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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Scott Garrison, Top ORLANDO AREA Realtor…this Realtor WORKS!
(Re/Max Town & Country Realty)
Central Florida Home Prices Can't Go Straight Up Forever… …But this isn't a bubble!       Home prices in the Orlando Area and all across the United States are climbing at the fastest pace in history, eclipsing even the boom in the days leading up to the Great Recession. Bidding wars have become common, many are forced to pay all cash and some bids are coming in $1 million over asking.      It's all sparking fears that the United States is in the middle of another housing bubble that will end in a terrible crash. Industry executives and economists agree this explosion in home values is unsustainable, as home prices can't go up 20% year-over-year forever.      Yet today's housing market is very different from the mid-2000s bubble that wrecked the economy.       Unlike then, there is curre...
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To look around for any property in limited time span is huge a challenge to achieve due to the reason that you might be unable to calculate the pros and cons of that particular place. So, you need expert’s assistance to sort out the associated problems of property for sale under the umbrella of a trusted real estate company.Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted company for sales of home Denham Springs, we are here to help you. Best houses for sale are available at our listing on our website. Get professional assistance by our experienced agents to sell your property. In addition, map will help you to explore perfect Denham Springs Houses for sale with wonderful features of property at economical rates and in very short span of time.Best PricesWe offer the best deals of Denham Spri...
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By Jim Blackburn, Best Mortgage Loan Officer Fort Lauderdale FL
(CrossCountry Mortgage)
Many real estate agents whom I meet at events in and around the Fort Lauderdale, FL area often ask me "What does it take to become a top mortgage loan officer in the United States?" The truth is anybody can do it. Not everybody will. It's extremely difficult at first and like anything gets easier with practice.  Alot of people don't understand what's do difficult about quoting a rate. But if that's all that a mortgage loan officer was doing, then you would call him a banker. In most cases, a banker only has its own bank's products to quote VS a mortgage loan officer has it's both its own products as a direct lender as well as the products of a hundred other banks who may have more competitive offerings for niche situations. Bottom line is, with so many products to learn, it takes many y...
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By Tony Langford, The compass for your journey to financial success!
(Polaris Accounting & Tax LLC)
IRS resolution cases are on the rise now that the IRS has resumed most compliance operations since being suspended (April 1st-July 15 2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the People First Initiative.The automated lien and levy programs have been idle since April 2020; however, with the improvements in economic activity and progress in controlling the pandemic, the IRS plans to return to its normal collection processes later this summer. For taxpayers who have had a change in circumstances, now would be an ideal time to consider a payment plan or an Offer-in-Compromise. Polaris Accounting & Tax can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. If you have a tax issue, or know someone who does, please contact my business at (865) 312-6238.How we can help: We can consult with you to assess your...
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By Richard Ugbah, Richard Ugbah: Atlanta GA. based real estate agent
In a seller’s market, the sellers are likely to make good, steady profits. There are more buyers contacting them than they’re used to. However, this is bad for buyers because they have more competitors to deal with, and the sales prices will increase. There are obvious signs for real estate buyers and sellers to look out for in a seller’s market.   Human Migrations There are certain points in time when large influxes of people move from one location to another. A modern example is the large migration of Central Americans into North America, particularly to the U.S. When there are massive waves of migration into specific cities and towns, most people would assume that many of these migrants will become homeowners. They may plan to purchase the home upfront, make an inspection or they pl...
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By Andrew Clough, Providing Opportunity
Buyer Referral, Single Family | Hampton, GA$150 - $175K looking for a Single Family home in Hampton, GA. If you or someone you know works in this territory please click on the link above to claim the referral.
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By Michael Mikhail, Lending Capital for Real Estate Investors
(Stratton Equities)
So, You Want to Be A Real Estate Investor...The Top Questions Real Estate Investors Ask–AnsweredAs a real estate investor, your number one priority should be to be open to learning and educating yourself on the real estate market's happenings. These frequently asked real estate questions will provide you with a better understanding of what to expect as a real estate investor and provide you with the ability to stand out from your competitors. 1. Is Getting a Real Estate License as an Investor Necessary? It is not necessary to receive your real estate license as an investor. However, numerous benefits come with acquiring a real estate license. As an investor with a real estate license, you'll gain unlimited access to property information, be able to network with fellow real estate entrep...
