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Military Relocations

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The purpose of this group is to provide a clearinghouse of helpful information that is specific to assisting our honored servicemen and women in the relocation process. As a Group, we strive to provide excellent, relevant information to our valued Military personnel. In order to help them 'FIND' our articles, we need to use appropriate Titles, Keywords, and tags that are specific to the military issues or base(s) in our area. Whenever you draft a post for inclusion to this group, make sure the Title is specific to Military subjects, and key search terms are embedded into the body of the post. We very much want articles that contain good, relevant local information, but always ensure that you include key words, headings, titles, words in bold, that refer to the base nearest you. As such, any blog posts that do not meet this criteria, and are not relevant to that core purpose should NOT be posted to this group, and will be deleted by the Moderators. This group is NOT a place to publish your listings. There are other places/groups for that. Neighborhood reviews are certainly acceptable though, again as long as your content contains key words relevant to military personnel or bases. Put yourself in the shoes of our military service members. What information can you provide about your market that would be the most helpful?


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