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Sometimes, it can be scary to write your first blog post! Luckily, the supportive community of ActiveRain is just the place to start.

On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Arsal Jawwad
Comments 3
The question of content quality has been around for way too long. What is it that makes a reader fall in love with the piece of content? The answer remains unavailable. However, that is the beauty of it. There is no one answer. In order to truly understand this question and to find answers that c...

By Vishal Ingole, Authentic reviews of sleep products and sleep tech
(Sleep Sherpa)
Comments 5
Not many would consider it, but the color of the bedroom has a significant impact on sleep quality. If you’re someone with no sleep disorder, any color that you love will work in a bedroom. But if you constantly find it hard to fall or stay asleep, then changing your bedroom color could help you...

By Elaine Aday, Student
(none yet)
Comments 3
Hello, just wanted to get some advise in dishonesty in real estate transactions.If a collegue is knowing being dishonest, what is the best avenue for action in reporting the offense?Would you communicate directly with the individual?Communicate with the broker?Do you go above both and go directly...

By Peter John, We are the best give you buy Instagram followers
Comments 3
Instagram will be a viable site that will be long before the type and program inside. This long-term social association site demonstrated the reality between all genuine titles, and apart from organizations of standard subjects as well as privately for specific things, it is set out extraordinari...

By Chris Carpenter, Tracer Window & Door, LLC
(Tracer Window & Door, LLC)
Comments 3
Tracer Window & Door is a local, veteran-owned and family-operated window and door replacement and installation company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team of Phoenix window install experts will expertly guide you through your custom window and door...

By Lynn Moreno, Real estate agent serving Clallam & Kitsap County
(Olympic Real Estate Group)
Comments 7
I joined ActiveRain for the opportunity to learn and share with other agents and affiliates.  I got into real estate 15 years ago after experiencing a home construction nightmare.  The contractor was referred to us by our real estate agent who was the owner of a well know brokerage in the area.  ...

By John Son, Buy Instagram Followers Australia real users
Comments 8
Starting a new business? Want to increase your brand name and number of followers? You have come to the right place. Before starting officially, you need to understand how Instagram works. Instagram started like any other social media site, where you can edit and upload photos. NetsBar is the bes...

By Shyze Malik
Comments 4
Investors are looking for unique and authentic offices in older buildings with architectural character, some of the city's biggest developers said today. And that presents challenges when tenants also seek state-of-the-art tech and amenities that also must be incorporated into the aging structure...

By Amilaa Anderson
(Merry Christmas)
Comments 0
Each year, as the weather is cold, and December's approach, Christmas celebrations are decorated with many American Christmas trees. But why do we decorate this (often artificial) fur on the earth?It has come to know that Christmas tree goes back as a holiday organization, which goes back even mo...

By James Bangde
Comments 5
In recent years, shared bikes have experienced a lot of attention from the beginning, to the recent madness, and now to the quiet ebb, almost quickly completed its life.However, the shared scooters turned out to lead the sharing boom again, but will the shared scooters be a replica of shared bike...

By brian clyne
Comments 5
How crazy was the story about the guy that listed a house for a principal at $100k over market value so that it wouldn't get shown very often and would stay on the market for longer than it needed to be. He convinced the sellers to go ahead and buy a new house while he worked on selling theirs an...

By Pak University
(Pak University)
Comments 2
Pak University aims to provide quality education in Pakistan, Pak University was established on March 2001, get enrolled in Pak University for quality study. 

By Jeremy Frank, Real estate agent gladly to serve Utah
Comments 4
Hello, Community what's are some top communication skills, you would recommend working on to be a better agent?

By Anavi Sharma, Packers And Movers Bangalore
(Packers and Movers Bangalore)
Comments 2
Packers and Movers Bangalore proposes you some of the tips to plan a #Movingaway party before relocating from #Bangalore to another city with us.List WHEN, WHERE and WHO?Throwing a party is all about planning and coordination- though the complications and responsibility gets double when you need ...

By Jessica Walker
Comments 0
Beginning a private blog is difficult for one reason, you need to commit to it. Whether it's a site about Netflix television shows or a blog about collars for pets, it is all fun and games during the honeymoon period, but when you're over the'excitement hump', do you have what it takes to see it ...
1. Inventory regularly With this inventory method, you have to inventory inventory daily, weekly, monthly continuously. The companies that apply are usually businesses that need to store special items of special value, dangerous chemicals, radioactive substances, high value items.  read more abo...

By Atif Malik, Whether you are considering becoming a sole trader
(The Accountancy Solutions)
Comments 3
If you have been into business for a long time, you'll understand that there are so many numbers and figures that you have to deal with just to recognize the actual repute of your commercial enterprise. And in case you aren't correct with numbers or do no longer have any historical past in accoun...
Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Europe is further categorized into diverse parts; one of which is vps providers. Lower levels of administration restraint, encourage taxation policy, instruction and intrusion in business firm activities, accessibility of particular confidentiality and confidentiali...

By Mark Williamson,
Comments 2
There are lots of, perhaps even hundreds of several types of chairs. Every having their very own type and goal. A lot of the frequent varieties you see at present are the fashionable kind, equivalent to the duty, supervisor's and government chair...

By Bori Ly, New Student
(Agent Professor )
Comments 8
Hello Professionals-I'm creating my first blog for pre-licensing and I chose to go with "False Advertising". I want to get some personal stories of when you encoutered "False Advertising" in real estate. Any feedback or stories is greatly appreciated.