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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Christine Farnsworth, Just a TN/KY Home Inspector and Chimney Sweep
(White Oaks Home Inspection)
Nothing makes me smile as much as helping a First Time Home Buyer.  Years ago they were nervous, but so excited even if it wasn’t “perfect”.In today’s world, these first time home owners aren’t happy.  They want perfect, no matter what.  It makes it hard to help them.  They can freak out, back out of their deal for no reason other than they do not like the color of paint.  Being a home inspector, I have been blamed for more than enough clients walking away from a house because the client couldn’t afford “perfect”, or could not see the possibility of the house down the road.So, I changed how I inspect.  I take the clients with me, and agents if they would likke to come along and learn.  I hold their hand, especially if they are nervous, jumpy, or just not sure.  I explain things as I go,...
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By Angel Przybylski, Your Home Matters To Us
(Bakersfield Realtor)
So you’re thinking about making a move to Bakersfield, California. Well, you’re in luck. As an agent with Bakersfield Real Estate Group and AgentCor Realty, I have great insight into what to expect when moving to Bakersfield, California. 5 Unique Things to Know Before You Move to BakersfieldUnique Bakersfield Tip #1: The Zip Code Can Tell You about TownBakersfield has 933 as the base of its zip code. So anything after 933 tells you what part of town someone is talking about or where they live. And Bakersfield citizens actually use these codes to tell you where they live. Starting at 93301, we go all the way to -09, skip -10, and then continue up to 14. So if someone asks your zip code (which is plausible here), you can just tell them the end of your zip code and that will tell them wher...
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By JAMES NGUYEN, Condos For Sale In Irvine Ca
(JAMES NGUYEN HOMES) is the best place to buy & sell a house from real estate in Irvine. Our aim is to find out a house according to your need and show the right properties to buy right one. Get more details, visit our website.Best Irvine Real Estate Agent
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By Chris Neidig, Home safe home!
(Dig's Home Inspections, LLC)
Some home buyers elect to not have a home inspection completed before they buy the home only to find out they have to make some expensive repairs.  Home inspectors are affordable.  Don't make the mistake of not hiring an inspector before you buy your home. I have over 30years in the home design business.  I have an associates in architecture, a bachelor's in engineering and my professional engineer's license in Pennsylvania.  I am an InterNACHI certified inspector.  Proudly serving northcentral Pennsylvania.Visit my website and schedule an appointment now.
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By McKenzie Smartt
As a Real Estate Agent, there are various ways to lose your license. Of the 21 ways to lose your license, most of them stem from just one principle. Dishonesty. While dishonestly can be something big, most of the time it starts with little things. Whether you are dishonest about an aspect of a home, criminal history, disclosing an unnamed principal, lying to clients, making false advertising claims, using clients money for personal expenses, etc, all of these stem from being dishonest. Honesty can go a long way and can contribute to the success of your career. By establishing honest practices in the workplace, we can protect our clients, our brokerage, and ourselves. 
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By Cari Edwards, Mobile Notary + Certified Loan Signing Specialist
(People Are My Priority! 619-634-5011)
Ever since I can remember, I have loved venturing out on my own, breaking free from the stifling demands of the conventional.  This translated over the years from teaching English in Thailand to smuggling Bibles to Laos, Cuba, Vietnam, and China. Eventually, I came to the realization that I really, really wanted to break free from my 9-5 job.  Don’t get me wrong, the San Diego Public Library system is a great place to work and the benefits and paid vacation is a plus, however, after nearly fifteen years, my soul was slowly withering.  I plotted my escape.   My first attempt was to try my hand at blogging and affiliate marketing.  I had a passion for achieving health and vitality through non western methods and had witnessed my mom's miraculous recovery through using such means.  She sur...
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Preparing To Qualify For Mortgage: TipsAs you could imagine, there is a common theme amongst potential borrowers when it comes to buying a home and it is how they can go about Preparing To Qualify For Mortgage. This isn’t just something most people can just walk into and just get the best rate or the exact loan they want. Potential borrowers are going to have to have patience as this process takes time. Typically, if a borrower has documented income they will be able to qualify for a mortgage. Having documented income is key so that you can go through the pre-approval process to see if your finances can handle a loan at all. A common misconception is that if you have bad or damaged credit with derogatory items in your history you will not be able to obtain a home mortgage, well this is ...
