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No up front fees! Timing sensitive, International & Nationwide Database of Investors & Lenders

Commercial MortgagesLoan Amounts:

$100,000 and up for commercial real estate projects with preference to $250,000 and up deals. Asset based

business loans of $100,000 and up.

Types of Properties:

Income producing properties, i.e. apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, medical, hotel/motel,

retail, mobile home parks, health care, mixed-use etc. Unique properties i.e. gas stations/convenience, dry

cleaners, restaurants, repair shops, funeral homes, taverns, day care, golf courses, ranches/farms, self

storage, churches etc.

Loan Purpose:

Refinance acquisition, expansion, and construction.

Loan Programs:

Immediate funding, forward, commitments, standby commitments, bridge loans, joint venture, SBA loans,

partner buyout, hard money loans.


Up to 30 yr. amortization with terms of 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30yr dependent upon type of project.


Rates and fees are competitive and are dependent upon, project, credit, loan to value, etc.


Discover How Fast, Easy And Flexible Commercial Lending Can Be.

Unlike most bank loans, Bluewater Financial Services, LLC. Can broker a Stated Income/Asset Program. That means full document paperwork isn't required - and you and

your clients enjoy greater flexibility and faster turnaround times.

• No tax returns required

• No income verification

• Unrestricted cash-out

• Loan amounts under $1 million

• Secured on commercial properties like multifamily, mixed use, warehouse, office,

retail, industrial, automotive, special use and more

• Several affordable payment options

• Automatic payment options - no more writing checks

• Fixed or adjustable rates

• 15 to 30-year amortization

• Loans to corporations, partnerships, and trusts ok


We Can Provide Financing For A Wide Variety of Properties.

Use the expertise of Bluewater Financial Services, LLC professionals to determine the proper value for

your clients' commercial property - and take advantage of the simplicity and speed of our programs to

simplify their financing. Eligible properties include:

• Mixed Use/Apartment Buildings - These properties integrate residential spaces with commercial

uses, such as retail or office space. Often these properties have a ground floor retail store or office

with apartment(s) above, all in the same building.

• Self-Storage Facilities - Now one of the most competitive buildings classes in the country, these

facilities are designed primarily for storage. This category also includes cold storage, RV and boat

storage facilities, and truck terminals (transit facilities).

• Retail/Office Buildings - Designed for retail or office sales and display, this category includes

stand-alone buildings such as offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, department

stores, bakeries, and beauty shops - as well as strip centers, and neighborhood and community

shopping centers.

• Warehouses/Light Industrial Properties - Single and multi-tenant facilities that are used for

warehousing, light manufacturing, distribution, research and development. Does not include

buildings where heavy manufacturing or specialized industrial operations such as welding occur.

• Automotive Services - Includes everything from auto repair facilities to retail auto shops and part

supply stores.

• Special Purpose/Unique Properties - Bluewater Financial Services, LLC, will consider all

commercial and unique properties that fall within our program guidelines and loan amounts,

including day care and educational facilities, funeral homes, campgrounds, outdoor entertainment

centers, trailer and mobile home parks and marinas.

• Hotels/Motels - With our industry knowledge and expertise, we feel we understand the nonflagged

world of hotels and motels better than most lenders. Our valuation assumptions are based

on facts relative to the specific property.

• Restaurants - We offer competitively priced financing for a wide range of properties, including

owner-occupied and leased facilities as well as fast-food and full-serve restaurants in

neighborhood settings or urban.

• Multi-Family Housing - We fund residential structures that contain five or more dwelling units

in the same building. These multi-story buildings generally offer individual apartments for rent

with common area facilities, such as an entrance, lobby, elevator, stairs, hallway, walks or


• Health Care - Included in this category are all Assisted Living or Nursing Home types of

operations where a license is required to operate the business.

Ineligible properties for this program include:

• Adult entertainment

• Agricultural purpose

• Church/Religious

• Education

• Heavy industrial

• Hospitals

• Properties with underground storage tanks

But may qualify under other available programs

Purchase of mortgages/notes purchased

Contracts for deed

First mortgages/first trust deeds

Partial purchases

Full purchases



Interest only notes

Types of properties:

Land -- improved or unimproved

Single family residence

Rental houses/condominiums and multi-family

Commercial buildings

Purchase Amounts:

$5,000 and up


Owner occupied single family: up to 75%

Non-owner occupied single family: up to 70%

Multi-family residential: up to 60%

Commercial: up to 60%

Land: up to 50%

Current Pricing/Yield:

Residential: 8.5% - 10.5%

Commercial: 9% - 11%

Land: 11% - 15%

Location: NationwideAdditional Information:

We also have the capability of purchasing business notes. A business note is normally secured by the assets

of the business, not by real estate. We also purchase receivables secured by timeshares, fractional shares,

and campground resort end loans. We can now purchase lottery winnings in certain states. Call for further


We are a nationwide purchaser of structured court settlements and annuities. Structured settlements are

agreements to make a number of payments over time in order to release a liability. The outcome of a

lawsuit can result in a settlement placed in the form of an annuity, which is paid over a certain period of

time. We can offer cash to annuitants for their remaining payments. We structure our transactions based on

client's specific financial requirement and only acquire the portion of their payment stream that's necessary

for them to fulfill those needs.

