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A Non-Recourse Stock Loan is a loan against the value of a security or portfolio of securities whereby the shareholder can borrow up to 80% LTV without selling the shares thus retaining the upside potential. If the stock depreciates below the LTV value the borrower can elect to walk away and forfeit the stock without any further liability (non-recourse). This product is available for virtually any publicly traded stock or bonds on a major global market. Higher LTV's may be available for qualifying bonds, warrants, and call options.

Our programs are designed to access untapped capital resources to be re-deployed elsewhere. Whether to diversify or hedge current stock positions, satisfy other business needs or for personal usage, our customized solutions offer immediate access to money with the most favorable terms available. All StockLine LTD's stock loan programs are personalized to fit the borrower's particular needs and structured to conform to all regulatory and legal standards. In some cases our clients retain full voting rights and dividend payments.

Our clients have a wide range of sophisticated hedging strategies that can work in conjunction with a loan, depending on the bullish or bearish sentiment of the investor.

We also offer a wide range of lending products for affiliate free-trading and restricted stock. We can demonstrate audited assets through a top-20 accounting firm and the program includes a third party insurance guarantee on performance and return of the client's shares.


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