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Arthur L. Pepperman II
Business Consultant & Commercial Lender
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Arthur L Pepperman II, Consultant, Lender, Business Broker

I've been a corporate officer, entrepreneur, banking consultant and family owned business consultant for 40 years. I have either made, or seen, just about every business mistake ever made.

Looking back, one prime aspect of business stands out above all --- and that is the business owner's constant need to create, or obtain capital, to grow a successful business. That is even more true in these extremely tough economic times.

Having been in the Commercial lending business for four decades, I have lived and prospered through many cycles of boom and recession periods. Let me assure you, the direct lenders who work for me are not hampered by past sins in underwriting the Commercial Market, thus they are ready, willing, able to lend on good Commercial Loan requests. 

As you probably know, many top Commercial Lenders are now gone, the Mega Banks aren't lending to Main Street at all and even most smaller local and regional Banks have put commercial lending on the back burner as they work off bad Development loans and rebuild their reserves.

Therefore, it is not unusual to have your time wasted to be ultimately be turned down by your local banker. If this has happened to you, it usually means that your Bank just can't lend at the moment ...... as opposed to refectly poorly on you personally or the quality of your loan request.

Due to our years of successful underwriting of worthy commercial loans, lenders, that are willing, and able, to fund commercial loans, come to us to find them good borrowers. We weed those lenders down to the most competitive, most cooperative and most stable in their fields of lending, so our borrowers are assured they will be at the top of the pile when we present your commercial loan request. This means that if you have a solid loan request, that meets present underwriting standards, your odds of a successful funding go up tremendously, because we will present it to the best willing lender now lending in the field where your loan request fits best.

Since we work with our lenders on a daily basis, we know that each lender has its own criteria it likes to see --- to approve a loan request. Therefore it is to your advantage that we understand the unique circumstances of your loan request so that we can package your loan request for the best chance of obtaining a successful closing from one of our captive lenders truely interested in funding your type of commercial loan.

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Experienced borrowers already know this, however if you are an occasional, or new, commercial borrower, the following will save you much valuable time and frustration while vastly improving your chances for a successful commercial funding.

In this example, we will assume you need a commercial mortgage, whether for purchase, a rate and term refinance or a cash out refinance, please be prepared as follows:

Obtain a Credit Report that has your FICO score.

Prepare an up to date Personal Financial Statement. Be honest, include the good, bad and the ugly, if applicable.

Have copies of the last 2 years Corporate and Personal Tax Returns available

If you are financing a rental property, have a YTD P & L and Balance Sheet at the ready, either yours or the Seller's, if purchasing.

Have your, or the Seller's, Rent Roll and property expenses up to date and accurate.

Have a two paragraph Executive Summary, if only in your head, ready to communicate your goals, needs and expectations.

Don't ask for, or expect, an interest rate "Quote" in the first conversation!

Do the above and the good news is:

If you are prepared, and communicative, the chances are that we can do some preliminary underwriting on your loan request, find the proper lender in your circumstances and in 24 to 48 hours get back to you with a written "Letter of Intent" (LOI) to do your loan within your time frame to close!

Your LOI will contain all the pertinent information such as rate, term, monthly payment and terms and condition for you to make an intelligent and informed decision of whether the Lender's offer meets your ROI needs and bottom line expectations. 

By following this simple preparedness formula, you put yourself in the driver's seat.

To be ill prepared is a dis-service to your own business and to us whose only mission is to see you obtain the loan you desire.

Understand that the first preliminary underwriting may show weaknesses in your loan request that will preclude us from obtaining a LOI for you. By being prepared as outlined above, your information may very well lead us to suggestions to improve your package to be acceptable so an LOI can become available.

It is far better to learn correctable bad news from us first than to waste months shopping a loan that is fatally flawed from the git go.

An educated, or educable, borrower always wins over time.


Nationwide Commercial Lender with ample funds and a consultative, educational approach. See Qualifying Tips at Successfully closing reasonable commercial loans requests for 35+ years.