Andrew Yon 4th (4 M Investment Group)

6 5th St N

Great Falls , MT 59401

I work for a real estate investment group. We deal directly with the banks to help prevent foreclosures through short sales and other means. We also buy, sell or rent commercial/apartment buildings.

Get to know Andrew Yon 4th

As an investor I enjoy buying, repairing and selling homes. I have a few small friends that I work with everyday from real estate agents and title companies, and yes even the banks; but I always enjoy working with new people every chance I get. I make suggestions and negotiations, not demands. I leave that to the bank because they are easier to take them apart.

I enjoy helping the homeowner get out of trouble with the banks and prevent them from suffering the full effects of a foreclosure. I get an extra benefit of helping someone get a good deal on a house.



Loan modifications, pre-foreclosure short sales and multi-family homes that are in distress. Green homes are scary for most banks but I really enjoy helping people understand this new technology to get a deal finished for them.

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