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As an entrepreneur, I firmly believe my broad business background, combined with the finance and marketing experience allows for customized solutions for first time buyers that are getting started, as well as serving the most discriminating investor who does not concern oneself with finances, but rather cash flow and its impact on one's respective business and investments. During this ever changing marketplace, one cannot allow for shoddy financial advice from an inexperienced mortgage banker, broker, or direct lender. Even worse, today's environment will treat inexperienced agents worse than ever before, as the complexities of the market have changed with the continued advent of the internet. Can you afford to let your home sit on the market rotting away wondering why it will not sell, when today's market provides for excellent opportunities to purchase at great price points, driven by desperate sellers and/or builders?

Furthermore, I believe that in order to survive, you must constantly change, refine, and change again. Experience is the best teacher one can think of. In today's environment this more true than ever. Even if you've never experienced what is occurring today, you should at least learn from it. Partner up with anyone that knows more than you do in your field, or a related field. I have a few mentors that I've come to rely on in the last 20 years, and they are my absolutely saving grace when I am stumped! They push me to think, and I do the same to them even if they have more experience than I.


The last few years of distressed inventory have provided opportunities that I never imagined. REAL contacts. REAL deals. REAL exciting!

Bill authored 'Finding Foreclosures', distributed by Entrepreneur Press back on August 1, 2007, before most people even knew what a foreclosure really was.  Bill Nazur has co-authored this latest venture with Dr. Danielle Babb, a close friend and client, who can also be researched at Interested in buying the book now?

The book is every bit as relevant today, though you wouldn't know it from the title. Consumers and industry professionals alike have embraced the content of the book as it helps them avoid countless pitfalls in buying their first, fifth, or tenth home given the distressed inventory environment.

Bill Nazur boasts a 95% ratio of return clients in the ever competitive mortgage industry. A key to his success lies in his ability to review and understand each client's specific needs, and customize a mortgage that will help each client satisfy their individual desires. Though he works on originating mortgage loans, Bill has a network of trusted advisors consisting of Certified Financial Planners, CPA's, Realtors, Brokers, and even other bankers, from which his clients greatly benefit. With over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Finance, Bill has worked with every client ranging from first time homebuyers, to the most discriminating investor, having financed over 200 clients each year for the last five consecutive years.

Bill has worked for major lending institutions, such as Bank of America and Washington Mutual, as well as in the Sales & Marketing, and Finance fields of Marriott and Starwood Hotels since 1987.  Bill has been a multiple year President's Club recipient and Top Producer since 1989.

Bill has membership and serves in several professional organizations, such as the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, the Pacific West Association of Realtors, and the Women's Council of Realtors of Whittier in helping hone his skills, and acquire new ones in a continually changing real estate environment throughout the United States.

Author currently resides in Corona, California


Real Estate and Media Advisor- President and Co-Founder, Southern California Real Estate Professionals; Author of Finding Foreclosures by Entrepreneur prior to the mortgage meltdown