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Melanie Bunting-Seymour
Sales- Renovation- Home Staging- Design
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Get to Know Melanie Bunting-Seymour

Melanie is the broker and owner of 1702 Real Estate and the (brain and brawn) behind 1702 Design Build. She was fresh out of college when she moved to Mobile from Birmingham and began selling real estate. She quickly realized helping people buy and/or sell homes was her passion! At the ripe old age of 25 with some courage and a lot of tenaciousness she set out into the world of renovation. Most of those early years were spent tearing out carpet, learning the works of different saw types, studying the realms of the construction business and hard labor! Now, over 15 years later, she has been blessed to be able to bring her talent, knowledge and love of all things real estate and renovation to others, showing them how easy, fun and fulfilling buying, selling or renovating a home can be. She's helping many achieve what they never thought possible and is looking forward to helping YOU!


1702 is a revolutionary reale state company for the Mobile area. We are a "one stop shop" real estate botique that offers not just your run of the mill realtor expertise but expertise from many facets of residential real estate. We offer sales, renovation, home staging and design services all under one roof! The EASY and less expensive way to prepare your home for sale to procure the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time. We offer a FREE hands on staging consultation with every single one of our listings. (A$550 value), we use professional photography (at our expense) and offer the newest marketing trends like Matterport, an Xray view, if you will, of the property to help our sellers get to their goal quickly and efficiently saving money and time. 

We work with buyers as well searching to find the best home for them- and if we can't find it? We look in their ideal location and can RENOVATE a house to turn it into their dream home! Sound too good to be true? Too much like TV? It isn't and CAN BE YOU!


 Give me a call and and we will get right to business!


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1702 is your one stop shop Real Estate boutique!