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HUGE Waste of Money! (by legacyre)
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At least for the "HG-Recruits" campaign which I have been using since January 23, 2015... Not a single serious inquiry through 4 months, with 7 emails delivered to 10,561 recipients (total). These are targeted to active real estate agents in the Phoenix Area... definitely WILL NOT deploy out of my Las Vegas office, nor in my Miami or Los Angeles offices when they open in June 2015. Have also STRONGLY recommended against the service to every agent I meet with and /or hire, and will continue to do so. $1,500 up front is WAAAAY too much but makes sense why they charge it UP FRONT :) They got me, don't let them get you too!!! Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions if you have any! Oh, and I did attempt to bring this issue up several times with NO RESPONSE from Happy Grasshopper (Celeste, etc). Incredible when there is so much competition out there... All the best in your endeavors, - Matt Matthew D. Sheldon, MBA Designated Broker, Owner Legacy International
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