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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Margie Wright, Helping your dreams become a reality is my passion
(Hurst Real Estate & Auction FL#5744)
Welcome to August! Summer is winding down, and school is starting back up. For some, keeping the house clean with kids back in school can be harder than normal. Who wants to help clean up the house after spending hours at a desk all day? It can be rough to get the motivation going to clean up, and it can be harder on parents to try and tackle it all themselves. Cleaning rarely is a fun activity, but it's not impossible to make it fun - for you and the kids both. With these few easy tips, you'll find that keeping your home clean can be easier! Even if you don't have children, these tips are still very useful. In the long run, these tips will help you spend less time cleaning up and give you more free time to spend as you please.Let's break these tips up by room. KitchenThe kitchen can qu...
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By Jaime Becerra, Houston Premium Homes Realty Group
(Houston Premium Homes Realty Group)
If you are looking to purchase or sell your home in Kingwood, Texas please contact me at 832-479-1630.  I am a designated Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS), Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) and an HAR Platinum Agent with 15+ years of sales and marketing experience (with an MBA).Kingwood is a 14,000 acre master-planned community located in northeast Houston, Texas, United States. The majority of the community is located in Harris County with a small portion in Montgomery County. Known as the Livable Forest, it is the largest master-planned community in Harris County and second-largest within the 10-county Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. It is on the east fork of the San Jacinto River.Ready to Sell your home or thinki...
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By allison umberson, 20+ Years Staging Homes in Russell County AL
Allison Umberson Home Staging and Interiors 
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Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In MexicoLet’s talk about how investing in Mexico Real Estate is a great option to take into account, especially the Riviera Maya and Yucatan, which have positioned themselves as two of the areas where foreign investment and especially real estate investment is booming. An excellent commercial relationship with a long list of countries and a privileged geographical location, makes the option of investing in Mexico increasingly greater, especially in real estate. Undoubtedly, Mexico has great wealth that makes tourism one of the country’s main economic engines, and all businesses that directly or indirectly are related to it. Mexico offers culture, traditions, gastronomy, impressive beaches, and treatment to the tourist, which you find in few places in th...
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By Robert Wallace, I help Land Owners who need to sell land quickly!
(Vacant Land Solutions)
Land Buyer-Ready to Purchase Today!I have been ready to buy for several weeks, with no luck. I understand that demand is high and inventory is low. Here is what I am searching for….Minimum of 2 acres but up to 20 acres acceptable.Acreage can have mix of pasture, timber, row crop, but must have at least 2 acres of tillable soil for a small garden operation.Within 60 minutes of Charleston in any direction.Can have an existing older house although not a requirement.Sheds/Outbuildings are an added bonus.Ponds/Creek would be another bonus, but no floodplains.Utilities on site or reasonably close/available.If you have a property that checks a few of these boxes please reach out to me!I appreciate you,Robert Wallace843-564-8438 
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By Dawn Pfaff, President of the Nationwide MLS
(MY State MLS)
In 2006, I bought a “Manufactured Housing Community” in rural upstate New York, just south of Albany. I started building new, beautiful manufactured homes in the park that looked like modular or even site-built homes, as well as attached garages. I wanted to list these homes in my local Multiple Listing Service, but manufactured homes on a land lease were not allowed. Manufactured homes built after 1976 are built to HUD code, meaning manufactured housing is a home, built to federal building standards, for which owners can receive a mortgage. But MLSs still don’t see them as “real” property. In short, they look down on “trailer parks” and mobile home living, and they don’t want those listings on the MLS. A long list of frustrations drove me to create NY State MLS in 2009, but this was ne...
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By Sebastian Mosquera, One-Stop Shop for all Real Estate
(The Code Solution)
Most people fail to realize the home inspections are not just for potential homebuyers. Sellers can also benefit from a pre-listing inspection before you put your home on the market. Although a seller's inspection is by no means required to sell a home, a recent report by the Zillow Group found that roughly 25% of all sellers elect to have their home inspected prior to contacting a realtor. Not only are pre-listing inspections relatively affordable, but they can also save you a lot of time and headache in not only prepping your home for sale but also once your home is listed. It's also important to note that agents representing buyers are also generally required to complete a walkthrough of your property to help identify potential issues for their clients. Wouldn't you rather have your...