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By Kai Min, The Real Estate Guy
(Meadowtowne Realty Brokerage)
June home sales were up compared to last year, but remained below the March 2021 peak and were lower than the number of transactions reported for May 2021, consistent with the regular seasonal trend. The average selling price in June increased by double digits compared to last year as well, but the annual rate of increase moderated compared to the previous three months.... US, Britain, Australia, Singapore are great places to call home! So is #Canada! Have a plan to #RelocatetoCanada ? If #Vancouver is too hot to trot, how about the city of #Toronto? Don't know who to speak to? Why not #TalktoTAN now? Call now 905-821-...
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By Cole Davidson, Previous Oregon Real Estate Agent, Military EXP
As a former Oregon Real Estate Agent,I have seen plenty of good and bad agents but now getting my Utah license I have an activity to post a blog about Ways to Lose your license. -- Dishonesty in Property Value --One thing I would hear often is "I could sell your home for $20,000 over what you're asking". This would typically be an Agent to a FSBO looking for the listing.Looking back, this could be a dishonest sales tactic in order to get a listing. Sometimes listing the sale 20k over asking worked and sold higher but most of the time it didn't. -- IN TODAYS MARKET, Is over-value a more common proposal to Home Owners due to the inflated Property Values? If anyone has any comments that would be great. :)
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By Ericka Williams, Your IRS Debt Negotiator
(Trinity Global Financial Group PLLC)
Haven't Filed Tax Returns In A While? How Many Years Do You Need To File?I represent taxpayers in Tallahassee, Florida who have federal tax debts and need assistance filing tax returns and negotiating payment with the IRS.Dealing with the IRS can be a scary daunting thought for those who haven't filed their tax returns in years. Most taxpayers fail to file tax returns because a situation or events occurred that made them think this was not a priority. The IRS will sometimes mail notices to taxpayers (Letter 4903) when there's no record that a tax return has been filed. This letter will have a deadline of 10 days to respond to the IRS.  Before filing any unfiled tax returns, you want to first consider IRS Policy Statement 5-133. First, determine if you are required to file a tax return b...
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By Jorden Fife, Highschool graduate, working toward my future.
Dishonesty, the act of stretching the truth to better a situation for yourself or for no reason at all. In the normal world you may be able to lie about whether or not you used the last of the toliet paper, but in the real estate world you have to be one hundred percent honest, it will make or break your whole career. For example say you were helping a client buy a home and they ask "is there anything we should know about? any exterior or interior damage?" and lie about the quality of the house in order to close the deal, that is being dishonest and will come back on your career. If you are always lying about major details or even small details you may lose your license and if not you will lose all respect from clients. Don't be that guy that no one wants to go to because you have no in...
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By Sell My House In Arizona, Real estate investors and cash buyers
(Desert Pro Home Buyers)
Having a real estate license can come in handy as an investor, but is it worth it?  Specific license requirements will vary by state, but regardless of where you are there will be a time and money commitment to obtain one.  For me, it was 90 hours of classroom training and several exams which were no walk in the park.  There are both monthly and annual expenses I have to pay to various parties along with continuing education requirements to keep it active.  As a new year turns and another round of the bigger fees are due, I always ask myself the same question:  Do I still want this?Here are some of the ways I’ve found a license benefits me in the REI world.1) Access to the MLS.  Always stay current with listings and get private notes that agents leave other agents that aren’t visible to...
