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Alternative to the Samsung Tablet (by kvitali)
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I looked very closely at the Samsung Tablet. What intrigued me was it was a full operating system and can run any windows program. It is not limited by apps that are available. There was two things that concerned me. One- It was a 32 bit operating system, which makes it difficult with some Adobe programs. Some programs need 64 bit Two- The hard drive is only 64GB... the operating system takes up almost 30GB. I opted for an Acer Iconia 700w 6465 at a cost of $950. Out of the box it came with a folio case a docking station and a keypad. (the Samsung does not come with any accessory items) The other advantages were: 128 GB of storage vs 64 4 mb of Ram vs 2mb 64 bit operating system vs 32 bt Intel i5 processor vs an Atom Processor (faster) The deciding factor was the 64 bit so I could run Adobe Premier which you cannot do with a 32 bit operating system. If you want to save a few dollars and don't need the 64bit operating system, definitely consider the Samsung. I would also like to point that the tablets running full operating systems can be criticized because of the cost. They go beyond tablet computing. You can run full applications of your most important programs!!
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