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I spent 20 years in the USAF before retiring in1994. I pursued 2 degrees; 1 in Political Science the other in Criminal Justice. I earned my licenses for (01) insurance (life and health), (06-07) mutual funds stocks and bonds after that I pursued a Certified Financial Planning Certificate (CFP). I volunteered at an intervention center helping 18-30 yr. olds learn the uses of good credit and credit repair, money management, proper ways to purchase a house and the do's and don'ts of mortgages. As a loan officer and mortgage planner I have advised hundreds people on purchasing a house, the proper ways to manage investment properties and when is it right to refinance your home. Honestly this job is not always the easiest but it is always the best.

I know that each customer has specific needs, and I strive to meet those specific needs with quality service and individual attention. I pride myself in giving the client mortgage information, loan options and convenient assistance needed.

With a variety of loan programs and an established network of lenders behind me, I will find the loan that best suits the need, at a very competitive rate. I offer conforming, non-conforming and government loan programs.

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With state of the economy and housing marking in shambles I made a decision to move back to our home in Kalispell MT. When I left Denver business was still good and the market was OK my heart was in MT. We arrived here in April 09 and start to look for a mortgage company to call home. The economy is worse here and un-employment running around 20-25%. I was told though my references where great unless I was bring business with me they are not interested. After that hard knock I picked myself up and reset my sights. I'm now working with a company based out of CA. I am working in my second love which is health and wellness and doing quite well. If you are tired of the working in the real-estate market or just want to subsidies your income give me a call and we'll talk. You may not be right for this. For me it's a perfect fit. The money is getting and the people aren't cut throat bottom eaters as some in the mortgage industry are and I'm sure some realtors. Call 406-270-0865 or email to Have a great day.

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