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Brooke James
Real Estate Marketing Mastermind
location_on Simi Valley, CA — Troop Real Estate, Inc.
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I teach Troop Real Estate professionals practical and creative strategies to increase brand awareness for their business.

I am the Manager of Career Development, and Troop University’s advocate for all Troop Real Estate, Inc. associates. Always on the move, I hold classes and provide one-on-one training throughout Ventura County Troop offices to share best practices and how-to’s on programs and classes offered through Troop University.

I am committed to each associate’s individual success. What works for an agent can always be enhanced. It’s my prerogative to make sure each person masters the tools and programs they need to build a profitable, fun and rewarding career.

I am also a resource for people just starting their career, and I love to assist in the licensing and “getting started” stages.

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I can be reached at 805-413-8214 or

Introducing Troop University

Introducing Troop University, real estate training for people looking for a new career or for seasoned professionals. We will help you reach and surpass all your goals. At Troop University, we believe everyone can succeed.

Shoreh Babri
Brooke James's enthusiasm and congenial attitude lightens up the entire office. To say she is easy to work with is an understatement. She is very professional and punctual with her work, often finishing tasks before they are even asked of her. Regardless of the magnitude of the job given to her, she always seems to be on top of her work; going above and beyond what is asked of her. She is always coming up with new ideas to help our office grow and I could not imagine not having her working for us. Just having her in our office eases my mind because I know that the job will get done and that I will be satisfied with the outcome.
Patti Hutchings
Brooke has been invalueable to me and to the team as a whole. She not only designs our marketing materials but masterminds creative approaches to connect with prospective clients Brooke is especially good with social networking as it pertains to nurturing relationships with your existing sphere. The amazing thing is how quickly she does it all!
Rebecca Griffin
Brooke is the most diligent, proactive, and creative marketing manager that I have ever worked with.
Todd Riccio
When it comes to advancing my business I can hands down say it could not be done without the help and talent of Brooke. I am genuinely impressed each and everyday because Brooke does not look at her job as a "Job". She views it as a passion and she inspires everyone around her. Whenever I have an idea, no matter how big or small, I know if I can explain it to Brooke she will be able to deliver and make it happen. Without a doubt in my mind, my career would not be at the level it was at if i did not have Brooke by my side to help me create and brainstorm new ideas to help me keep up with not only my community but also the technology that surrounds us each day. I consider myself very proficient in computers, i-pads, i-phones and technology but whenever there is a new product, new app, new program or easier way of doing things, Brooke is the first person to make me aware of it. She consistently updates herself and researches ways that can make my job easier and that is INCREDIBLY hard to find now and days because she always goes above and beyond. If you are not working with Brooke and do not have her on your team, your resources are definitely not at the level that they can be preforming at. Thank you Brooke for being such a team player and hard worker!