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The Loan Doctors  is a group of Credit Specialists and Mortgage Bankers in North Scottsdale, AZ  who have helped Arizona residents achieve the American Dream for over a decade.

The Loan Doctors Team understands that perfect credit is rare these days and credit challenges shouldn't stop a buyer from owning a home in  Arizona. When meeting with The Loan Doctors, we help you create a personalized plan and give you our recommendation of what needs to be done so that you are able to buy in the near future.  We then continue to support, encourage, and motivate you to implement your plan in order to reach your goal of homeownership


Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked:

       I have been denied before, what do I need to so that I can qualify?

       I've had a foreclosure or bankruptcy, or short sale in the last few years; will I ever be able to buy a home?

       I have a low credit score, how do I fix it?

       I don't have any credit, how do I start building my credit if no one will

       approve me for anything?

              I have unpaid collections, will I still be able to buy a home?

       How do I deal with creditors and credit bureaus?





Thousands of individuals are either turned down or simply given the wrong information about their credit issues, what they can qualify for and what types of programs are available if your credit is not perfect. In 95% of the cases we review, there are just a few very simple steps that are needed to get your credit to a qualifying level. Only a small portion of the time will you need full time assistance to improve your credit.

Our mission is to shed some light on a subject that most bankers and lenders are not willing to discuss in detail. We really are here to help and educate the consumer about credit misconceptions and how purchasing a home will dramatically change their financial profile. So when you have any questions, please to call The Loan Doctors call us at 602-492-5152 or apply online


Licensed Mortgage Bankers & Certified Credit Consultants - Making home ownership possible for the past 10 years.