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Best Agent Business is committed to providing part time virtual assistance service to top real estate agents.  Our philosophy is what makes us different. 

We believe that everyone has unique talents that come naturally and are easy, fun, energizing, and motivating.  The more time you spend using your unique abilities, the more focused you are and the more you will achieve.  Why is this?  Your unique talents are things you are passionate about doing, so you will want to do them as much as possible.  You keep getting better at these things the more you do them..  Your unique abilities are energizing for you and those around you.  Other people notice and value your unique talents.

If you focus your energy on what you love to do and what you do best ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Using this philosophy of our parent company Lifebushido, Best Agent Business offers our clients the chance to focus on the sales they do best and leave the administrative work to us.  Meanwhile, we recruit a part time virtual workforce and assign them tasks that will utilize their unique talents so you can have more time to pursue yours.  Our system of recruiting and hiring focuses on finding the people we need whose expertise, training, and passion corresponds to our needs - and yours!

We are committed to providing job opportunities to stay at home moms and other who prefer to work at home.  Many people in this position have great skills in the areas of sales, marketing, administration, graphics, and accounting.  Because they have small children or home-based commitments, working from home offers them a chance to exercise their skills from their home office.  You benefit from our hiring plan by obtaining top notch marketing and administrative services at a very reasonable cost. In this high tech world of ours, many of the services you need can as easily be provided to you by our part time virtual staff as by someone in the next room.


To discuss how we can help you, Steve Kantor will conduct a phone call with you to discuss your business needs and help you prioritize what would help you to be successful, based on his many years in the business and technology world.  We find most agents need help cleaning up their databases, producing flyers and other marketing pieces, enhancing their website, and starting and maintaining blogging and social networking sites, but we can tailor our services to your needs. Some agents even want our editorial expertise to publish a book. We make recommendations but we then work according to your priority.

•  Marketing, Listing, and Closing Assistance

•  Office, Database, and Mailing Assistance

•  Web Design, Graphic Design, and other Valuable Services

We have packages available for 5-7 hours per week currently priced at $495 or for10-15 hours priced at $995.  Sampler packages are available for $99 if you want to try our services or achieve a specific goal such as:

•   Setting up your blogging and social media sites

•   Developing Business Plan with Marketing and Budget Plan

•   Client Marketing Profit Enhancement

•   Website Critique and Mystery Shopper

•   Listing Marketing Plan

•   Database Audit and Analysis After you have sampled our services, we hope you will then sign up for a monthly service packages so you can fully experience the business growth only possible when you have the time to let loose your full potential. As a Best Agent Business client, we strive to offer you VALUE PLUS service.  We help you meet your goal but also make accessible  a variety of other services under the umbrella of our company, Lifebushido. •  Best Agent Books •  Goalbushido •  Orange Passion •  Billion Dollar Agent  Put yourself and your business on the fast track by learning how we can free you to pursue your unique talents.  Schedule a call with Steve Kantor today!










Best Agent Business provides part-time virtual assistants to top real estate agents. Schedule a call with Steve Kantor at