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       Good day to all of you. My name is Patrick McWilliams and I am a Mortgage Banker with Dell Franklin Financial in Columbia, Maryland.  A little about myself. I am a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer who served twenty years in our armed forces. Since retiring in 2006, I embarked on a second career as a mortgage banker and couldn't be happier.  Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have all the experience in the world in mortgage banking, but I do have the drive and discipline to make it in the most brutal economy this country has seen since the 1930's.  I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina, but my parents settled in Baltimore after my father left the Navy. 

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      I don't claim to be an expert in the mortgage banking by any stretch of the imagination but I can tell you my strengths are and what I can do for you.  First off, this is my profession. I am not going to be here today and gone tomorrow.  I am not a loan officer. I am a mortgage banker. This means to me that I watch the real estate and financial markets. I look for the trends, and, believe in continuing education, and staying current on all federal/state banking and lending guidelines.  I am a 2001 graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a B.S. in Information Technology and a minor in Business Finance.

    Why should you choose Dell Franklin and Patrick McWilliams as your preferred mortgage banker? Well the biggest reason is I won't lie to you or hide under the desk when we have an issue with a file. I call it like I see it in a professional manner. Sometimes people do not like it when you are candid. If you are someone who likes to the details glossed over hoping it will get better I am not your guy. But if you want immediate and reliable customer service than I am your banker.

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