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Excerpt from New real estate business is Enlightening Written by Paul Snyder Posted Sep 26 2006 Daily Reporter. Complete Artile at www.EnlighteningRealEstate.com

"Al Gore, for one, would be proud.

After all, all it took was a viewing of his recent movie, An Inconvenient Truth, to give Brent Sainsbury and Jenny Persha an idea: an environmentally conscious real estate group.

"Jenny's got a bit of an environmental background, and she took me to see the movie," Sainsbury said. "I was just shocked by the movie. I come from a very business-oriented background, and the common notion seems to be that the business field and environmental field are always at odds and can't work together. You'd be surprised how easily they can."

Persha's background in the Sierra Club and Sainsbury's experience in real estate made starting up their new venture, Enlightening Real Estate, seem a solid idea. They've already taken on their first client and are getting enthusiastic reactions from potential homebuyers in the Madison area.

And Sainsbury and Persha are talking about saving energy in any number of ways with the business, even down to walking tours of the group's featured properties to save on gas and carbon emissions from automobiles."

All client receive a choice of Home Performance with Energy Star Evaluation or One year Membership to community car   or We will off set there home's CO2 Emissions for a year We provide all clients with CFL light bulbs Effectively Market Homes using Enviro-Friendly methods Pledge to reduce Carbon Emissions Activist in City issues trying to protect Environment Promote Energy Mortgages Promote Location Mortgages Stay in Continuous contact with our clients

www.MadRelo.com Relocation Company and www.EnlighteningRealEstate.com Madison's first Enivromental Real Estate Group. All clients receive CFL Light bulbs, Home Performance with Energy Star Evaluation