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In this time of mortgage lending transition, it is important that your lender think out of the box and not just be your average Joe. Our passion is to educate, inform and allow the borrowers to make the right decision for themselves in regard to their financing. Along with educating our clients, we give options along with the pros and cons of the decision they are contemplating. We very much enjoy the people we work with and the referrals of new clients because the process is about them, not what we know. Who do you know that is seeking to be 'wowed'?


Having a knowledge in most areas of the mortgage industry, I have seen many changes over the past 16 years. Be it first time home buyers or move up buyers, it is nice to have all the products available to assist those with just about every loan program available on the market. We do not get involved with loan modifications but we do give direction on how to deal with the lender directly, where we have seen the borrower's achieve good success in improving their situation.


Having served in the mortgage industry for the past 16 years, I very much enjoy the opportunity to assist those not only in mortgage planning but credit advice as well.