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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By brandon pruim
Honest is a very important part of being an agent and it translates to almost all other duties that an agent has. When agents arent honest they cause problems for everyone.When they lie to their clients it can cause them to lose money and trust in other agents
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By Tony Langford, The compass for your journey to financial success!
(Polaris Accounting & Tax LLC)
IRS resolution cases are on the rise now that the IRS has resumed most compliance operations since being suspended (April 1st-July 15 2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the People First Initiative.The automated lien and levy programs have been idle since April 2020; however, with the improvements in economic activity and progress in controlling the pandemic, the IRS plans to return to its normal collection processes later this summer. For taxpayers who have had a change in circumstances, now would be an ideal time to consider a payment plan or an Offer-in-Compromise. Polaris Accounting & Tax can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. If you have a tax issue, or know someone who does, please contact my business at (865) 312-6238.How we can help: We can consult with you to assess your...
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By Shayla Johnson
Buying a home was a goal I always thought to be unachievable for me.  For one, no one in my family except, my grandparents, ever owned a home.  And no one really seemed to care about owning one.  My mom and dad would talk about us one day getting a home of our own but that never happened and they were fine with it.  I always wanted a room to myself that I could decorate as I pleased.  A space that I could personalize to fit my personality. But of course, when you're renting, its only so much you can do.  And we also moved around a lot too.  No, not from state to state but neighborhood to neighborhood. So with that being said, owning my own home, something to call mines was always a dream for me.  It was something that I knew I would one day achieve.  Its been a goal of mine since a teen...
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By Theresa Todd, EA, CTRC, Small Business Accounting, Tax and Tax resolution.
(Capital City Professional Services LLC)
Given that a major area of my practice is tax and tax resolution, IRS collection is something we deal with on a regular basis. You've probably heard by now that the IRS is stepping up collections and going after taxpayers who have unfiled tax returns and or have balances do. So today, I briefly wanted to explain to you the IRS collection process and how that works.So, you file your tax return and you have balance due. The tax is assessed by the IRS because you do not send in payment and you start to receive billing notices and demands for payment. A statutory lien arises which attaches to all of your assets that you currently own and/or later acquire. The billing notices continue to go unpaid and the tax balances are not resolved. So next, the IRS issues an intent to levy your assets an...
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By Jeffrey MacBain
(Procopio Real Estate)
It will be love at first sight with the awe-inspiring views alone at 8861 W Shellman. Boasting over 6 acres of land & 700 feet of lakefront property, you can have all the outdoor space you want, with the privacy you need. Through the front door, you’re met with a grandiose staircase & immediate view of the water. One step further & find yourself in a spacious open-concept first floor with floor-to-ceiling windows & fireplace with stonework that flows to cathedral ceilings. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, this one beats stronger than most with stainless appliances, a Bertazzoni range & Cambria quartz countertops sure to impress any chef. Direct access to the deck off the additional dining space allows for indoor & outdoor to be one. The first-floor master is truly a “suite” with...
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By cristina carroz
so, this is my first post, I don't know what to post about so... I'm learning and I'll make mistakes and then I'll fix them. Hope no one reads this 
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By David Orosz
     I lived in the above building for a year. When My lease ended. I was month to month. Landlord sent a notice that in 3 months the rent would increase 100$ in June. June first I pay 850 for my apartment. Landlord sends me a notice that he is not renewing my lease and I'm to move out in 60 days. I I leave in june he wont charge me Julys Rent. Says he is remodeling and all of june he was renoviationg the plance and I moved out in two days. This is the reason I'm going into realestate. I never want to have a slum lord again.  
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By Kate Utley
Misrepresentation in real estate can be difficult to pinpoint. When a real estate agent makes a property seem a certain way, or even blatantly states untrue facts, it can be easily disguised. In the article, "What Is Misrepresentation in a Real Estate Litigation Case?" Attorney Jaclyn Kallie tells a story of a case dealing with misrepresentation in which the agent lied to a client about the square-footage of the land that they bought. The original agreement was to pay per square-foot, and the client ended up paying a lot more than the property was worth. The client ended up sueing the defendants. This is just one example of the many different types of misrepresentation. It is very important for all agents to know that the information given to a client is correct, and it is important for...
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By Stephen Foster, Real Estate Consulting
(C3 Real Estate Solutions)
Looking to restructure current Mentor Program.  Would love to hear "Mentor Program" ideas from around the globe.  Ready, set, go.................
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By Jeff Shipwash, Home Buyer/House Flipper
(Shipwash Properties LLC)
When I first started my business just this year, I was obsessing for days over what my logo would look like. I wanted to stand out from the other real estate investment companies. I hired a freelancer to design my logo. She probably hated me due to the revision requests I sent over. After it was all said and done, I still wasn't happy. It certainly stood out from some of my competitors, but I was never 100% satisfied. I had this obsession that I wanted a brand that would immediately stand out above the rest. I overcomplicated this entire process. After spending hundreds of dollars on marketing materials with my newly designed logo, it hit me. No one gives a crap what your logo is!  A Change of DirectionLet’s face it, real estate is competitive. Whether you are an agent, broker, or an in...
