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I am the broker Rosemont Financial Inc, my real estate back ground starts with my grandmother, through my mother and now to me.  I myself have been in the industry for 12 years, and have an extensive background in mortgages and real estate.  I am what you call a true Hybrid Agent, I can make sure your loan process and real estate transaction goes smoothly.  If you are looking to purchase your first home or to refinance your current home I can help. I just got my new website up and running it's still kind of still kind of under construction but here it is  If you would like to see Ventura Counties listings click here!!!A few things about Simi Valley California: Simi Valley- Simi Valley is located about an hour north/east of Los Angeles California.  You have seen Simi Valley and probably did not know it.  We are with-in the Hollywood filming zone, so it feels like something is always being filmed here.  We had the classic Errol Flynn Robin Hood, too many westerns to count.  Then there are the Reality Shows, it feels like every home improvement show to the Biggest Looser has been filmed in Simi Valley.    Simi Valley also has been listed as one of the safest cities in America, the truth about Simi Valley is we have over 130k residence, but we act like there is only 30k residence.  We do consider ourselves small town, and act like it, when I had a baby, my neighbors brought me meals and cookies, we still watch out for each other.  Lastly we have a National Treasure in our backyard, Ronald Regan and his beautiful library is here.     Outside of Real Estate, I can be found playing the role of wife and mom, I have three children two boys one girl.  If that does not keep me busy enough I am also a co-founder of CATTS  "Care about TaTas".  This group raises money for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, our goal is to raise 10k this year for breast cancer awareness and to find a cure. We do this is several different ways, the first way is we put on 5k walks in hopes to get the word out about breast cancer.  The second way is through donations from friends, family and lenders who donate money for the important cause.  To find out more about that CATTS, please goto   Another odd fact about me is at the tender age of 33 I am an accomplished quilter. I find quilting teaches me a lot about real estate.  A quilt can take me months to complete (it can take months to find the perfect home for my buyers), I have to be creative in how my quilt will look and feel ( I have to be creative in finding the perfect home for my clients, a home they can live in and afford) and lastly I get to experience the joy of giving my quilt to a special person ( the same feeling you get when you give the keys to a buyer).   I love real estate, I have the knowledge you will need in a Realtor or Loan Officer, if you have any real estate questions please give me a call at 805-857-0484.   



I am a true real estate expert, I with my mortgage background and love of all things real estate, I am passionate about getting families into the right home with the right mortgage for them.  My goal is to  develop a long term relationship with my clients, they become like family to me.  I have a strong sense of family, and love to work with people to help improve there lives through real estate. I  I have been asked where did the 'family' come from in our name Exit Family Realty.  Family comes from two places, first I am married with three children, and my partner is married with five children so we both have a great sense of family.  It also comes from that all of our agents and clients become one big family.  As in every family we are here to support each other in all aspects of life.  

I am a FHA specialist, who can teach you how to get approved to sell FHA loans. Ask me how