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Get to Know Brian Wray

Our Business Philosophy

We believe in the principle of,

"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

This is the driving force behind our company. We strive to meet your needs and provide the highest quality services possible.

Company Mission Statement:To be the best real estate company in the USA!!How Are we going to Do this?1) Provide the Highest Level of Service to our Clients.2) Provide the Best True Full Service Commission Rate in the Industry.3) Look after our Clients before and After the Sale.4) Provide Great Responsive Service to our fellow Realtors.About the Founder:


Brian D. Wray Chief Executive Officer and President
Brian Wray is CEO of the Company, and below is a little bio about Brian:

Brian has lived in the Triangle Area for more than 32 years.  Brian was Born in Raleigh, NC and has lived in Raleigh, Garner, Apex, and now Fuquay Varina.  Brian has a Wonderful Wife, Kirsten, and a Beautiful little lady, Isabella (Bella).  Brian is a Born Again Christian and attends Church at Church Alilve (http://www.chruchaliveag.org/).

Brian was taught at a young age by his parents (Roger Wray and Jean Ann Wray) in order to succeed in Life and Anythng at all, you must work hard, smart, and efficiently, BUT most of all, you must take care of the people around you.

Brian has his degree in Industrial Technology from East Carolina University with a Concentration in Architecture and Mechanical Design. He also has a minor is Business Administration and Construction Management.  Prior to Starting Wray Enterprises, Inc in January 2004, Brian spent Nine years as a Consultant and Engineer in the High tech industry to many multi-million and multi billion dollar companies (Sprint, Cisco Systems, 4 Front Systems, and Spanlink) where he lead teams in Techincal Supprt and Sales for IP Telephony and IP Contact Center Software.

Brian always had a passion for Real Estate and Homes in general.  His Passon started early in life when he found out in Middle School that he loved designing homes.  Brian Finally came back around to the Home Industry in late 2003 when he decided to walk-away from the high-tech industry and enter the Real Estate industry. 

Brian Started Wray Enterprises, Inc. as a company that would look after its client and customer.  He founded it by looking at the Real Estate Sales industry through the consumers eyes instead of the eyes of the company.  This is where the idea of 3.4% Total Commissions and his innovative Buyers Cash Back Program was developed.  He thought there should be a company out there to challenge the traditional companies and actually look after the client first.  Brian has received Certifications as an Accredited Sellers Representitive, and Accredited Buyers Representitive, a Senior Real Estate Specialist, and a Luxury Broker.

Brian's personal philosophy is "You can do anything you want in Life with the Right Guidance and Spiritual Leadership."

Brian has built and will continue to build this comapny on a Strong Christian foundation.  Brian believes if you take care of people and treat them with respect, care and love, then Good Things will come to you. This personal philosophy has been titled the "Power of Nice", one of Brian's Favorite books.    Brian's Main Company Focus will be on Developing and Cultivating Client Relationships.  This will include taking care of our clients needs, and being there when they need him the most.   To contact Brian, please email Brian at bwray@wrayenterprises.com or call at 919-880-4188.


We love the opportunity to work with anyone in the Residential Real Estate world, however, I have a real Passion for First time Home Buyers and First time Home Sellers.   With our Certifications as an Accredited Sellers Rep and an Accredited Buyers Rep, we have been trained and educated in both sides of the transaction.  We know how to change and adapt quickly to any situation.  We are also a Senior Real Estate Specialist.  This means we have been trained to work with the Senior population in the US and have the ability to recognize what clients needs are.  We want to be a source of education and advice along the way to make your experience smooth and effortless.

Our Innovative programs such as the 3.4% Full Service Total Commission program is unique and the best of its kind.  This is a total commission, as we pay the buyerr broker from our Total 3.4% Commissions.  We have a Do-it-Yourself Program that starts at $299.  The Service you will get is truely unparalleled.

Our Favorite program is the buyers cash back program.  Why is this our favorite????  Becasue we get to give a Free Service, Get paid for it, and give some of what we make, back to you!!!  Here is how it works.  We get paid by the sellers as buyers agent with a commission, so you do not pay us anything at all!!  What we do get paid, we give part of back to you.  This amout can be from $250 - $10,000+.  

 As part of this Buyers Cash Back program we have implemented a unique Public Appreciation Program for the following:  Pastors, Military (Active or Discharged), Teachers, Firemen, Police, EMT, and Nurses.  This program give these professions grattiude for what they do for us each day.  We will give these professions 1% of the purchase price back to the buyer.  This is a ton of money.  $2000 back on a $200,000 Home!!

Our next policy that is unique in the industry is a our "No Obiligation" Policy!!  That is right.  If you are not totally happy and ellated from your experience with us, you can Fire us with no obligation. Call us for Details on this policy.

We have and still hold many certifications. This is so we can continue to be educated and help our clients.

Some of these Certs are:  ABR, ASR, SRES, #1 Expert, Luxury Broker, Community Specialist, Value Added Realtor, and many more. 

We have won awards from Active Rain as a Freatured Blogger and Realtor.com with an Award for Excellence in Online Marketing. 

I also own a Building Company, and have held licenses as a Loan Officer, and passed the exam for Health and Life Insurances.   These all relate to the real estate industry directly and I want to be able to answer each and every question for my client.

Call us today!!  We are the company that everyone has been waiting and wishing for.

Visit our website to find out more:  www.Triangle-NC.com or call me at 919-880-4188.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Day!!


Full Service 3.4% Total Commissions Company. You Save THOU$AND$. We also have a Free Buyers Representation and Buyers Cash Back Program. Get up to 1% of the Sales Price Back. Save $$$ and Get $$$!