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Review for ScanSnap S1500

LOVE, Love Fujitsu (by goldenresults)
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I do not have one Fujitsu Scansnap. I have, let me stop and think, FIVE in my office. Each new model I have immediately upgraded. They all get used. I scan contracts. Preserve papers. Save Scrapbox Items for posterity. Duplicate Old Photos. You name it. It’s like your own Library of Congress Creation Tool. I have the Evernote Scanner on a counter to scan straight to Evernote quickly. Plus it scans Business cards with a feature to request a LinkedIN Connection. Wow! I have the s1500 at my main desk area to scan contracts. I have a couple of old spare Fujitsus that assistants use on big projects such as preserving heirloom photos and Scrapbox items. I want to know how you would effectively in time saving manner run a rela estate business without it? Not me! This is my flood proof, wind proof, age proof, burglary proof method to maintain docs in a Virtual Back Up Office Arena.
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