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By Nelson Goodreau, Your Denver Foothills Expert!
(Keller Williams Foothills Realty, LLC)
10978 Schweigert Avenue Conifer CO 80433   Your mountain retreat awaits! Close-in dry cabin on 1+ acre heavily treed lot. Make no mistake, this is rustic! Cabin has electricity and there is a functional well on the property however, there is no inside plumbing. There is a composting toilet inside and a functional outhouse in the back. The cabin has a loft bedroom and rear deck that overlooks abundant aspen and pine and there is a large storage shed on the property. It sits away from a lightly traveled dirt road, the nights are super quiet and the sky is so black, the Milky Way is easily visible. Close to State Park, hiking trails, South Platt River and zip lining. Deer and elk are regular visitors. PROPERTY DETAILS   MLS ID 6834529   $199,000   Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 0 Acres: 1.11   Sq...
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By Jessica Weaver
Walt Disney is, perhaps, the most famous real life example of an undisclosed principal in real estate and reveals exactly why someone may choose to be undisclosed in a real estate transaction.Walt Disney needed a large plot of land to put his new amusement park. He narrowed it down to the perfect spot in Orlando. The first obstacle was that he needed many different plots of land owned by different people. Walt knew that if he made his plans to place his new park there, the price of the land would go up like crazy. People were curious who could be buying so much land and what for.In order to keep such a large secret, Disney made several fake companies to buy up different plots of land. He used Florida based real estate agents and had them work through his lawyer in New York City. He made...
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By Richard Ugbah, Richard Ugbah: Atlanta GA. based real estate agent
In a seller’s market, the sellers are likely to make good, steady profits. There are more buyers contacting them than they’re used to. However, this is bad for buyers because they have more competitors to deal with, and the sales prices will increase. There are obvious signs for real estate buyers and sellers to look out for in a seller’s market.   Human Migrations There are certain points in time when large influxes of people move from one location to another. A modern example is the large migration of Central Americans into North America, particularly to the U.S. When there are massive waves of migration into specific cities and towns, most people would assume that many of these migrants will become homeowners. They may plan to purchase the home upfront, make an inspection or they pl...
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By Shayna Davidov Hanson, Longtime, Trustworthy, Miami Real Estate.
Una Residences is truly a collaboration by the best of the best as its design architecture and interior design will be spearheaded by the award-winning Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, famous for designing the world’s tallest structure the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, as well as the building projected to surpass it, the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. The executive architect of Una will be Revuelta Architectural International with lush landscaping by well-known Swiss landscape architect, Enzo Enea.Una Residences will be located at 175 SE 25th Road and will be the 1st new construction condo project in South Brickell since 2004. Una is estimated for completion in the summer of 2022. Call for more info 786-288-6161
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By Kokou Michael Logossou
(Tax Resolution Society LLC)
Kokou started managing a tax franchise since 2013 and is a Founder of Tax Resolution Society LLC, a tax firm in Pennsylvania. The mission of Tax Resolution Society LLC is to help individuals, businesses and particularly Real Estate Professionals to resolve their tax issues with the government. Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants everyone to pay his /her tax on time. That being said, IRS also understands that the life circumstances could cause some taxpayers to be in tax difficulties with the government. For that reason, IRS designs rules for trouble taxpayers to resolve their tax issues. Tax Resolution Society LLC is very effective in representing taxpayers to IRS to help them resolve their tax situations. So, why did Kokou Michael Logossou join ActiveRain?The answer is sim...
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By Joshua Luttmer
Radon is a radioactive gas that is tasteless, odorless, colorless and is most likely in your home.  Whether the levels are harmful is another thing.  Depending where you live, Radon may be very prevalant or nearly non-existant.  Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States with approximately 20,000 per year.  The only way to know if your exposure levels at home are dangerous is to get a Radon test.  To learn more about Radon gas check out our blog or to schedule a Radon test in Northern Colorado give us a call or schedule online on our website.
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By Andrew Clough, Providing Opportunity
Buyer Referral, Single Family | Hampton, GA$150 - $175K looking for a Single Family home in Hampton, GA. If you or someone you know works in this territory please click on the link above to claim the referral.
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By Mario Sclafani, Real Estate Done Right!