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Mold remediation is a valuable addition to the professional services offered to date. By dealing with a wide range of cleaning services and helping people to restore their damaged property, mold remediation has become the newest available option to meet the needs of customers.Mold might be present in your business premises or home and affect your daily life even when no actual mold is visible. Discoloration, musty odor, water intrusion, and adverse human health effects are significant indicators that mold growth is present in your property.Mold experts use advanced professional tools, equipment, and techniques to address mold problems following the mold remediation protocol. Mold remediation chemicals are commonly used to kill mold spores in various facilities. Mold experts provide a fu...
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By Tyson Seable, Working on my license!
While working on my Utah Real Estate Sales Agent License on AgentProfesser, I have become aware of the 21 ways to lose your real estate agent license. One topic that really struck me in these studies was the importance of honesty. I believe honesty applies to almost every aspect of working in the field of real estate.For the past two years, I have worked as a used auto dealer alongside my high school and college studies. Cars are very complicated machines that can have many different problems, and with me selling over 130 cars in the past two years I have dealt with a variety of unique issues. I have personally been cheated by mechanics, auction inspectors, other dealers, and everyday people. Individuals often hide major issues on inspections or downplay problems, which has taught me so...
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By Margie Wright, Helping your dreams become a reality is my passion
(Hurst Real Estate & Auction FL#5744)
Welcome to August! Summer is winding down, and school is starting back up. For some, keeping the house clean with kids back in school can be harder than normal. Who wants to help clean up the house after spending hours at a desk all day? It can be rough to get the motivation going to clean up, and it can be harder on parents to try and tackle it all themselves. Cleaning rarely is a fun activity, but it's not impossible to make it fun - for you and the kids both. With these few easy tips, you'll find that keeping your home clean can be easier! Even if you don't have children, these tips are still very useful. In the long run, these tips will help you spend less time cleaning up and give you more free time to spend as you please.Let's break these tips up by room. KitchenThe kitchen can qu...
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By Jaime Becerra, Houston Premium Homes Realty Group
(Houston Premium Homes Realty Group)
If you are looking to purchase or sell your home in Kingwood, Texas please contact me at 832-479-1630.  I am a designated Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS), Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) and an HAR Platinum Agent with 15+ years of sales and marketing experience (with an MBA).Kingwood is a 14,000 acre master-planned community located in northeast Houston, Texas, United States. The majority of the community is located in Harris County with a small portion in Montgomery County. Known as the Livable Forest, it is the largest master-planned community in Harris County and second-largest within the 10-county Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. It is on the east fork of the San Jacinto River.Ready to Sell your home or thinki...
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By allison umberson, 20+ Years Staging Homes in Russell County AL
Allison Umberson Home Staging and Interiors 
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Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In MexicoLet’s talk about how investing in Mexico Real Estate is a great option to take into account, especially the Riviera Maya and Yucatan, which have positioned themselves as two of the areas where foreign investment and especially real estate investment is booming. An excellent commercial relationship with a long list of countries and a privileged geographical location, makes the option of investing in Mexico increasingly greater, especially in real estate. Undoubtedly, Mexico has great wealth that makes tourism one of the country’s main economic engines, and all businesses that directly or indirectly are related to it. Mexico offers culture, traditions, gastronomy, impressive beaches, and treatment to the tourist, which you find in few places in th...
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By Robert Wallace, I help Land Owners who need to sell land quickly!
(Vacant Land Solutions)
Land Buyer-Ready to Purchase Today!I have been ready to buy for several weeks, with no luck. I understand that demand is high and inventory is low. Here is what I am searching for….Minimum of 2 acres but up to 20 acres acceptable.Acreage can have mix of pasture, timber, row crop, but must have at least 2 acres of tillable soil for a small garden operation.Within 60 minutes of Charleston in any direction.Can have an existing older house although not a requirement.Sheds/Outbuildings are an added bonus.Ponds/Creek would be another bonus, but no floodplains.Utilities on site or reasonably close/available.If you have a property that checks a few of these boxes please reach out to me!I appreciate you,Robert Wallace843-564-8438 
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By Dawn Pfaff, President of the Nationwide MLS
(MY State MLS)
In 2006, I bought a “Manufactured Housing Community” in rural upstate New York, just south of Albany. I started building new, beautiful manufactured homes in the park that looked like modular or even site-built homes, as well as attached garages. I wanted to list these homes in my local Multiple Listing Service, but manufactured homes on a land lease were not allowed. Manufactured homes built after 1976 are built to HUD code, meaning manufactured housing is a home, built to federal building standards, for which owners can receive a mortgage. But MLSs still don’t see them as “real” property. In short, they look down on “trailer parks” and mobile home living, and they don’t want those listings on the MLS. A long list of frustrations drove me to create NY State MLS in 2009, but this was ne...
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By Sebastian Mosquera, One-Stop Shop for all Real Estate
(The Code Solution)
Most people fail to realize the home inspections are not just for potential homebuyers. Sellers can also benefit from a pre-listing inspection before you put your home on the market. Although a seller's inspection is by no means required to sell a home, a recent report by the Zillow Group found that roughly 25% of all sellers elect to have their home inspected prior to contacting a realtor. Not only are pre-listing inspections relatively affordable, but they can also save you a lot of time and headache in not only prepping your home for sale but also once your home is listed. It's also important to note that agents representing buyers are also generally required to complete a walkthrough of your property to help identify potential issues for their clients. Wouldn't you rather have your...
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