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What is CamelotLane? Have you ever admired a home with the thought “if it were for sale, I would buy it” or “I should leave a note in case they decide to sell someday”? We enable you to make

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We believe in the power of to unlock the keys to an untapped market – homes that are not yet for sale. Also we are excited to connect a community of proud homeowners allowing them to share more about their homes.

The company is led by a houston entrepreneur with a previous success starting and managing a creative and profitable company, (sold 9/2004). In 2004, he and his wife began looking for a home in an area where there were limited numbers of homes that they could afford of which very few were for sale. The thought of leaving a note in the mailbox of homes came up but they were uncomfortable with direct contact with these homeowners, soon thereafter came the epiphany moment and the idea was born. Why not provide for the same process using a website allowing for a more anonymous contact? He and a small number of angle investors began working on the concept and soon thereafter he and his wife found their new (built in 1956) home on Camelot Lane!

Even more unique and powerful tools are on the way at which will deliver even more control and information to Homebuyer’s, Homeowner’s and even Realtors.

Sometimes our users have great ideas that could make even better and we would love to hear from you! Keep coming back because our grand master plan is no where near complete and we think you will enjoy whether you are searching for a home or not – or even if you found your dream home (but the homeowner just has not sold it to you yet.

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Creating Your Home Profile has enabled Homeowners to expose their homes to the market by allowing anyone to create a Home Profile. Think of a Home Profile as MLS controlled by Homeowners and not at Realtor organization. You can upload photos of your home; give a complete commentary about anything you feel endearing such as location, schools, recent upgrades etc. Soon you will be able to upload a mp3 file which could be anything – a song that you feel expresses your home, maybe a recording of a description in your own words – whatever you want. Also, very soon we will allow video of your home (and only of your home….). These features will allow anyone to market their home without their home being on the market. We don’t have the room here to tell you all of he advantages this means to Homeowners! Making Contact with Homes Not for Sale can locate homes that you are interested in potentially buying. Once you identify a home you would like to buy, find out if it is potentially for sale and request that the Homeowner contact you first if they ever decide to sell. Select Contact This Homeowner option to begin the process of letting that Homeowner know that you are interested should they decide to sell. Once you have completed the simple process, the information will be prepared and sent first class mail. Contacts that are submitted by 3 PM CST Monday through Friday will be prepared and distributed the very same day. Offers that arrive after 3 PM CST will be distributed the next day. All contacts ordered on weekends or US Mail holidays will be sent on Monday or the next business day. Once the intended Homeowner has received the expression of interest, they may choose to visit to find out more. Each mailing has a special Key Code that if entered into the Who Wants to Buy My Home box, will immediately share the details of the interested Homebuyer, as well as allow them to make direct contact with the Homebuyer who ordered the contact. It's simple, fun and gives Homebuyers a huge advantage.
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