(RE/MAX Classic Realty)
For the first half of 2021 Buyer demand had been unprecedented. It seemed that almost no matter the price or condition of a home on the market it SOLD! Home sale prices soared from 2019 to today. On average there has been a 20% increase.  Homes received multiple offers in days, causing buyers in many cases to bid over asking price. June has shown a decline in buyer showings from the previous months. Buyer demand is still strong compared to the same time last year. However, there are changes. Some agents are now going back to traditional marketing to get homes sold. They are doing Public Open Houses and, in some cases, doing price adjustments to attract buyers.Homes that are priced correctly, staged, and updated sell more quickly in this market. Homes in the price range from $250, 000 to...
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By Adam Miller
(Maui Real Estate, Nine Times Network)
From the glitzy, cabana-lined shores to the quiet, hidden coves of Hana—against the backdrop of rocky cliffs and rainforest. Concealing some gems for swimming and snorkeling—Maui, the beach country, has something for every kind of beach-lover. Snorkeling is best described as tranquil rejuvenation. Add in dolphin watching and get the most benefit from your tour. Take a time of the numerous Marine Parks and witness a staggering abundance of fish and dolphins. Let these rainbow-hued, whimsically wild creatures, make for your loss of fun because of the virus. Witness new reef sites, beds of seagrass, and the marine ecosystem. The water galaxy will give you the impression of an underwater rainbow! Book your one-way ticket to heaven on earth in Maui, Hawaii! Extract all that it has to offer w...
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There are 21 ways to lose your real estate license well I’m sure more but categorized into 21 ways. I wanted to speak on one specific one today and that is money problems or commingling. This can go as such as an agent receiving money from a principal/clientele for a downpayment, rents, whatever the reason may be and not actually using the money for the purpose of it. For example, an agent gets money for rent and that agent goes and buys a new bed and says they will just return the money. This is so wrong that money is not theirs to spend it was there for them to grab it and take it to the right destination. I mean I understand if something happens and you aren’t physically unable to take the money there but if it continues to be a problem then the real estate agent needs to find anothe...
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By Frank Nute, Tax Resolution Solution Leader
(RTI Solutions Inc.)
Over the past 18 months, many hardworking people and businesses have suffered economic losses through no fault of their own.  Some have failed to file tax returns or even pay their taxes.  During the pandemic, the IRS temporarily ceased collection activity.  Due to increased funding and a need to pay for some government actions, the IRS is ramping up their collection efforts.  Using a myriad of techniques including artificial intelligence (AI), the IRS is identifying and pursuing high income (over $100,000 income) non-filers. The IRS is a collection agency, they have many tools at their disposal, the most effective of which are liens and levies.   So, what happens when your client’s assets are encumbered by a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, and they want to sell their house?Take a deep brea...
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Dishonesty - one of the 21 Ways to Lose a License that plays a role in nearly every other 20 categories. Misrepresentation, False Advertising, Breaking Rules, Dual Representation (w/out Consent)...the list goes on with ways to lose a license that have a direct relationship with a person's ability to conduct themselves honestly.As agents, building the foundation of our clientele, brokerage and industry should be built upon honesty. This simple concept would obviously protect our clients but, on a simpler note, would also makes our lives as real estate professional easier. It is a fun thought to imagine what it would be like to conduct day-to-day business with the ability to trust every licensed professional we work with.Until then, lets all just make one step each day to move ourselves c...
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Fundada en Estados Unidos en 1971, la red CENTURY 21 es la principal organización inmobiliaria del mundo, con 9.700 agencias y oficinas independientes y 127.000 empleados en 82 países.Esta red de profesionales inmobiliarios está presente en todos los continentes, desde América hasta Asia, pasando por Europa, Oriente Medio, África, Oceanía y el Caribe. Century 21 France es una franquicia maestra de Century 21 Real Estate LLC. Century 21 fue fundada en 1972 por Arthur E. y Marsh Fisher, dos agentes inmobiliarios californianos. HISTORIA La empresa salió a bolsa en 1977 y fue adquirida en 1984 por Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. En 1995, la empresa pasó a formar parte de HFS, precursora de Cendant, bajo la dirección de Robert W. Pittman, creador de MTV. Cendant se escindió de HFS en 20...
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