We can purchase:

• All future payments

• A specified amount of payments

• A portion of any payment

A structured settlement or annuity may have been offered as a result of an:

• Auto accident

• Medical malpractice

• Workers compensation

• Wrongful death

• Others

Privately Held Mortgage Notes

There has never been a better time to sell your mortgage. We purchase privately held mortgage notes, trust

deeds and land sale contracts.


As you know interest rates are at a historical low. If there is one thing that I'm sure of ... Your mortgage

will never be worth more than today. Now is the time to sell all or part of your mortgage!

ARE YOU IN NEED OF EXTRA CASH? Are you tired of collecting the payments? Would you like to

convert the mortgage to cash and let someone else worry about it? If so, we provide a service to people like

you who own a mortgage note. We will buy ALL or PART of your mortgage with no effect on the payer's

terms. We pay a LUMP SUM OF CASH today for payments you would receive in the future. WE ALSO


If you would like CASH TODAY for any reason: debt payoff, large purchase, or an alternative investment

opportunity, we can help!

We can offer:

• A full Purchase

• Partial Purchase

• Specified Amount

• With or Without the Balloon

We purchase notes secured by:

• Single Family Residences

• Multi-Family Units

• Mobile Homes (with land)

• Condominiums/Town homes

• Land (improved and unimproved)

• Commercial Properties

Factoring with Bluewater Financial Services, LLC.

Bluewater Financial Services, LLC. Is a full service factor that provides excellent service and low rates.

Our factoring program offers the following advantages:

1 No long-term contracts.

2 No application fees.

3 No minimum monthly funding requirements.

4 No hidden fees.

5 Fees are based on the funds transfer date.

6 No wire fees for overnight funds transfer.

We focus on providing our clients the funding they need along with courteous professional service. Our

professionals have years of experience working with companies who are growing rapidly and who want to

focus on more than just dealing with their factoring company everyday.

Factoring articlesAsset based lending techniques, such as factoring loans, give you the funds you need to expand yourbusiness with ease.

Imagine the peace of mind you'll gain by eliminating your cash flow worries. Bluewater Financial

Services, LLC. gives you access to the funds you need via invoice factoring (also known as asset based

lending, factoring loans or receivables factoring).

There are many reasons to investigate receivables factoring. If your new business is growing rapidly,

traditional banks offering $50,000 lines of credit don't help when what you really need is $250,000. Asset

based lending methods, like invoice factoring, fit into your business model by giving you the money you

need to keep your business moving forward. At Bluewater Financial Services, LLC. You'll benefit from:

• Immediate Cash: Get quick cash from receivables factoring of your eligible accounts at any time.

• Funding for New Companies: Bluewater Financial Services, LLC. understands how small

businesses can struggle financially. Factoring loans can be the ideal solution allowing you to

leverage your customer's credit to build your own business.

• Unlimited growth: When you choose invoice factoring, you'll have access to the necessary cash

flow to fund new business. Unlike traditional lines of credit, which place a value on your company

based on today's sales (and can stunt your business growth), factoring loans are designed to help

with your continued business development.

• Credit Extension: It can be tough when customers continually find ways to extend payment

beyond 30, 60 & 90 days. While you're confident the invoices will be paid, your customers may

be outsourcing their accounts payable departments to India, or mailing your checks to the other

coast in order to mail them back to you to play the float. Invoice factoring enables you to extend

your receivable terms to land the big accounts.

• Collection Assistance: Time is money- and chasing down unpaid invoices can be very timeconsuming.

With receivables factoring you'll get regular reports about your accounts receivable,

as well as problem solving assistance.

• Early Payment Discounts: Your customers are regularly taking advantage of the "two ten, net

30" terms that you offer. Why shouldn't you? Receivable factoring gives you the cash you need to

take those discounts and enhance the bottom line.

• Build Your Credit: With factoring loans and asset based lending your company will have the

cash flow to pay its bills in a timely fashion-ultimately building its credit score, which allows you

to leverage your suppliers for better terms.

