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Sit Back and Relax...

Take a deep breath and dream of a special place...Somewhere that people still greet one another on the street.  Somewhere that business gets done with a smile.  Somewhere with charming, affordable towns.  Somewhere to get away from it all without giving up the things you love.  Somewhere beautiful.  Now, open your eyes and look around.  Welcome to Southwest Missouri! 

There's something for everyone here:

Explore a dozen charming downtown areas in the midst of revitalization.   Visit farmer's markets, festivals and antique shops.  Play a round of golf. Go boating, swimming or fishing on our many lakes and rivers. Take your horse for a trail ride. Find your own patch of land and grow a big garden.  Get out your motorcycle and swoop down old Route 66, stopping on the way to visit restored 1950s diners.  Learn to sit oh-so-quietly and wait for the deer, whether you hunt with gun, bow or camera.  Get the kids into soccer, football, or 4-H. 

Southwest Missouri has a Midwestern feel, and an added touch of Southern charm.  You're going to love it here.

You'll Be Welcome Here

You'll make new friends before you know it.  When I moved to Southwest Missouri, I found that people welcome newcomers.  Each community has so many things to be involved in, from church and school to clubs and teams.  Like anywhere else, you'll get what you give, so be ready to mingle!

You're not the only transplant.  After you move, you'll start to see how many people are actually not from around here.  People come to visit, like what they see, and stay.  This is still small-town America at its best, and the people who choose to come here tend to be the open and friendly kind who want to keep that atmosphere going.  

What's In Southwest Missouri?

Our Southwest Missouri hub cities are Springfield and Joplin.  Springfield is the "big city" with 150,000 people, while Joplin has about 50,000.  A scenic patchwork of farms, forest and smaller cities and towns makes up the rest of this area.  Every town has its own fascinating history.  We're just on the edge of the Ozarks, and the rolling hills create a beautiful landscape.

I specialize in relocation, rural property and classic homes. Our offices have all the expertise you could want on topics from crops to schools, cattle to quarter horses, hunting to gardening.  Together, we are ready to help you fulfill your country dream!

Everyone's dream is different.  Southwest Missouri has been the fulfillment of a dream for me.  Let me show it to you too. Contact me today at 417-316-1326 and let's get started!


About United Country

United Country has been unique since 1925 as the only national real estate company with a consistent focus on rural areas and small to medium towns. 

Known as United Farm Agency back then, we published the first national real estate catalog in 1928.  Its purpose was simple:  to give urban people who wanted to move out to the country a way to find properties they would never otherwise see.  

That catalog was so innovative that it's now on display in the Smithsonian, and it's been in continuous publication ever since.  Innovation continues, with national specialty catalogs for classic homes, farm properties, waterfront properties, and more.  In addition, our website is unrivaled for easy access to country property.

United Country currently has over 650 offices nationwide.  I joined United Country not because of their size, but because their message is still the same as it was 80 years ago:  We want to help you find your dream.

Helping Buyers and Sellers

United Country's marketing is based on a simple truth:  Most buyers who relocate outside cities have no idea where they're heading.  They just want it to be a great place.  We make sure that our buyers know about the best places that no-one ever heard of!

Prove it to yourself by checking out our website, unitedcountry.com.  It's the only real estate website where you can do a national, regional, or state level property search. 

If you're a rural seller or a seller in a small to medium town, this is the kind of exposure you need for your property.  Every other large website requires a buyer to know zip code or city before they can search.  How will relocation buyers ever know the name of your town or your zip code? Those desirable relocation buyers can find you better on our website than on any other, bringing you a fast sale at the best possible price.

Our Countryside Realty Offices

Our United Country franchise, Countryside Realty, operates offices in Carthage and Mt. Vernon.  We are members of both the Springfield and Joplin Boards of Realtors.

Carthage, a town of 13,000, is located 15 minutes from Joplin and an hour from Springfield.  Carthage is full of classic houses.  Not one or two here or there, or a few mansions, but street after maple-lined street of lovely homes.  They come in a wide range of prices, and even modest homes often have great period details. 

It isn't all about history though.  Carthage is a thriving town with its own industries, including Leggett & Platt, a Fortune 500 company.  There are new housing developments as well as mature neighborhoods.  The schools are good, crime is low, and we generally get "just enough" winter weather to make us remember why we like spring!

Our other office is in Mt. Vernon, which is close enough to Springfield for a commute.  Mt. Vernon is a town of around 5,000 people located just off Interstate 44. 

It is a county seat with a beautiful courthouse on the square and lovely historic homes, in addition to quite a bit of new development.  Mt. Vernon is a growing town, but it isn't just a bedroom community for Springfield.  It's a distinct and friendly town of its own.  I think you'll like it.


Selling small-town and country dreams in Southwest Missouri!