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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Sheila Raper, Copywriter | Content Marketer | Ghostwriter
Comments 6
It’s that rite of passage that you either love or you hate: spring cleaning. You preach it to your customers for their homes because it’s a given that a clean home will produce better curb appeal.But, have you ever thought about utilizing those same principles for yourself and practicing what you...

By Bhupati Barman, Digital Marketing Expert.
(Property Investment)
Comments 11
These simple tips for home improvements will be a great help for you. Home improvement projects are commonly considered with large companies that require a large amount of time, money and resources.This does not always have to be the case. Sometimes, all that is required are just a few small chan...

By Naomi Prusinski, Real Estate Agent serving Space Coast
(Waves Realty)
Comments 10
Recently I was an out of state buyer, looking for a home for my family in an area that I had little familiarity with.  It was so valuable to us to be able to find the right Realtor to help us find our home.  We moved across country from WI to FL and had used the same Realtor in WI several times a...

By Hans Hagmeier, Real Estate Broker Keller Williams North Seattle
(Keller Williams)
Comments 6
One challenge first-time home buyers face is saving enough for a down payment. Often, young home buyers are saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student-debt and are just beginning to get their careers off the ground.  This makes it difficult to save enough for the traditional 20% down pa...

By Alex Wittman, Expat Specialist & Travel Content Creator
(Backpacking Brunette)
Comments 14
While I may be new to Active Rain, I've been interested in the real estate industry for quite some time. Years ago, HGTV shows like "House Hunters" and "House Hunters International" first sparked my interest, but it's the evolution of my understanding of what "home" is that's maintained my ongoin...

By Brandon Miller, Observer looking to start in Washington County
Comments 6
When you are dishonest it creates an atmosphere that adds on to the dark world we have today. The best thing to do is to alwasy be honest when you are conducting yourself in a proffesional manner
Individual real estate brokers and agents should practice the utmost professionalism in all aspects of their duties in order to help maintain the reputation of all real estate industry professionals.  Just one agent or broker acting in a manner unbecoming of a real estate professional can cast a ...

By Jose Arias, Home Inspection Company Serving South Florida
(Primax Property Inspections, LLC)
Comments 4
Energy-efficient homes require less energy to perform household functions than homes that are less energy-efficient. There are many adjustments that homeowners can make to reduce the amount of energy required by their homes. Interesting facts about energy consumption in the United States and Cana...

By Brooke Rosen, Realtor®, Orange County Luxury Real Estate
(Realty One Group West - Irvine)
Comments 0
 The Finest Newly Built Homes in Orange County, CaliforniaYou can find your Dream Home, your Forever Home, or your exceptional Investment Home in one of the extraordinary newly built home communities in Orange County, CA. I just love viewing and keeping up to date with the finest newly built home...

By Micheal John
(Micheal John)
Comments 5
Finding a house in any country requires too many efforts. Sometimes it is hard to find a house that would fulfill all your expectations. It may help you get the house in place of your choice, but is expensive, or you may find low-priced houses but not a suitable place to live in. Either you end-u...

By Scott Kane, Media Buyer serving online publishers nationwide
Comments 5
 If the results of the last general election in the Republic of Ireland tell us anything, it’s the fact that the people are tired and angry over the country’s lack of affordable housing, growing homelessness, skyrocketing rents and having the second most expensive house prices in the world.These ...

By Jeremy Eisenstat, Currently working towards obtaining my license
Comments 7
Something I've learned in my (non real estate) professional career is responding to people quickly. Everyone is busy and most communication these days is done via email/text/chat. So many times in my career, I've needed someting quick from a colleague and I have to ask nicely multiple times to ge...

By Alison Segrest, Real estate agent with drive & determination!
(Plum Tree Realty)
Comments 11
What used to be "standard practice" of having your photo on your business card, seems to now be obsolete. Do you opt to have your picture on your business card? Why or why not? I've had agents use both; with a photo to give to people they meet and one withOUT a photo to leave at showings. 

By Sarah Vance, CA Leading Virtual Brokerage - Marketing Director
(REeBroker Group)
Comments 11
Announcing our Top Producing Agents of 2019!  Congratulations to all!

By John Wieland, Golf & Lifestyle Real Estate Specialist
(Exp Realty)
Comments 8
Florida real estate prices are attracting a huge amount of real estate buyers compared to other states. An essay in Business Insider showed the average home price in all 51 states. The least expensive homes, on average, are in West Virginia coming in at $108,000. And the most expensive homes are ...

By Spencer Butler, Come for the Data, Stay for the Real Estate!
(Keller Williams Integrity Realty)
Comments 15
Greetings and salutations,My name is Spencer Butler, and this is my story (so far).If you ask me (and if you're reading this, you did), I've lived several lives -- with several careers. I seem to reinvent myself every 5 years or so. I started working when I was very young, 12 to be exact. I got a...

By Scott Talkov, Real Estate Attorney and Broker in Riverside
(Talkov Law)
Comments 6
Beginning February 19, 2020, the Bankruptcy Code has special provisions for a Chapter 11 proceeding filed by a “small business debtor” as a result of the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (SBRA). A small business debtor is defined as a person or entity who: (1) is engaged in business or o...

By Connie Ly, #1 Real Estate IDX Websites, CRM, Dialer & Text
(Ascend Lead Sites)
Comments 6
Choosing the Most Effective CRM for Real Estate Professionals If you’re in real estate you know how important every contact, lead, client and relationship is to your success and the only way to keep track of them all is with a very effective real estate CRM. This in depth article will explain wha...

By Steve Keighery
(Home Buyer Louisiana)
Comments 8
We bought this 160 year uptown property in New Orleans. The way we bought this isn’t typical and it has a very personal backstory. The house is in great condition, the owners did a gut renovation about 5 years ago. They had been AirBnBing and renting it out as they lived in Chicago. The burden of...

By Greg and Cynthia Brock, 30 Years in the Real Estate Industry
(Remax Tropical Sands)
Comments 8
Selling real estate in the Southwest Florida area including Sarasota, Bradenton & Venice. We have over 29 years of real estate experience and work hard to help you in your real estate transaction.