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By Jesse Corvin
(Abbitt Realty Company LLC)
I'll just jump straight into it, because why not! I am Jesse, and I'm a local Williamsburg REALTOR® which I am sure most of you know already after viewing this website!   The vision for creating The Jesse Journal has long been in my mind, as I love writing and creating in general, and also have a thing for telling stories (or at least trying to). In fact, I am currently in a "Storyteller's Journey" class at William & Mary - that's right, I do school and real estate.   Not only will I be doing blog posts, such as this one you are reading, but I will also be doing newsletters in the form of postcards & videos - I just want to throw those addition intentions and types of "T.J.J." out there in case anyone: A) receives a piece of The Jesse Journal mail in their mailbox and is concerned ther...
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I was approached by my friend to stage her first buy to let property using my old furniture (I had them in storage) because she felt I have "the eye" for decorating.That got me very excited, I have never done this before and I never refused a challenge, so I thought - why not?I arranged a meeting with her and the current tenant to get their point of view on what they will like to see in their new home.After going through my storage unit I ended up having one couch, three armchairs, three tables and lots of other stuff that I think will look good in a rental.I went through the different rooms and tried to make them as inviting as possible, also, I phoned a friend who works for a furniture company to help me out with some cheap items that I could bring from her warehouse.  In the end, all...
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By Jeremy Jareckyj, Short Term Rental Agent and Manager
(Airdream Utah)
I’ve heard cases when a client provided a cheque for down payment, the sales associates deposited the money in their personal bank account and used it for their own spending. When they got caught, a typical excuse was that they were merely borrowing the money temporarily, and were planning to return it afterward. However, regardless of the intention, such practice is unacceptable.  Furthermore, mishandling can also be a result of poor money management or bookkeeping. This problem is more commonly seen in property management. (In case you don’t know, some states do require their property manager to hold a real estate license.) Most scenarios are due to negligence rather than theft. For example, a property manager forgot to deposit rents into the bank account or did not generate a stateme...
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By Compare Closing LLC, Let the lenders compete for your business!
(Compare Closing LLC)
 About Loan Origination FeesWhen you are looking to buy a new home or refinancing the current mortgage, it comes at a cost. Multiple charges are included in a property purchase or a refinance transaction. Most of the fees are standard. However, there are a few which could affect the cost of borrowing. One of them is loan origination fees. In this post, we will learn what is an origination fee in detail.What is the Loan Origination Process?Property purchase or refinance is funded with a mix of debt and equity. To secure debt funding, borrowers go through a multi-step process called loan origination. This process begins with the borrower submitting financial information to the bank or the lender for a purchase or refinance of the property and getting the loan.What is a Loan Origination Fe...
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A number of mortgage companies are now able to impose various default and late payment overlays on your credit scores.Lenders must provide mortgage requirements that are above and beyond the federal HUD minimum lending guidelines. It is not illegal or discriminatory for a bank or mortgage company to refuse to follow the minimum FHA lending guidelines. Lenders need more standards to be required. Borrowers who meet FHA Guidelines but are told they do not qualify with the bank or mortgage company. The FHA guidelines on under 620 credit scores and debt to income ratio requirementsFHA guidelines have set a lower debt to income ratio cap for borrowers with credit scores under 620. If your credit scores are at least 620 and higher, the maximum debt to income ratios allowed on FHA Loans is 46.9...
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By Paul Martin, bettercallpaul
(Blue Skies Realty),%20OR%7CRedmond,%20OR&multi_cat=CityState%7CCityState&status=1%7C3&q_sort=createdAt-&q_offset=0&ssa=1
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By Byron Henry - eXp Realty, Realtor
(eXp Realty - Calgary)
Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Hi-Rise Condo in Downtown CalgaryAccording to Calgary Economic Development's  Calgary Head Offices - Fact Sheet 2021, Calgary contains the highest concentration of head offices in Canada with 71% of them being oil and gas companies.Boom and Bust Leads to Head Office ReductionThe Calgary economy has been tightly tied to the oil and gas industry. When oil prices are high, the city and province reap the rewards. When prices are low, it is just the opposite. It has been a constant cycle of boom and bust.The last seven years however have seen an unprecedented exodus of head offices from the downtown core. This started with the sudden reduction in WTI crude prices from $93.17(USD) in 2014 to $48.66(USD) in 2015. This caused many oil and gas companies to re-eva...
