Robert Rose

821 Central St

Franklin , NH 03235

Get to know Robert Rose

I grew up in Mass. and have lived in NH for the past 13 years. Having moved around a bit I can truely say that NH is the greatest place we have ever lived. If you are raising a family or are thinking about having a family in the near future NH is the state to do it in. With our White Mountains and State Forests you will never lack for family activities or things to do, so come check us out and you too will fall in love with NH.

I truely can say that I really enjoy helping first time home buyers find that perfect first place. I guess you can call them, "property virgins". Wait, isn't that a show on TV? Oh well.  Just the look on their faces when you tell them," You got it,"  is priceless and you know that being their first place will hold many memories for years to come.    

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