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Get to Know Barry Morris
ProCaseStudies is dedicated to creating products and services that create lasting value and drive repeat business to each of our clients.  Our success is built on a foundation of caring for you and your customers at every phase of our relationship. There is nothing more important to us than your success. About Me After nearly twenty years in business management and communications consulting in higher education, construction, and health care, I founded ProCaseStudies to provide a more effective manner of generating referrals for small business.I've published two business books on copywriting, A Copywriter's Dream Business: Three Steps To Leveraging Your Time & Talent To Create the Business (and the Life) You Deserve, and Becoming Irresistible: How To Pack Your Copywriting Business With Five New Clients Each Month.  A third volume is in progress.  I live on the beach in Aptos, California with my 11 year-old son, Justin.

What if you never had to ask another client for a referral...and they still flooded in?

Could your small business get used to a steady stream of referrals without asking for them?

No one likes asking for referrals
Every marketing book will tell you the same thing. They'll tell you that 90% of your business comes from referrals. That you should ask for referrals. That you'll double, triple, even quadruple your business with referrals. And you know the books are right. You know that your business does largely run on referrals.
Asking for referrals makes you uncomfortable
Asking for a referral can be both unpleasant, and a bit embarrassing.  No matter what all the popular books on referrals say, asking for them comes from a place of scarcity.  When you approach clients from there, you feel inadequate and often avoid implementing a system for generating referrals altogether.

Wouldn't it be great obtaining referrals - week after week - without having to approach your clients with that awkward conversation? Wouldn't it be a relief not to sound like you're desperate for business?

ProCaseStudies can help
Hi. My name is Barry Morris and I have some good news for you. If you've ever felt apprehensive about approaching one of your best clients for a referral but backed away at the last minute because it didn't feel right or you felt uncomfortable, you're not alone.  Nearly every business owner I know (including me) feels this way. 

Here's what some colleagues said told me about how it feels to ask for a referral:

I never ask for referrals. I know I should, but it doesn't sit well with me.I'm afraid of damaging the relationship with my client. They might think I'm desperate for business and I don't want them to think that.If I shine the spotlight too brightly on myself, my flaws will be exposed. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.It feels strange, I feel like I'm putting people on the spot; I feel like I shouldn't need referrals.

A new paradigm for generating referrals
Imagine having a completely different conversation. What if you approached your client with a strategy that helped them attract more business? Do you think they'd jump at such a win-win opportunity? Do you think they'd perceive you as a valuable colleague and not as a needy salesperson desperate for business? How much better would that feel?

ProCaseStudies takes the pain out of the referral process
We can help you create a win-win experience that provides additional exposure for your client and drives referrals to your business. You can turn lukewarm prospects into red-hot customers and open the gates to a flood of referrals.

Referrals Forever  If you'd like to learn more about how to generate referrals without sounding desperate or bothering your best clients, I invite you to download my free report: Filing Cabinet Gold: How to Generate a Flood of Referrals by Mining The Gold In Your Filing Cabinet. It's free and it explains how ProCaseStudies can bring your customer's success to life and generate a flood of referrals for you.   Filing Cabinet Gold also tells the story of how one of my clients used a case study to generate over $500,000 in new business in just under two-weeks. You'll also receive our bi-weekly update with articles about how to keep referrals coming in for the life of your business.

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ProCaseStudies interviews your most satisfied clients and creates a case study that builds credibility and trust with potential clients. ProCaseStudies:: Never As For Another Referral