Raul  Duenez (D & S Investments A Lending Resources, LLC Company)

We are the best Real Estate Investment Company. We buy homes that need to sell fast. We deal with people selling because of default, divorce, illness, relocation, or any other unique reason.

Get to know Raul Duenez

Lending Resources, LLC was started by Raul Duenez from Los Angeles and Robert Scott from Orange County. Raul Duenez and Robert Scott are Foreclosure Specialist and Robert Scott was a Mortgage Professional for eight years. We created this company because we see a need in the community for our services. Too many investors are out there preying on home owners in vulnerable situations. We are not only investors, but we try to leave our clients better off than when we first met them. For example, if they are in foreclosure, we educate them with their alternatives. If we purchase their property, we make sure it is equitable for both parties. We like to invest in houses that have at least 20-30% + equity value to them.


We specialize in assisting people who need to sell their homes or real estate quickly. This could be for a number of reasons like: foreclosure, divorce, illness, loss of employment, relocation, or inheritance. Our current focus is Southern California including, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County. However, we do consider investment in all fifty states using our extended network of investors. We also help educate our clients and provide them with their options. We also introduce our clients to our network of approved real estate agents specializing in short sales or in specific cities and our lenders that specialize in creative financing. We offer most of this information at www.HomeInvestments911.com

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