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By Joseph "Joe" McInerney Chicago, Owner of Eddie Realty
Technology has changed commercial real estate in these four ways.Virtual toursReal estate agents no longer need to show properties to potential tenants physically. This has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. With the use of high-quality video cameras, agents can give beautiful virtual tours. They can do this in real-time with each tenant and personalize the experience. They can also prerecord one virtual tour and publish it on a website. Anyone interested can then watch the video. This technology has benefited everyone involved. Tenants can view properties at home, while agents can efficiently interact with more people.For more, visit
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By Chuck Gonzalez, Real Estate Expert in the Metro Denver Area
( | My Colorado Move | 720-507-6683 | RE/MAX Alliance | Westminster, CO)
What's going on with Denver real estate market? The latest Greater Denver real estate market report is OUT!It is important to understand what is happening currently in the Greater Denver housing market and as well as why it is happening if you are thinking of buying a home in Colorado this 2021. Real estate market reports are only the beginning of the process of understanding the changes, opportunities, and challenges in the Greater Denver real estate market. My Colorado Move is here to dive deep into these numbers with you.Greater Denver Housing Market ReportThe Greater Denver real estate market has been hot, hot, hot. April 2021 depicts increased opportunities in an extreme real estate market, with the Luxury Market showing the possibility for buyers who outlast the fatigue of competi...
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Being in a whole different career for the past 25 years, at this point in my life with all this uncertainty in the world; changing my career might be a big mistake or a blessing in disguise.  Well, I took the plunge into real estate. I signed up for online classes to get my real estate license 14 hours into the lesson, I come upon a section that makes me rethink my choices. The chapter on how you can lose your real estate license. I have never thought about how it is so easy to lose your license. as I'm going over the chapter I realize that an error on your dates or simply not giving a copy of the paperwork can have you lose your license and have disciplinary effects.Further, I read the chapter I understand how it can affect thousands of dollars to you and your customer. What I walk awa...
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By Andrew Herrig, Real Estate Success Education
(Interurban Properties)
Spring is here, and with it comes lots of rain (at least where I live). Being a homeowner and rental property owner, there are several things to do to keep my houses in top shape during this season.The true cost of homeownership is higher than you think, but keeping up with preventative maintenance will lower costs in the long run! 1. Clean out the guttersGutters are great for diverting water off of your roof and away from the foundation. But if they are clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris, they aren't doing their job.Make sure to keep you gutters clear to keep the water going where it's supposed to. It will also help prolong the life of your siding and fascia as the water isn't sitting in and around the gutters and rotting the wood.2. Give your HVAC a tune-upWith the warmer w...
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By Riaz Ghani, Top Real Estate Agent in Mississauga & Brampton
(RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc.,Brokerage )
Though it may sound counterintuitive, prices don’t sell houses. That’s why Riaz Ghani instead prefers to focus on properties: making them irresistible to buyers through breathtaking transformations. “My focus isn’t the price, my focus is the offers,” he says. “The higher the offers the higher the price.” It’s a strategy that has clearly worked for Ghani. After more than 10 years of selling in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and throughout the GTA, he has developed a knack for getting his clients the maximum possible return for their homes. He’s in the top one percent of all RE/MAX sellers in Canada, his properties generally get an average of 10 to 15 offers and he even recently sold a Brampton semi-detached home for $200,000 over asking.
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I am Michael Redden and I am a tax lawyer in Minneapolis, MN.  A focus of my practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation.  There are a lot of people out there that haven't filed their tax returns.  According to recent IRS estimates, there are at least 10 million tax payers that the government has identified as "non-filers."  There are many reasons why it happens, but, for whatever reason, these folks have at least one or more tax returns that were never filed. Some folks haven't filed returns for over ten years.  Every year that you fail to file a tax return your problems with the IRS can compound.  If you happen to owe money, the failure to file penalty is 5% each month with a cap of 25% per tax year.  This penalty can quickly bring the bill out of reach for many to pay.  If...
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Don’t miss out on this elegant abode that is up for sale in Rochester, MI. The search is over for the home of your dreams with this craftsman-style and custom-built home. Live in a home with timeless elegance set in a perfect location in Cumberland Pines with a walking distance to downtown Rochester.  Impressive craftsman-style gables and exposed rafters accentuate the earthy elements of this humble home. Featuring 4 bedrooms, 4.1 bathrooms, and 3834 square feet of living space, including a lower-level basement.  Custom-built in 2009, every detail and corner of this home is skillfully decorated. Take special note of its innovative open floor plan with beautiful Brazilian cherry hardwood floors that extends all throughout the main level.  As you step into the foyer, you are greeted by a ...
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