Charlie Dotson (TCI Group, Jerry Petzoldt Agency)

2004 American Way, Suite 105

Kingsport , Tn 37660

I'm a commercial and industrial broker working in a group of similar associates. This is my second career after having worked for a large chemical company for 40 years. I was their Manager of Wor...

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I work for my clients and customers as if I sit on their chair, looking at the world from their point of view, seeing the same opportunities and challenges they see, and appreciating their perspective on real estate business.  I can save them time and time is money.  I have all of the tools I need to do the job.  I stay up to date on what is happening in the geographic area I serve.  I'm recognized as a Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) by CoreNet and also as a Facilities Management Administrator (FMA) by BOMI.  I'm a trained negotiator by Chester Karrass University, and was President of my own company, Global Integrators, LLC, a consultancy for international property services. See my listings at

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