Grow your business with the help of asset based lending methods, like factoring loans.

Many of today's industry titans began with the help of asset based lending and factoring loans. Now you

can too! Call it invoice factoring, factoring loans or receivables factoring, asset based lending is available

to help you grow your business with ease. Learn more about how our factoring company can help you.


• Operating Leases

• TRAC Lease

• Sale-Leaseback Arrangements

• First Amendment Leases

• Synthetic Leases

• Note & Security Agreements

• Master Lease Agreements

• Agricultural Lease Program

• Small Ticket - Vista Lease Program


• $100,000 Application-Only Program


• After-Tax Lease vs. Buy Analysis

• Pretax and After-Tax Cash Flow Analysis

• Incremental Tax Rate Analysis for companies in AMT


• Debt placement

• Pricing

• Tax impact

• Proposal preparation

• Documentation

• Funding

• Volume incentives

WHAT SETS US APART FROMTHE REST OF THE LEASING INDUSTRY?ANSWER: We lease more "soft" assets, leasehold improvements, construction expenditures, & equipment with minimal residualvalue than anyone in our industry! And do so at low, competitive rates.And we advance "Progress Payments" or reimburse our Lessee for deposits made...priorto equipment delivery.RESULT: We conserve more of your client's that they can re-invest it back into their own business - with its muchhigher Internal Rate of Return (IRR)!WHERE DO WE FOCUS OUR EFFORTS? A broad range of industries where normal equipment is leased as well asa disproportionately high amount of soft cost items. Industries containing a high amountof soft cost items are real estate, hospitality,resort, golf, retail and timeshare.Real Estate, Hospitality, Resort, Golf, Retail andTimeshare Industries:

Our clients are residential homebuilders, resort and hotel

companies, timeshare developers, golf club developers,

campground owners, mall operators, and the like. We

lease everything from model home, condominium, and

guest room interiors, to complete clubhouse & sports

club interiors, to irrigation equipment, turf maintenance

equipment, moorings & docking facilities, etc.

Agri-business and Food Processing:

We have provided well over $1.0 billion to Agribusiness

and the Food Processing Industry... and done so with

personal, on-site service at very competitive costs!

We lease and finance not only "hard" assets such as field

equipment, processing equipment, baking equipment,

and weighing and packaging equipment; but also such

"soft" equipment as drip irrigation, polystyrene wall

panels, gas and ammonia lines, complete commercial

freezers, related plumbing, concrete foundations for

equipment, and a host of other leasehold improvements.

Restaurant and Food Service Industries:

We've leased well over $1.5 billion dollars in restaurant

FF&E, & leasehold improvements.

We've served regional and national chains from

California to Florida and from the Carolinas to

Washington State. We can lease at least 30% more of your client's costs than any other equipment leasingcompany.Commercial and Real Estate Transactions

Hospital chains, telecommunications, the printing

industry, retail chains, the construction industry,

electronics, theatre chains, film & video post production,

manufacturing, aerospace, television production,

manufacturing, aerospace, television production...are

just some of the industries we count as our Lessees!

Again, we lease the "normal" equipment for these

industries, but we go well beyond that to include all of

"soft" items - equipment that supports the "hard"


Our funds may preclude the necessity for greater equity investment,thereby preserving more of your client's business!In closing, what can we lease?? WELL, YOU NAME IT!! WE LEASE IT!!Lease Credit ParametersDeal Size:

$15,000 to $100,000


24 to 60 months - $1.00 out; 10% PUT; FMV

Time in Business:

Minimum 3+ years under present owner/management

Personal Guaranty:

Required / all owner 20% or more

Geographic Limitations:

48 Contiguous States

Submitted package must include the following:

Completed application

Signed credit authorization from each guarantor

Detailed equipment description to include vendor name, address and a cost

Breakdown Bank and comparable debt references

Avoided Equipment and Industries


Owner-Operator Truckers Tanning

Small Retail Stores Aircraft Vessels

Gaming Amusement Rides

Coin Operated Machines User-to-User Sales

Environ Hazardous Underground

Rental Equipment


New and Used Equipment:

Used equipment must not exceed 5 years old and needs to have a means of

valuation, i.e. condition report and guidebook or auction sales listing. Term will

be reduced in accordance with equipment age.


The Lease scoring system considers personal and business credit scores as

Well as other factors. Each application will be approved or declined on the score

And its compliance with program parameters.


Nationwide Commercial Funding 100K and Up Purchase, Refinance, Cash-out, Construction, Bridge, Mezzanine, Joint Venture. All Property Types, Environmentally Sensitive. Commercial Financing 50K & Up