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MyST Technology Partners, Inc. is a privately held technology research and development company focused on creating new and useful Web 2.0 products and services. Our research and product development centers around the MyST Platform™, a highly agile XML web services platform that provides the foundation for a variety of products and services, including MyST Blogsite™ and MyST Enterprise RSS Services™. MyST Blogsite™ is the foundational platform used by Real Estate Blogsites.

MyST Blogsite services are offered through our network of channel partners and authorized resellers.  MyST Enterprise RSS Services are available to larger organizations directly from us.  To inquire or comment about these services, finding or becoming a channel partner or reseller, or just to say hello, please visit our Contact Us page.

Background on MyST Technology Partners, Inc.

MyST was founded in 2002 by software industry veterans Bill French and F. Andy Seidl.  The company introduced the MyST Web Services Platform™ and the MySmartChannels Weblog Application Server™ in 2003.  Building on that technology stack, MyST introduced MyST Blogsite and MyST Enterprise RSS Services in 2004, MySmartChannels ORS™ (Office Research Services) and MySmartChannels Smart Tags™ (Microsoft® Office compatible smart tag subscription services) in 2005, and MyST Topic Cloud™ in 2006.  MyST is continuing to develop innovative products and services that leverage XML standards-based services of the underlying MyST Platform.

About The Founders

Bill French and F. Andy Seidl are each technology innovators and entrepreneurs with over twenty-five years experience in the software industry.  Each has developed dozens of commercial software applications, tools, and services spanning a wide range of markets.  Two separate acquisitions of their previous companies (Site Technologies, Inc. and Genitor Corporation) brought both Bill and Andy into Starbase Corporation.

At Starbase (now Borland), Bill and Andy joined forces in 2000, heading up a forward-looking research project, code named Elmer—Bill as Chief Ingenuity Officer and Technology Evangelist; Andy as Chief Architect of Emerging Technologies.  Their research focused on the information tsunami that is plaguing businesses of all sizes and specifically how topic map (XTM) technology might be brought to bear on the issues of information and knowledge management.

In early 2002, Bill and Andy left Starbase to form MyST Technology Partners, Inc., with a vision of building a standards-based XML web services platform that could be used to chip away the many problems in information and knowledge management, search, and discovery that were not being adequately addressed within organizations.


MyST Technology Partners creates technologies and services that help companies create highly visible content on the Internet.

MyST Blogsite™ – For companies seeking increased Internet visibility within targeted market segments, a MyST Blogsite is a turnkey micro site that provides greater discoverability via high search engine rankings and ongoing brand impressions right on the customers desktop via RSS and other notification techniques. Unlike traditional web marketing approaches that require marketing managers to anticipate all phrases used to find their product or service, MyST Blogsite creates sustainable visibility for hundreds—even thousands—of relevant search phrases using a unique blending of weblogs, content syndication, and automated business intelligence. The result is a formidable web presence that can be managed effectively by non-technical users with minimal marketing department effort a+nd no IT department involvement. To learn more and to see example sites, please visit: 

MyST Enterprise RSS Services™ – For large organizations seeking to RSS enable existing content sources with minimal risk, MyST Enterprise RSS Services delivers high-quality RSS, Atom, and other content syndication capabilities with minimal impact on existing content management processes or IT infrastructure.  MyST services include automated content mapping, XML feed generation, analytic instrumentation and tracking, and feed hosting services.  MyST services support multiple languages and character encodings.  To see examples of our services in action, please visit: or


Internet visibility and technology consultant specializing in real estate, marketing, and advertorial products and services to identify cutting-edge methodologies for creating competitive advantage.