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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Matthew Turner
Comments 5
False Advertising is often hard to see, but it is all around us. It is very importat to understnad the reality behind adversting goals and techniques. Have you every seem an advertisment that seemed to good to be true, or soething else stand out that didnt seem right? How often when advertising d...

By The StageHub, Empowering Home Stagers Nationwide
(The StageHub)
Comments 4
You’ve put a lot of hard work into staging the home to look its best to sell. Everything was picture perfect, and the realtor and homeowner were impressed when the house sold at above asking price. You’ve started that connection, but how do you cultivate it from there? How do you turn one-time bu...

By Fred Smith, Done-for-you Lead Gen w/ Guaranteed Lead Mins
(Speed Scaling for Top Agents and Brokers)
Comments 10
Hi, my name is Fred Smith, and if you've ever been the new kid on the block have you ever wondered... ...what in the world should I be posting as an introduction???  😅😅😅 It's like... ...this HUGE spotlight in this super dark room just hit me right between the eyeballs, as I know someone is readin...

By Creo Home Solutions, We buy houses for cash in MD in any condition.
(Creo Home Solutions)
Comments 9
If you are selling your home you may have the thought “an open house couldn’t hurt, right?” Your realtor will almost certainly suggest or encourage it. The home will get some additional exposure on the internet, in newspapers, and possibly around your area with signs or billboards. Delving a litt...

By Tara Howard, Tara Howard created the Venus Awards
(Venus Awards)
Comments 9
There are so many aspects, contingencies, scenarios, and differences, in real estate, it serves little sense, to seek, some, overly simplistic approach, but, rather, it makes more sense, to look at the SMART way/ method!1. Systems; sustainable; strengths; solutions; sense: When considering houses...

By Katelyn Brandley
(Agent Professor)
Comments 8
I am currently a student pursuing my real estate agents license, in the unit we are currently studying we are learning about the 21 ways to loose a real estate license. It was interesting to me to learn about all 21 ways, especially dishonesty because I feel like it encompases all the other 20 wa...

By Abraham Kyele Kingoo, EA, MBA, Solutions for Complex Situations
(Archer Solutions LLC)
Comments 0
Our firm represents taxpayers in Hartford, CT and Connecticut at large who have IRS or State tax issues. I have noticed that most people who receive the any of the following notices from the IRS are puzzled about their options: Notice of Deficiency (IRS Letter 531) Notice of Intent to Levy and No...

By Brent Simmerman, President of Midlands Home Inspection
(Midlands Home Inspection)
Comments 7
Over 600,00 homes are experiencing termite infestation every year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If you think you are fighting this battle alone, there are still about 599,999 homes out there with the same ordeal. Termite infestation costs homeowners billions of dollars for rep...

By Dave Benneton, Fast Cash Offers
(Digital Bullet)
Comments 2
Do you need to move from the home you are living in? You may feel distressed over the situation for several reasons. If you need to sell quickly and move out of the home, we buy houses Sacramento homeowners want to sell. Understanding our house buying process could relieve some of the stress you ...

By Shelby DeVore, Farming
Comments 10
Are you searching for land that has the potential for you to farm?  How do you know that a piece of land is a good investment with agricultural potential?There are a few key points that you should consider when you're looking at land. Topography Location Weather Water Community Existing Structure...

By Johnny Richard DUNFORD, Fixxa was formed to revolutionise property mainten
Comments 8
Agents, Landlords and Property ManagersGet high quality tradespeople to your client’s property now, or exactly when you want them.For Property Agents, Managers and Landlords Fixxa is the fastest, easiest and most reliable online platform to book Trades by the hour

By Net Loan Advisor, Reliable Loan Advice - Home Loan | Car Loan
(Net Loan Advisor)
Comments 4
If you have any questions regarding how to choose your mortgage lender? Make a decision on your loan within seconds with Net Loan Advisor who provide you a reliable loan and credit advice. He is going to help you seek out the lenders who offer the lowest rates, cheapest fees and have expertise wi...

By Heather Srodek, Associate Broker/REALTOR® Serving Cleveland, OH
(Howard Hanna Real Estate Services )
Comments 10
Welcome HOME to 21801 Briarwood Drive in Fairview Park. This meticulously maintained home is an entertainer’s dream both inside & out! Enter & enjoy the spacious living room featuring a beautiful bay window that flows into the dining room. The updated kitchen is the heart of the home. Tons of sto...

By Vince Pham, Home builder in Santa Ana
(U.S Rigging)
Comments 4
Envision your dream home. What involves your mind? Heaps of natural light? Open and connected areas with outstanding views? If this can be the vision then perhaps you must begin thinking of choices to decide on from. What regarding cable railing into your exterior and interior spaces? There are n...

By Rui Yeung, Online Content Creator, Real Estate Investing
Comments 5
I remember it was near the end of 2014. My wife (girlfriend at that time) and I were debating whether or not we should buy a house in Toronto. The average detached 1,000 sq. ft. bungalow around our area was going for about $450,000 to $500,000 and during that time, we thought the price was insane...

By Laura Clark, The Best Realtors in Round Rock, TX!
(Clark Properties)
Comments 9
Will this be the year you buy a brand-new home? Don’t be discouraged by news reports claiming that “U.S. home building fell,” or “housing starts dropped.”The scary-sounding numbers are due to a drop in multi-family home building, not single-family.In fact, the single-family home construction mark...

By Stanford Mead, Home Buying Professionals in SLC, Utah
(Summit Home Buyers, LLC)
Comments 6
Have you ever sat there in your PJs watching HGTV and thought, "This looks so easy. I could totally renovate a house!" Those shows do a wonderful job during the editing process. They make home renovations look fun and easy. However, the reality is not always so glamorous. If you decide to take on...

By Alex Hales, I'm a CRM Consultant and looking for a home ideas
Comments 5
Frosted Glass is a glass with a frosted appearance. It refers to regular sheet glass which has passed through the process of acid etching or sandblasting to render it translucent and create a frosted effect. The frosted glass comes in different forms which all allow for the transmission of light ...
Technology trends in real estate? Now when did that happen? Real estate agents, realtors, investors, and even property owners are making certain technological trends an integral part of their operations, sales, and marketing strategies. Innovations in the tech world do not sound unworldly either....
I don't know what it is about dark hardwood flooring that makes me think of vampires.Maybe it's my upbringing, cultured into a mormon promised land where R-rated movies only happened on the weekends and my friend's house.Scary movies were a thing of his dark, dank basement. Which, if I squint, mi...