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Amy Broghamer is a Realtor with Keller Williams Advisors in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is an Accredited Buyers Representative, a Certified Residential Specialist, a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and a decorated award winner with RE/MAX, The Ohio Association of Realtors and the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

Amy lives in Hyde Park and works in the East Cincinnati markets including Hyde Park, Oakley, Mt. Lookout, Mariemont, Terrace Park, Maderia, Indian Hill, Mt. Washington, Anderson, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Mason and West Chester, Amberly, Clifton, Glendale and many other areas of Cincnnati. 

Amy has countless hours of education and practical experience all focused towards helping her give her valued clients the best advantages when making their Real Estate decisions in Kentucky and Ohio.

Amy works to find buyers their dream homes and assists sellers to position their homes for sale. She resides in Hyde Park, Ohio with her husband Steve and two dogs. Amy loves advising buyers and sellers on what is usually their largest asset purchased, Real Estate!

Seller Services

Real estate in Cincinnati is very diverse, depending on your location. I work with sellers to create custom, original marketing plans based on their needs, the unique home and their location. I look forward to working with you and the sale of your home. As always, I am available via cell phone direct at 513-377-3637 all the time anytime.

MLS on day one When I take a listing, I plunge head first in getting the home and the marketing ready for the very first person who sees your home on the MLS. The first day is very important to the marketing of your newly listed home. I make it a point to load the listing into the MLS along with 6 color photos of the exterior and interior including detailed descriptions of each photo. I also load a virtual tour which often includes more than 60 additional color photos with detailed descriptions. Many people who are searching for homes are contacted each day via email from the MLS for new listings meeting their criteria. When they see your home for the first time on MLS, it has photos and descriptions so they can see the home immediately, make an educated decision of their interest via the photos and descriptions, and set up a showing! I keep all of my listings on my website, and they are updated instantly as contracts are accepted, closings occur and as listings enter the MLS marketplace . You would not believe the amount of new listings on the MLS without photos on the first day! Your home photos sell the house, and are a top priority for me and are guaranteed to be in the MLS on Day One! Your Home's Competition in the MLS At the same time that you have your home listed on the market, so do many other sellers. I think it is important to share with you daily other homes being listed or reduced in your price range. This helps you know where your home is in relation to any competition you may have in the market. You can compare your home to others listed at the same time and in the same price range to understand the process of the buyer. Internet/Web/Email Marketing Internet marketing is the future and the future is now. As many as 85% of all home buyers begin their home search on the internet. As the price range of home increases into the luxury level ($500,000+), even more home buyers begin on the internet. Your home will be listed on my two personal websites, as well as at least 7 others, and we are constantly adding more links and advertising to other sites to advertise your home to niche markets. REMAX.COM is an international site, and we have locations in over 50 countries. I have an email marketing campaign for Top Agents in their respective markets and inform them when a listing comes available that they may have buyers for. I utilize reverse prospecting amongst realtors, and we can talk more about this at our meeting. See more about my online marketing here. 24/7 As with all real estate matters, I am a professional, and I always answer my direct line, unless with a client. If I cannot answer your call live, I will return your call as soon as I have a free moment between homes or customers! Ask around and call a few agents just to see how quickly they return your calls, I am always ready to do business for my clients. Safety of your Home and Family I supply all of my listings with an Electronic Lock Box ONLY. This is a must, as safety is a priority when selling your home. The electronic lock box allows me to track each person who enters your home via an electronic "e-key" that only Realtors can access. This tracking is important to see who and when people were in the house. I don't use the older lock boxes because anyone could give out that secret code, and I prefer safety for my clients and myself. Upgraded Sign age I use upgraded, professional swing post signs. I feel in the areas I service, something different and more customized is appropriate. The signs I use are taller than other real estate signs, and sit 5 feet off of the ground for better visibility for both foot and car traffic. The signs are also reflective, so they can be seen in the darkness or in the darker winter months. I also provide directional signs in the event the home is located in a secluded area or we need to direct extra traffic from several different entrances to the home. In certain situations, a Take One box may be used as well. Open Houses I will hold various types of Open Houses at your request for the general public at many different times and days. I hold a Realtor Open House for agents with clients looking in the area for similar properties. My office pioneered this tour on Tuesdays, and I have used it to sell several properties in just a few hours of listing! Often I will incorporate into the Realtor Open Houses a luncheon for increased traffic into your home by agents! I can do Neighborhood Open Houses to increase awareness for your home amongst the neighbors, or an Open House targeting other professionals in your line of work, or a play group. The creative options to marketing your home have no limits. In-Home Directionals I often use in home directional signs to point out unique aspects or upgrades to the home that would increase value or accent a feature that is sometimes overlooked or forgotten. I also create and produce brochures for your home with photos, descriptions, features, disclosures and other information that would help to set your home apart and sell your home. 3-D Floor Plans I offer an optional customized 3D “Floor Plan in my menu of unique listing services. This allows buyers who have seen several homes in one day to better recall your unique floor plan, and perhaps begin visualizing their furniture in your home, thus facilitating an offer. Virtual Tours I utilize a Virtual Tour to market unique aspects of homes. These tours have as many photos that are necessary to depict the unique and historic features of your home. The photos include descriptions of the features, and their benefits to the buyer. Typically, there will be 30-100 photos included, depending on the size of the home. Photos can be included from the summer and winter months to show foliage and beautiful snow winter scenes, firework and skyline views. I also include lot descriptions and overhead views of the property lines, and any additional warranty info you might want to include for buyers to consider. Agent Present at Showing I'e shown proven success by attending showings and Selling the home. This has resulted in several quick sales (less than 50 hours on the market). Ask Amy about this option at your meeting with her, or call for more information. Creative Marketing I mail “Just Listed postcards to buyers in other areas that would likely be moving up into the type of home you are marketing. I often advertise in local magazines and papers depending on the time frame we have to work with. I advertise myself and my website to direct potential buyers to the listings I offer. I have added Floor Plans and Survey Plats to my standard listing information to give buyers all the information on your home . Showing Feedback I consistently follow up with agents who show the home to gain feedback with regards to location, pricing, amenities, et cetera so that we are aware of the perception of home buyers. This feedback often helps us make necessary changes to sell the home more quickly. Incentives Home Owner and Seller incentives often vary but sometimes include, Free Dry cleaning, Free Home Security System Installation and Systems. Ask what is available to you at our meeting.     Buyer Services Things to think about before you go Shopping for a house in the Cincinnati Real Estate market: What type of down payment will you have? What are you pre-approved to buy? What type of loan will you be selecting? What are the three most important aspects when selecting a home? (Schools, Return on Investment, Location etc) What are your wants and what are your needs? I look forward to working with you to find the home of your dreams!

