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Dell XPS 13 - May 2015 (by bergencountynewjersey)
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Wow I am impressed by my new Dell XPS 13 with the "infinity" screen as they call it. I am not usually impressed to easily either. Fastest boot time ever (about 10-15 seconds, 8 seconds on first start up) and long lasting battery (about 10-12 hours). Lasted all day for me. As good as my IPad I did not get the touch screen because battery life is better without it. I have a 256G SSD in it with and I5 intel processor which is fine for what I need it for. Back lit keyboard and very light. About 2lbs. I had seen reviews saying this was the best out there in comparison to an Apple Airbook. My only gripe would be that I should have upgraded for the bigger SSD HD. 256G is really small coming from a 756G laptop previously. So far so good. I have had it about a month now and and really enjoying the speed and ease of use. Never have been crazy about Win8 but I figured the Win10 update coming soon may be my salvation. I still prefer my Win 7 laptop but the blue screen of death started happening a little too often... Ahh windows.... Hopefully. We'll see. Two usb 3 ports, phones and a card reader round out this little powerhouse. I'll check back if I can find anything worth updating this report on. So far though it's got my vote... Thanks for reading.
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