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BizLinc is an online community that brings together event organizers, venues, advertisers, small businesses and the general public. We provide the means for you to stay engaged in the local community, communicate with other professionals and work together with small businesses. Throughour local weekend events calendars and your personalized eFlyers, BizLinc connects small businesses, communities and people.

Real estate agents and other small businesses

Are you looking for a way to let your clients know that you are involved in the community and provide
them with a way to connect to the community as well? Our weekly events calendars include movie
openings, sporting events, family-friendly activities, community events, festivals, concerts, theater and
much more. Our unlimited eFlyers allow you to stay in touch with your customers concerning all of
your new listings, specials, and coming area attractions. Our business directory has local businesses
you can market through to draw even more customers to your business. BizLinc provides all this for a
flat, low monthly fee.

General Public

We offer information specially crafted for the general public. Do your clients’ families want to
know what’s going on this weekend in your community? Do want to keep them abreast of the latest
networking and mingling opportunities? BizLinc’s local weekend events calendars are what you need
to keep up-to-date on your community’s events.

Venues & Event Organizers

We offer special opportunities for local venues and event organizers. BizLinc’s new enhancements
make publicizing local events easier than ever! The new web-based events page allows you, event
organizers, and venues to directly enter the event information into our local calendars. Our calendars
get distributed weekly to over 70,000 active subscribers. Don’t worry about what the event is. We list
them all!


BizLinc’s new enhancements make advertising businesses easier than ever! It doesn’t matter if you are
a real estate agent, freelance consultant, or an oil change expert, BizLinc is for you!

You can register in our business directory for free. You can also step it up a notch and become one of
our “elite” advertisers. Each participating advertiser will have the opportunity to find and work with
other BizLinc businesses. With BizLinc you get more than an ad, you get a one-on-one relationship.

After you become an advertiser, you can also ask other area businesses that are not BizLinc members to
become advertising partners with you. They can get the great benefits of advertising through BizLinc,
and you get to have them in your personal Business Directory.

In addition, our in-house graphic designer will create your custom advertising image to appear on the

local events calendars and to be viewed by all of your BizLinc Business partner’s clients. The cost is
minimal, but the rewards are abundant.

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