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Accredited Buyers Representative I have received an A.B.R. designation, of which only about 3% of Realtors across the country hold. It is a process that requires actual experience working with buyers as well as coursework. As a Buyers Representative, there are many unique circumstances in which excellent representation by a Realtor will put you, as a buyer, in a better position to purchase and negotiate on a home. These skills of negotiation and experienced buyer representation are what I bring to the table for you, the BUYER! Please see my testimonials for examples of my work with previous buyers. 24/7 I am a professional with all real estate matters, and I always answer my direct line, unless with a client. If I cannot answer your call live, I will return your call as soon as I have a free moment between homes or customers! Ask around and call a few agents just to see how quickly they return your calls, I am always ready to do business for my clients. Free I represent Buyers FREE of charge. I bring the expertise and negotiation skills to your home purchase all the way to closing day and you pay NOTHING to have the experience and representation of a professional! Pre-Approval As a Buyers Representative, I require that all of my clients speak to a local lending professional about their budget and price range for purchasing a home. This is in the very best interest of the buyer, so that you are viewed by any seller as a strong and qualified buyer. Additionally, so we use our time as wisely as possible, having a pre-approval will allow us to view homes that work with your budget. Walking into an offer situation with a pre-approval is leverage to getting you the home of your dreams, as quickly as possible, and in a multiple offer situation, may be the difference between being selected as the buyer and not getting the home of your dreams. Monthly house payments are often the final decision maker when purchasing a home, and with a professional local lender, they can guide you to where your comfort level is when looking at potential properties. Please check the Local Lenders page for professional and competitive Lender suggestions! It's Your Home I want to know what you and your family want and need in your home purchase. I want to help you find what works best for you, considering variables such as schools, financial concerns, highway locales, shopping, number of bedrooms, parking needs, or a fenced yard for doggies. I want you to find the home you have been dreaming of, and will work very hard to find you and your family what you need and dream of. I work within your schedule to see homes, morning, lunch hour, evening, weekends and holidays, If you have to see it, we will be there as soon as humanly possible! Select to Email me your dream home criteria here. Communication The internet provides a vast amount of knowledge and information especially for real estate today! After meeting with buyers, I compile a list of criteria that you determine must be met in order to consider buying a home; areas, bedrooms, garage and other criteria. I set you up on an automatic email system in which any home that meets your criteria will be emailed to your inbox as they become listed in the Multiple Listing Service, anytime of the day or night. The system checks new home listings for your criteria and alerts both you and I each time a home is found that meet your needs. As soon as a house is put on the market that matches your criteria, you will be notified, and have the opportunity to be the first to view the home. From the time you begin your search, to the time you find your home and we begin the process of writing an offer, communication is top priority for EVERYONE involved in the transaction. After the contract Let the negotiations begin! I will work with you and the listing agent to get you the best terms and price for the home possible. I will do a search for comparable properties and square footage and even consider other homes which have sold on the same street to get a good handle on the value of the home. I will create a complete presentation and deliver it to the listing agent as well as the home seller as soon as possible after the ink has dried. Inspections and Estimates Inspections are a must when investing in a home! I have access to all types of inspectors, and because of my relationship with them, they are often very quick to schedule the inspections. Whole house, termite, radon, roof, structure, mold, HVAC - anything you can think of - we can get it done in a very short amount of time. Contractors and licensed professionals are often called after the inspections to get an idea of the cost of suggested repairs on the home. I will work to get these done in the time frame necessary to counter offer with the seller for needed repairs or maintenance on the home. I will also schedule a final walk through the day before the closing to ensure any repairs or maintenance were completed. Please see The Home Inspection Process to learn more about these inspectors and Vendor Links to get more info on preferred vendors. Lending and Title I will be in constant communication with the lender involved with the transaction to make sure the Appraiser and Inspectors can get their jobs done and the Insurance Agent can get into the home to do all of the work necessary to get you to the closing table. At the time of closing I can suggest appropriate home warranty options for your first year in the home. 24 hours prior to closing the HUD1 Settlement Statement will be available for you and I to review and understand before ever stepping into the closing room.

Amy Broghamer is a Realtor with Keller Williams Advisors in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is an Accredited Buyers Representative, a Certified Residential Specialist, a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Speciali