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"In today's competitive marketplace there's no simply no better way to distinguish your listing & your brand than by marketing it withprofessional photography." 

At a Glance - Residential Architecture Photography:


Your business thrives on it, your clients expect it. You understand how important it is, not only to market yourself as a professional,but to market your listings as exceptional. With that in mind, I'd like to pose a question:

Is your photography the best it could be?

Many top producing agents have found that using an exceptional photographer sets them apart and helps them build a branded,successful business.   

I invite you to look through my profile and visit my website, and if you agree that the level of excellence I provide is something yourbusiness could use, contact me so I can get to know your specific photography needs and discuss how my business can help growyours.


At a Glance - Commercial Architecure Photography:







Let's take a closer look at Brand Identity:

Customer Experience: A few years back my sister sold her house. Her agent advised her to repaint a room a more palatablecolor. My sister didn't have time, so the agent volunteered to take care of it for her. It was a 'Wow' moment, and my sisterbrings up the great service she received from this agent every time real estate is discussed. Photography will often have thesame impact on your customers. Why? Because everyone intuitively understands that products that are marketedprofessionally always make use of custom photography. Listing Presentation: Ever put together a listing presentation where the client ultimately chose another agent? Imagine asingle tool for your listing presentation which could dramatically influence your success rate. My clients report that the imageportfolio I provide for listing presentations has a significant impact not to mention the listings that were acquired solely on thepromise of bringing in a professional.Establishing Your Value: If you haven't run into a homeowner yet who questions the value of an agent charging 3%, letalone a Redfin will. Hopefully you've established a cohesive argument and are able to demonstrate why youare are so valuable. Professional photography is an excellent way to communicate one of the many ways you are working hardto maximize the value for your client.

...And Image Quality:

Proven Experience: Unlike most of the competition, I'm classically trained in fine arts. My unique background allows me toblend my vast experience in digital imaging with experience and expertise to 'see' the images that offer the most impact formarketing a home. Most agents find after working with me for only a short period of time that they don't even need to beonsite, something that saves them time and money.  Emotional vs. Evidentiary: Remember, buying a home is a rational decision...which home is purchased is an emotionaldecision. When working with residential or commercial property my focus is set squarely on producing images that not onlydescribe the space itself but lend feeling to it. Professionally shot images have the power to convey warmth, spaciousness,elegance, peacefulness, luxury, safety etc. So many agents rely on simple snapshots of 'features', ignoring almost completelythe impact that exceptional images have on their marketing.    HDR Imaging: I'm able to offer something very unique, even among established photographers via High (or extended)Dynamic Range Images. Most cameras can only 'see' a limited range of highlight and shadow. Using a combination of state ofthe art hardware and software I'm able to capture all the highs and lows. What does this mean for my clients? Crystal clearblue skies, the full range of light even in cramped rooms that might otherwise be dark, windows you can see the view out ofrather than just a white blur. In short I'm able to produce much more true to life images. Custom Post Processing: Today's darkroom is a digital one, there are a wide range of tools available as a result. Colors andcontrast can be enhanced, unwanted or distracting objects removed, lighting can be modified, added, or even eliminated.Every aspect of an image can be fine tuned to the smallest detail, ensuring the maximum possible picture quality. You shouldaccept nothing less. 

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