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Jacqueline Forde has discovered her passion for design and its impact on today's growing society.

With expiditious home developments and everchanging human expressions, the need to simplify but bring forth an enhancing space is essential!

After purchasing a second home, Jacqueline Forde felt an overwhelming desire to style her own interior. She has been continually praised for her creative and classic work; transforming her home into a true reflection of her individual and God-given talent.

This quickly translated into working on family and friends' homes and word of Jacqueline's exquisite and alluring interiors quickly spread and since has extended her services....Metropolitan and beyond! Driven by excellence, dedication and a commitment to authentic style and sophistication, Jacqueline aspires to make her clients vision an

Alluring Interior!









Has your home been on the market for some time with no bites?  Have your home professionally staged by Alluring Interiors. Let us help you maximize the asking price of your property and sell your home quickly.  By Staging your home for the purpose of re-sale, we help make it appealing to all that walk through that door!  Therefore this genderless appeal helps sell your property faster and for more money.  

*Jacqueline Forde has obtained training, membership and full accreditation from The Haverhill Institute of Staging & Design.  While working with Haverhill Home Staging some of Jacqueline's designs has been featured on the Television show House Capades and Stagers Studio.


RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DECORATING:Our passion for design can be applied to all aspects of residential projects. Whether you are starting from scratch, intergrading new and old pieces, space planning, developing themes or concepts, or just implementing cosmetic change, we can do it all to fit your taste, your lifestyle and your budget!

COMMERICIAL INTERIOR DECORATING:In addition to residential project services, we provide design consultation for hospitality, dining, entertainment, office spaces, and model interiors. Although commercial interior may pose different challenges, Alluring Interiors aims to blend and complement eccentric elements to create unique spaces that flirt with style and sophistication, while exceeding our clients' vision and expectations. Timely execution and overall perfection.....this is what we will deliver!

COLOUR ANALYSIS CONSULTATION:Colour, texture, pattern, and the way they inspire our surroundings, can have a significant role in the overall ambience of a space. These very important factors cannot play second in nature to the overall design of your space. Incorporating the right elements will determine the flavour and feeling of your space. Whether it's bright and cheerful, soft and sophisticated, or sheek and classy, the details chosen in collaboration with you is what will make your space a true reflection of you!


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