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Sometimes, it can be scary to write your first blog post! Luckily, the supportive community of ActiveRain is just the place to start.

On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Jennifer Parrish, Closing Business
(Ocean Realty )
Comments 24
So I was recently fired from my old Brokerage. It stings, I have never been fired from anything in my life. I have recently learned Broker Beware!!But here is what happened - it's a long one sit tight!  A few weeks back we had a team meeting and a local lender was present. He was giving us an upd...

By Carmen Johnson Peay
(Parc & Main LLC)
Comments 5
The idea of moving from renting to owning can feel like a puzzle with about a thousand pieces to put together to create the picture of your forever home. If you are like most future homeowners, there is much you've heard and with the internet, much you've probably read. But with all that informat...

By John Henstra, N/A
Comments 4
     While working on my pre-license studies, I have been asked to express my thoughts on one of the 21 ways that an agent might loose their license or have it suspended. While reading the edescription of Bad Record Kepping, I thought to myself, what constitutes as bad record keeping? I know that...

By Tammy Sons, Do Things Right and To The Best of Your Ability
(Tennessee Wholesale Nursery)
Comments 10
In 1856 the wealthy Northcutt brothers in the small town of Altamont Tennessee built a home that's now the town legend called the Moffit Manor. The brother's sold the estate in the early 1800s to an old maid spinster named Fannie Moffit. It's sold from the current owners in October 2019 to Dennis...

By Gryphon Capital, Asset Based Business Lending (Hard Money)
(Gryphon Capital)
Comments 0
BENEFITS OF COMMERCIAL HARD MONEY By Gryphon Capital©What's hard money? Hard money is a loan secured by an asset. It is also known as Asset Based Lending. The credit rating of the individual seeking the loan is not as important as the real estate being used to secure the loan. The Loan to Value r...

By Letticia Lettieri, Letticia obtained her real estate license in 2009
Comments 12
Let me tell you about this great home. Located in the greater Westhampton Beach Area. The property is situated on the end of a culdesac. This colonial style home has so much to offer., you are minutes away from the best Hamptons beaches, Westhampton Beach village shopping, restaurants, movies and...

By Nicole Schrock
(Veracity Real Estate Group, LLC)
Comments 14
You’ve been thinking about it, dreaming about it, talking about it, preparing for it… And now you are ready… You have decided you want to purchase your first home!What an exciting and overwhelming adventure. You might be wondering, though, “Where do I begin?” There are many things you need to thi...

By John Brady, John Brady
(Saunders & Associates)
Comments 4
Anyone have any experience with Zurple?

By John Hart, Home inspector in Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet
(Ocean Breezes Home Inspections)
Comments 6
Most first time home buyers don’t realize that there’s still much to do when buying a house. Well, sometimes it’s easy to say “Oh I could just repaint the walls or maybe install new wallpapers” or “No worries I’ll buy a new AC anyway I think that’ll do. I don’t need a home inspection. I think I c...

By Buckley Nguyen, licensed for about 16 years, 16 more to go!!!!!!!!
Comments 6
I tried a new service vendor and got burned. Landvoice provides phone numbers for lead gen. When you have Landvoice auto upload to your autodialer, it sends all the DoNotCall call numbers too. Landvoice claims this is not their issue and it is the autodialers issue(MOJO). Landvoice said to manual...

By Saif Abbas, Industry observer, real estate marketer
Comments 0
 If you ever wanted inspiration for making your home look more beautiful, there's loads of that online. Even sites like Pinterest make it easy to find ideas for themes, styles, and furniture. But, there is one thing that I've noticed. There isn't enough inspiration out there if you want to make y...

By Makkai Matyas, Digital marketing services for real estate website
Comments 3
Achieving better rankings in search engine results and retaining them is never an easy task. That’s because you will have to pay attention to a variety of factors to secure your rankings and get positive results. You need to focus more on the up to date factors, which can help you with achieving ...

By Jessica Hall, I am working on my real estate credentials
(Industry Observer)
Comments 11
Hey real estate buddies.This is my very first blog post.  I am working through my 120 hours of training and can't wait to find a perfect broker and get started.  I am supposed to write about one of the 21 ways to loose your license.  It seems to me that they could have saved a lot of time and jus...

By mindy johnson
(Real Estate )
Comments 5
Did you know in Utah there, and other states probably, there are different types of Real Estate Agents?  Most people have heard of a "buyers agent" or a "sellers agent". These would be agents that specialize in one or the other. Buyers agent would specialize in either helping buyers find a great ...

By AnnaMaria Lima, Helping Utah families find their dream home!
Comments 10
Hello! My name is Anna-Maria. I got into real estate to help families find a home they love! I have watched my parents flip homes through the years and loved it ever since. Im excited to expand my network and meet some great people! Any tips, tricks or inside knowlege is always welcome and apprec...

By Home Improvement, Grow up your Business.!!
Comments 4
A rain shower is very much importance in 2019 for all ages of people. Many people like to start off their day having a nice, warm and bath but if you're using a shower head that provides you hard jets of water, instead of something slow flowing and soothing, this can be rude start to a brand new ...

By Ariel D, Custom rental applications & tenant screening
(PreApproved Renter)
Comments 4
California is one of the largest rental markets in the US. If you are a landlord, real estate agent, or property manager it's critical you are familiar with some of the different California tenant screening laws and the different California Rental Applications. We've written extensively on the to...

By Sudarsan Chakraborty, Financial lending analyst
Comments 0
When you decide to move houses, the process involved before the actual moving day is a lot of work. From looking for a new home to deciding on the best moving schedule and the packing process can be draining and time-consuming.One of the most important decisions needed to be made is whether to DI...

By Anthony Fontana, Tax
(EA Tax Resolutions)
Comments 3
Once you have received the IRS notices CP 501/503/504 as discussed in my previous blog, the next, and Final IRS notice or letter you will receive if you have not done anything is the IRS Letter 11 or Letter 1058. The final IRS notice of intent to levy on letter 11 or letter 1058 will come certifi...

By Marten Davis, SRPA, FEMA 50% Appraisals, Bankruptcy, Divorce
(Gulf to Bay Appraisals)
Comments 7
Last year I purchased the ability to take continuing education courses for my Appraisal Re-certification.  I was told that I could pay $399 to be able to take as many courses as I wanted to satisfy me continuing education.  I took my courses and renewed my license.  I just got a bill on my credit...