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Our mission and passion is to help people like you improve your financial well-being, and we accomplish that goal through a three-step process. The first step is through equity management and using the mortgage as a tool to build wealth. The second step is by partnering with financial planners and real estate investment groups to provide opportunities and investments that increase your net worth. Finally, we provide high-quality investments so our clients can start investing without having to learn too many lessons the hard way.

Equity management is a concept that involves showing how home equity can be better utilized by harvesting it from the home and putting it to work. You wouldn't store $10,000 under your mattress, so why would you keep $200,000 in the walls of your home? We can show you how by harvesting your equity and investing it conservatively, not only will you be in a more liquid and safe position financially, but you will dramatically increase your net worth over time!

The second step in our process involves making sure that your equity is conserved, not consumed. We have partnered with highly-respected financial planners and real estate investment groups to provide you with conservative, safe, and lucrative opportunities for building wealth. We also put our money where our mouth is - we don't recommend anything to you that we haven't already tried successfully ourselves.

Our team is committed to integrating your mortgage into your overall financial plan and showing you that anyone can build wealth through real estate. Everything we do has been designed to achieve that goal while minimizing the amount of effort required from you. In fact, we're so confident in our skills and service that we offer a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee - if after your loan closes you're not completely satisfied with us, we'll write you a check for $500. No hassle, no fuss - we're that confident. That's what first-class service is all about - it's a great way to do business, and you'll appreciate the difference!

Equity Management January Financial is one of the premier providers of equity management services for our clients. We can show you why it makes sense to get the biggest mortgage you can afford and how to build wealth at an accelerated pace. A home mortgage should be integrated into one's complete financial plan and used as a tool, not seen as something one wants to get rid of as soon as possible. Click here for testimonials and endorsements from actual satisfied clients. Residential We offer a full range of mortgage products for both A-paper and subprime clients. Some of the more popular products are PayOption ARMs (also called Neg. Am. loans), traditional ARMs (from 1-year all the way to 10-year fixed periods), 30-Year Fixed loans, 40-Year Fixed loans, as well as an Interest-Only option on all of the above. Click here for articles and more information. Reverse Mortgages We can provide reserve mortgages for clients aged 62 and up. This is an innovative product which allows you to convert your home equity into one or more payments while retaining ownership of your home and avoiding monthly payments. Repayment of the loan is deferred until you are no longer living in your home. For more information, click here. Commercial We can provide commercial loans for a wide variety of properties, including apartment buildings, office buildings, gas stations, motels, 5+ unit residential properties, and warehouse/industrial space. In some cases, we can partner with the SBA (Small Business Administration) to go to 90% LTV, meaning you would only have to come up with 10% down! Land/Development We provide raw land and development/construction financing for a variety of projects. We can go as high as 90% LTV on raw land, meaning you would only have to come up with 10% down, and as high as 100% on certain construction loans!

Our mission and passion is to help our clients achieve financial well-being. Keep reading to see how we accomplish this!