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By Torri Brown
How and Why to Use Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards Agents are constantly bombarded with new ways of reaching potential clients, and most of these marketing gimmicks are just that: gimmicks. Why do the latest fads always get the most attention? The truth is pretty simple. You can’t trick someone into working with you, and there are no shortcuts to getting consistent results. Proven marketing tactics, like farming postcards for realtors, still work incredibly well. When consistently used with other reliable farming techniques, direct mail can be one of the best ways to keep your brand, messaging, and contact information directly in front of qualified prospects. Here are a few stats about real estate direct mail postcards that you might find surprising:  Response rates for real estate ca...
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Whether it is the cute 2BHK or the seemingly spacious 3BHK flats in electronic city, the decision is never going to be easy as a lot of questions need to be answered first before you zero on your choice. This is a question that plagues every new homebuyer. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question as it depends on several factors. A lot depends on your objectives and present as well as future requirements. But, worry not for we here are there to help you clear your confusion and assist you in making an informed choice.Primary ObjectiveFirstly, get a clear idea of the purpose behind buying the flat. Is it for residing in it yourself or purely for a rental purpose? Or are you looking to residing in it for now and thinking of reselling it later? Too confusing right! Let’s...
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By Deb Smith, Transactions To Order: Sell and Buy Your Way
(Desert Pride Real Estate Brokerage , LLC)
 For most people, retirement feels like a long way off. But, if you don’t start preparing as early as possible, you may find yourself in a place of financial insecurity when the time does come. To avoid this, consider implementing the following tips. Calculate your target savings. In general, it’s recommended that you save between 10 to 15 percent of your income for retirement. However, you can always use an online savings calculator to determine the amount you need to save for your specific needs and goals. Contribute to your employer’s retirement savings plan. Does your job offer a 401(k), traditional IRA, or Roth IRA? Sign up and start saving as soon as they allow you to. It’s recommended to set up automatic paycheck deductions and, once the money is in your retirement fund, don’t to...
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By Chelani Espinoza
Now a days honesty is the key to everything. Dishonesty in the real estate community is very dangerous and will always turn around and hurt you. That may sound harsh at first, but if you practice honesty and integrity you will have more success with clients. If you plan on being in this industry you repuatiuon spreads very quickly. The best thing you can do for yourself and your buisness is to show your honesty, hardwork, and passion towrds real esate. I work in property management... I am working on my license right now, and going over this in school reminds me of when im in the office and everyone I am surronded by has a great reputition and are always honest. I have seen people lose their license for lying about things that are very important. Honesty is just a great trait to have in...
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It seems straight forward to provide copies of documents to your clients, but with a millions other tasks in your daily que it makes sense you may forget, or something else comes up. However, a friendly reminder this transaction may be the most important (and largest) transaction of your client's life and it is critical you don't drop the ball on such a simple assignment. So below are some ideas on how to get things done once and done right. Tip 1:  Establish your clients preferred method of sharing. Luckily we live in a digital age and PDFs are an acceptable form of sharing. So as soon as you get the document create the PDF copy and share. Also ensure the digital method of sharing is a secure one. If they want it as a hard copy, create the copy and stick it in envelop, folder, whatever...
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By Aaron Arrington, Dream it---Do it!!!
(UPT Real Estate)
It's been a while since I've written a blog post.  I think Facebook killed the blog for many of us.  FB made it so easy to quickly post a thought with a few photos or words which took the fun and enjoyment and thought process of writing a blog and putting in some deeper thoughts and meaning.  I'm back and ready to give it another try.  I think there are 2 kinds of people out there when it comes to social media and sharing thoughts; those that create content and those that only share other peoples content.  I feel like a person who has SO MANY thoughts day and night, I need to write them down and share with others.  Maybe it'll help you to read them and maybe it'll help me to write them!I'll keep this first post short as I ease back into it, but I have so many thoughts, words, phrases sa...
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