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In 1996, I began Allied Rehab in Baltimore, MD. Allied Rehab's primary focus was home health care in the residential setting. The typical patient receiving home care services is someone who is discharged from a hospital and still needs therapy but can't safely leave the house to attend outpatient therapy in a clinic. Within 2 years, Allied Rehab employed 43 PTs, OTs, and SLPs.  In 1998, I opened a sister company called USA Rehab, which sells home medical equipment (wheelchairs, beds, lifts, bathroom safety, etc.) to home care patients. Due to the growth and success of USA Rehab, Allied Rehab was sold so I could focus on the medical equipment business.  Today, I still own USA Rehab however my wife, Shara, is responsible for its daily operations.  Shara's experience as a licensed Occupational Therapist certified as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) ensures the business is in capable hands. 

Developing and operating these businesses has given me with an in-depth understanding of health care insurance in terms of what's covered, how to get a service/product covered, the appeal process, among other things related to therapy and medical equipment. As a housing consultant, this experience still serves me well today.

After years of working with my clients in their homes, I saw how physical disabilities often confined them to one room with little or no independence since they didn't generally have a main level bedroom or bathroom. That was the impetus behind my interest and passion in Universal Design, real estate, and construction. Over the past 10 years, I've acquired various licenses and certifications in real estate and construction and now specialize in Accessible and Universal Design housing.

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My real estate and construction background combined with my experience working with assistive devices make me an expert in all facets of Accessible and Universal Design housing. I work as a full time consultant for various insurance carriers handling short and long term housing issues for their clients. These services include onsite assessments, design and development of barrier-free living environments, creating work plans and specifications, contractor solicitation, and project management. I've also handled the purchase of real estate for insurance companies for their clients on a national level. For the past 3 years, I've worked full time as an accessible housing consultant typically in the insurance industry.

My true interest and passion is real estate. Aside from my professional experience, my personal hobby includes being a real estate investor. I activley buy, sell or hold property. My goal is to execute one real estate transaction per year. In 2011, I'm building a Universal Design house in Baltimore, MD which will be sold as a fully accessible house. This will be a unique property since truely accessible houses are rarely, if ever, are available. In 2012, I plan to develop and build a residentail office on land I currently own in Baltimore. My goal is to rent the house to "residential office" businesses such as mortage brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, etc. 

My strength as a housing consultant is my ability to develop cost-effective solutions that addess all medical, equipment/assistive device, contracting, and real estate requirements. Developing a plan without a complete understanding of all these considerations will often result in a less-than-desirable project plan. All of these components, among other considerations, need to work together within the living environment. Operprating my various business interests and being actively engaged in the real estate market allow me to stay current within the field.

From time to time, I work as a traditional real estate agent in Maryland. I typically work as a Buyer's agent since I have the ability to identify the most appropriate house, and needing the fewest modifications, for my clients based on their diagnosis, assistive devices, cost to modify, along with a variety of other considerations.


Specializing in the acquisition and/or modification of housing to meet the needs of physically disabled individuals.