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Training is my passion. New Agents, call and ask about the training here at Crown Realty.

Get to know Barbara Hoffman

After 25 years of listing and selling real estate, I became a Broker/Manager for Crown Realty.  Five years later, I decided to retire but during my management years, one of my jobs was to train new, incoming agents for the company.  When retirement date finally came, I just couldn't let go of the training.  I have continued to train new agents and it has become a passion with me.

Watching the success of these new agents is a real joy. 


When I began my career many, many years ago, I worked in a small town where the only homes were small 3 bedroom homes priced for a first time home buyer who always financed them using FHA.  And, interest rates were steady at 11%.  You had to become really good at qualifying a buyer, finding a lender who specialized in FHA and hoping for a good appraisal.  After several years, these same buyers would return to list their home and purchase a larger one with a nice price tag.  Suddenly I realized what I had been told and that was the principal of the snow ball effect.  Toward the end of my listing and selling career, I was selling and listing the homes of sons and daughters of those first time home buyers.  I attribute that success to the fact that I always staid in touch with all my previous clients. 

Today I tell all the new agents that the way to a successful career is to set a goal of 5+ new, first time homebuyers per years for the first 10 years of your career.  Success will follow.

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