It includes engaging the services of an experienced realtor, listing down what you really want from a home and the neighborhood, looking at your finances and financial goals to see what price...

By Richard Robins
(Argie Real Estate )
Comments 6
Record keeping is an essential skill as a real estate agent. While it is time consuming and be tedious. It is however essential to being a real estate agent.Thourugh recrod keeping can prevent running into a lot of legal issues and can help you with your financial and market research.

By Kelli Shanks, We have the KEY to your DREAMS!
(Bend Dreams Realty)
Comments 9
This adorable cul-de-sac home is located in Wishing Well on the NE side of Bend. The home has a newer roof and was painted in 2015.  Features include wood flooring, storage shed, central air conditioning, forced air natural gas, stainless steel appliances and a refrigerator all on a nice sized lo...

By Pamela Murray, training to be realtor
Comments 4
There are a few ways to repay a loan.  The following are different loans repayment options: Term Loans, which require only the interest on the loan be paid back at specified intervals, with the balance of the loan due when the term ends.  The final payment consists of a balloon payment which will...

By Michael Mannino, Bringing family values to lending.
(Harbor View Funding)
Comments 5
Veterans Day might have come and gone, but we strive to recognize our Veterans (and their families) all year long. We have a variety of VA Loans outside of the standard VA purchase loan to help even more veteran buyers. VA Renovation Loan – A no money down option that allows eligible buyers to fi...

By Steve Koss, Residential Pre-Sale Home Inspections
(Sea Pearl Inspections, LLC)
Comments 9
In a nutshell, I love the sight, the smell, the sounds, and the feel of Real Estate. I realize that sounds a little odd, but it's true. I'm not only referring to my current career as a Realtor but all of my former Real Estate related careers. I was a Carpenter, then a Remodeling Contractor, then ...