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Residential Real Estate, Exclusive Homes and Waterfront Properties I also specialize in Short Sales which assists homeowners in avoiding foreclosure.

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While working with Real Estate Broker Brian Geraghty of David Wain Realty, LLC, our family received some of the best attention has ever been extended to me during the selling process. The overall professionalism, level of communication, level of commitment, and amount of time taken in putting our house on the market to then getting the sale (including time it took to close) was nothing short of admirable. Not only was Mr. Geraghty thorough, he offered additional recommendations and made me feel valued as a client. My experience with Mr. Geraghty has reaffirmed by opinions regarding David Wain Realty, LLC and its commitment to service. It is my belief that Mr. Geraghty is not only an asset to his organization and trade, but an example in which all persons working in any service oriented industry should follow. Because I feel that it is important to recognize those individuals who make it a personal commitment to valuing service and clients, I have taken the time to address this commendation. I trust that Mr. Geraghty will be awarded and recognized for his outstanding customer service and a job well done. His exceptional conduct has confirmed our decision to use David Wain Realty, LLC as our realtor of choice.


Ran Gimeno


I put my Ft. Lauderdale house on the market in 2005 and moved back north. By 2008, I had had it listed with three different agents, but no one seemed able to sell it.  I had just about lost hope when I met Brian Geraghty. It's easy to explain what Brian did to sell the house, but it's hard to believe that anyone would go so far beyond what is expected, to make a sale.  Brian brought a level of energy that I have never witnessed in any of my experiences working with various agents over thirty years. Initially, he helped me to be realistic about how to price the house.  As anyone would, he walked with me through the house and around the property and made suggestions for what I should do to make it more saleable. This is where comparisons with other agents stop. A few days later, Brian showed up with his power washer and cleaned both driveways, the walkway to the front door, and the pavers around the pool. That weekend he sent me to Home Depot for bags of mulch and said he'd be at my house by the time I got back. When I returned, I found him standing on my roof removing fallen giant palm fronds. Then he trimmed back overgrown bougainvillea and dead branches all around the yard. Next, side-by-side, on our hands and knees, Brian and I mulched around flower beds and under bushes to give the front yard a more manicured look. He actually redesigned the front entrance by pulling up ferns and placing a concrete bench in a more attractive location.  I know it's almost impossible to imagine anyone, short of a best friend or a paid landscaper, going to all this trouble.  I returned to Connecticut and two weeks later the magical phone call came telling me we had a buyer. Two weeks later! I cannot say enough about this dedicated and amazingly energetic man. He loves what he does and goes far beyond the extra mile to be successful for his clients.

Dale Flaste      


"Brian Geraghty is the perfect hybrid. He is one of those rare individuals who can simultaneously balance a solid business, negotiating, and financial acumen with the ability to be warm, accessible and very human. I am delighted everytime I hear "I'm a client of Brian Geraghty's", because I know that I will be involved in a smooth and professionally handled transaction. He is truly a client advocate. I have worked with Brian since 2001 and I know that you will be delighted with his knowledge, service, patience and candor." June 2, 2010

Mike Everett , Mortgage Expert , Morgan Financial


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David Wain Realty was formed as a company that specializes in the prestigious luxury market of South Florida. South Florida has always been known for having the ultra vibe in the real estate market, attracting the most prestigious clients both domestically and internationally. We understand the unique requirements of our clients including confidentiality, flexibility and a willingness to cater to the specific needs of the client. Our Team has a huge passion for the High End market of Real Estate. The diversity of each member's background is used to strengthen that passion. David Wain Realty has assembled a team that is uniquely able to command a solution based approach to any situations with which it is presented.

Our service goes beyond any typical real estate company with a concierge service appeal. In addition to finding that perfect home for purchase or marketing your property with expert sales techniques, David Wain Realty also is involved in every phase of the real estate transaction. We have built a network of highly responsive support services including home inspections, financing, internet marketing, title preparation, legal counsel, insurance needs, relocation services, home staging and additional customer requirements.

We are a boutique style company where each client receives the best in service and personal attention. As one client describes it, "I always recommend David Wain Realty because they can always be reached, making their clients know that they are working to their best interest." We are dedicated to surpassing your highest expectations and ensuring you the best real estate experience.