Dawn Cameron (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  NMLS 404400)

3033 Expressway Drive North

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Islandia , NY 11749

Renovation Specialist. FHA 203k, Fannie Mae Homestyle, purchase, investor, refinance renovations. Let me, help you boost your business! We can help you buyers see the home it can be!

Get to know Dawn Cameron

I started in the mortgage industry in the late 1980's, right out of school.  This industry has been through many ups and downs in the last couple of decades.   Who knew that I would still be here, productive and helping homeowners and first time buyers make their dream of homeownership come true?

I love this industry, as tough as it gets.  A challenge to me is like a magnet.  It pulls me in, and I won't consider myself finished, until it's finished, and in this case, closed!

I'm also a Certified Youth Protection Leader with the Boys Scouts of America for the past 10 years.  I have two boys in Scouting, and love to help, go on the trips and contribute to the growth and development of the kids.

Having a brother with progessive MS, also draws me to participate in the MS Society.  I form a team for their annual MS Walk here  in Long Island and have raised money for the research and hopfully, someday, a cure for this terrible, very unfair, disease.



Renovation Specialist:  One who is Certified in 203K, Fannie Mae Homestyle lending.  At Wells Fargo, only Certified Renovation Specialist can originate renovation loans.  We hold the largest market share of this type of financing in the country.  They are not difficult, but intricate loans...one you need a specialist for.

Renovation is fabulous for the first time homebuyer.  3.5% down, but perhaps 20% equity in their first home!  Perhaps you have a buyer who "loves the neighborhood, but hates the house".  We can make that house just the way they want their home to be before they move in.

With renovation financing, I can help show your buyers see the home it can be.


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