Clever Investor Real Estate Investing Education Overview
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Company: Clever Investor
Address: 4960 S. Gilbert Rd. , Chandler , AZ 85249
Phone: 800-869-7816
Contact Name: Cody Sperber
Category: Education & Training
Subcategory Real Estate Training

Clever Investor's real estate investment training and marketing systems give new and experienced real estate investors / agents the "upper hand" in today's volatile marketplace. We provide a wide range of products including niche real estate investing courses, automated marketing tools, mobile marketing software, and one-on-one mentorship. Imagine having all the training, tools, and team to support your real estate investing business. At Clever Investor, we have a very specific mission. That mission is to be creative thought leaders in our industry focused on enhancing value through excellent real estate investing education. Our goal is to have everything we create and cultivate - be it education, software, corporate culture, or personal relationships - to live up to the highest moral standards in our industry. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for Clever Investors reputation; the level of success both us and our students achieve, the brand image we create, and the contributions we make to the real estate industry. We are a direct reflection of our ability to uphold this mission and look forward to earning your business.
WOW!!! what a find!! I am very fortunate to have found Clever Investors!!
Dinesh Nagabhushan, Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, Rehabber  (Verdure Properties)
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Submitted on 10/03/2014
I have invested more than $50,000 in my search for a good knowledge and education in Real Estate Inv... more

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Clever Investors
David  Saks ((retired))
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Memphis, TN Reviews(538) 62.63 % Positive Feedback

Submitted on 08/22/2013
There's a lot to see on the Clever Investor's site. Founder Cody Sperber touts it as the Disneyland ... more

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Don't waste your time
Bud Griscom, Bud Griscom (Lyon Real Estate)
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Submitted on 05/03/2013
I subscribed for their trial and they charged me for their whole course. When I tried to cancel, I w... more

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Big Fan Of
Cody Sperber, (Clever Investor)
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Submitted on 11/26/2012
As I should be. We create the highest quality real estate investing education online. We would lov... more

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